Are Earwigs Dangerous? The Behaviour of Earwigs

Are earwigs dangerous? Earwigs must have been infesting your home for a very long time, and you might seem scared to confront the issue because you think they are dangerous.

In many continents of the world except Antarctica, earwigs are seen to be found, yet in different species, seen around many homes that fancy nature and vegetation.

The kind of tree planted around you can be the cause of earwigs. But you still think are earwigs dangerous. This is a query we have chosen to pick up and discuss to help you bring your problem on earwigs being dangerous or not.


Are Earwigs Dangerous


Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Earwigs are animals with vibrant mouthparts, they are brown earwigs and black earwigs, whichever species they belong to. However, earwigs get into our home through cracks, on the ceilings, bathroom walls, and aviaries.

But are earwigs dangerous, well with their sharp and long stingers, with fierce pincers or forceps coming out from the abdominal region, This tiny insect may result in looking dangerous, but it is just a weak tiny insect? Moreover, this is a misinterpretation.

Earwigs use their forceps to grab hold of someone’s finger if they seem to be threatened. But research has shown that with the sharp pincers the posses, earwigs are not dangerous and they do not sting.

In addition, earwigs are not dangerous, so have no problem facing them. Also, is it possible that earwigs are dangerous to our pets, keep reading as we get to find out that?


Are Earwigs Dangerous to Pets?

Our pets especially dogs, are seen lying in cold or most times in warm places, where earwigs are seen. To some point, we may find our pets falling sick, you may think that they are the cause (earwigs). But they are not, it may be a cause of some other thing.

So one way or the other, even though they sting furry pets, they are not toxic to pets. So even though they are stinky despite their stench, earwigs are non-toxic.

Note: Even if they might not be harmful to pets, is it possible that they are dangerous to humans, we still are about to find out.


Are Earwigs Dangerous to Humans?

Despite all facts on their possing threats to pets, we should not let our little ones out of the picture. In certain cases, we find babies, playing and crawling around an earwig.

Most times, they burst out into crawling beside an earwig, to you, you might think your child is in danger, but fear, not they are safer than crawling besides an ant.

Then for the adults, earwigs bite on your finger may make you think that that is the end of your life,  but no, they are not poisonous to you or your babies and pets.



After you must have read through a lot on the dangers posing man his pets and belongings. Earwigs have been around a lot, but they still pose no threat.

For contribution, queries, and enlightenment on the dangers of earwigs, feel free to communicate with me in the comment box.

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