Termite Season | When is Termite Season?

As we all know, there’s time for everything. We have time for winter and summer, but, in this case, we are talking about termites. When is termite season? Do you have any idea?

In this article, we are looking at termite season in different places and how soon it’s going to begin or end.


What You Should Know About Termite Season

Taking a deep look at pest infestation, they are times in which pest infestation can be overwhelming, times like these are known as seasons.

Termites in question are pests that can cause lots of hazards within a little time if allowed to infest. Having lots of termites around because it’s the season for termites could turn out to be very nasty and will certainly cost lots of money to fix.

You need to stay alert to get them identified as termites when they swarm will come pouring out of a baseboard or out of a wall or out of a ceiling sometimes dozens.

At a time, termite swarms in hundreds, it is at a time, and in that stage of their life, they’ve turned black and they have wings that are twice as long as their body.

Termite Season
Termite Swarm – Gettyimages


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How Can You Identify When it is Termite Season?

The best ways to identify when it is termite season is:

  • The growing termite is going to have wings that are barely the length of their body.
  • They will look more like a black piece of rice, so, when you observe this, have it in mind that termites are swarming.
  • Also, you need to inspect your home as winged carpenter ants could tend to look like termites, possesses some of their behavior.
  • Now, carpenter ants and termites both would do damage, but carpenter ants, don’t eat the wood. They just move it to make tunnels and holes, and without proper checks, you can say, you might have had termites.
  • But you didn’t even know it because the carpenter has just moved into their abandoned house. So, be aware of that and know that termites can do considerable damage in a much shorter amount of time.
  • If you see a tunnel of mud, a little about the size of my finger coming down, or up a wall on the inside or outside, don’t disturb it, reach out to your pest control expert.

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When is Termite Season?

Researching from time to time, I observed that termites infestation appears more, beginning from November through May and June.

Sometimes, it disappears in mid-June. April into May is when you are likely going to find the termites swarm more. We can actually say this is termite season and it is suitable to answer the question, when is termite season?

However, that means some of the colony grows wings and leaves their nest, and goes to go start their own nests.

Make a new queen, the wings fall off, and they’re going to go back into the ground. If the termites or the ants will go somewhere and find a new way to start a new Nest.

Even fire ants do this, so, It’s very rare to see this happen. People who are curious about termites, and ants swarming season need to be aware of the differences between what to look for, in termites and ants.


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When is Termite Season in New Orleans?

Due to the geographical region of New Orleans, the eastern subterranean termite swarms more starting from mid-February into May.

This particular species of termites will swarm widely in the morning. Another species of termites that are found in New Orleans is the Formosan termite, these termites will swarm only at night hours.

This usually happens in the late spring season, while the southeastern subterranean termites are another species of termites found in New Orleans. They are the day workers, they swarm during the day mostly from March through June.


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When is Termite Season in Florida?

Florida is a place with few termite activities. The only termite found swarming in Florida is the West-Indian powder post dry wood termite.

This termite infests homes mostly in south Florida and they start their activities in early February through March and May. Sometimes, they go to the ground ending May.


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When is Termite Season in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the eastern subterranean termite and the Formosan termite are the only termite species known to infest, the study tells.

The eastern subterranean termite swarms beginning from February into May only in early morning hours, while the Formosan termite swarms beginning from March into June during night hours in late spring.


When is Termite Season in California?

The southern and northern parts of California are the only region’s cases of termite infestation are found.

During the day, the western dry wood termite swarms starting from September into November at anytime preferably to them, this activities takes place in southern California.

And in northern California, they swarm at night starting from June into September. Their activities takes place in the early hours of the day.



In conclusion, having known the various termite season, once you notice any termites activity in your home or environment.

You need to get your home inspected, you can get a free inspection. And if there are things (DIY solutions) you can do yourself to prevent termites and kill them for up, don’t hesitate to apply them.

But in most situations, you’re going to need some professional help. Give it a try too, it will save time, cost, and money. When is termite season in your location? Let me know down the comment.

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