Are Dogs allowed in Lowe’s Stores?

Are dogs allowed in lowe’s stores? You might want to go shopping at Lowe’s and you do not want to leave your dog at home, or inside the car in the parking lot, so you are wondering if you can take him inside the store with you but you do not know their policy about dogs? Here is it;


What is Lowe’s?

In case you do not know, Lowe’s is an American retail company that specializes in home improvement, it has headquarters in Mooresville and North Carolina and also has a chain of retail stores in the U.S and in Canada. It is placed as the second-largest hardware store in the Us and in the world.


Are Dogs allowed in Lowe’s Stores?Are Dogs Allowed In Lowe’s Stores?

The pet policy at Lowe’s states; ‘Service animals and pets are allowed in all U.S Lowe’s stores. In Canada, only service animals are permitted. Yes! you can go with your dog to the store. But you should also know that Lowe’s has a ‘per manager’ policy.

Per manager policy allows the management team of all Lowes stores to decide what is the best for the store, because of the local or environmental rules of where the store is situated, so you might want to ring the store before going with your dog to ensure that the store environment is pet friendly.


Rules for having your Dog at Lowe’s

In as much as dogs are allowed in lowe’s, there are rules you are expected to strictly adhere to, these rules are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

  1. Your dog should be beside you on a leash inside the store, not behind or ahead to avoid him causing trouble and you not being able to stop him on time. You could carry him if you do not have a leash or put him in your shopping cart to avoid any problem, just be in full control of your dog.
  2. If your dog makes a mess, pee, or potty inside the store, it is your responsibility to clean it up and you will be provided with materials to clean it up.
  3. Your dog’s behavior should not be disruptive to other customers or the surrounding. Disruptive behavior means that your dog should not jump on people, try to lick people’s bodies, and should not bark, or growl at others.


What Happens If My dog misbehaves inside Lowe’s?

If your dog misbehaves inside Lowes, you can try to control him, but if it gets out of hand, you may be asked to leave the store. If your dog destroys anything in the store you are expected to replace it or pay cash equivalent.

Worst case scenario, your dog bites someone in the store, you might get arrested and charged with negligence, kicked out of the store, and you will have to pay for the hospital bill of the victim. So if you are going in with your dog, make sure he is on his best behavior.


Other Chain Stores That Allow Dogs

All stores that allow you, to go inside with your dog, have the same rules, your dog must be on the best behavior and on a leash. Here is a list of other stores that you can go to with your dog:

  1. Peteo
  2. Home Depot
  3. Tractor
  4. Supply co
  5. LUSH cosmetics
  6. Nordstrom
  7. Barnes and Noble
  8. Pottery Barn
  9. Pets mart
  10. Macy’s
  11. Bass pro shop
  12. The Apple store



It is good to remember that dogs being allowed into a store depends on the management of the store more than the company’s pet policy so always check with your local store before going with your dog and train your dog to have a good behavior so that you can go anywhere with him.

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1 thought on “Are Dogs allowed in Lowe’s Stores?”

  1. Hello WILL DAVID,
    Most dog owners assume that they cannot take their dogs into stores and malls, so they tether them up outside. The assumption is quite correct in some places because some store owners do not allow dogs into their stores.
    However, in the United States of America, the case is different as many stores here are dog friendly; they allow you to bring in your dog so long you can keep them in check.
    In the case of Lowes, you may have been told that they are dog friendly, but it does not imply that you can take your dog inside the store. It is quite complicated. Read this article to find out more.


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