Termite Eggs: How to Identify Termite Eggs

When facing termites infestation, being able to know and identify termite eggs is important, however, knowing how to identify a termite egg could be a bit more complicated as it could look like any other bug egg.

In this article and this discussion to be precise, we will be talking about termite eggs, how to identify them, and will also provide pictures and videos about this bug egg to aid easy understanding.


First, before will proceed let’s look into the lifecycle of termites.


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Lifecycle of Termites

In order to have a successful and complete lifecycle mating must occur, in other words, the lifecycle of this bug starts when they mate.

Mating causes grow and multiplication in any bug’s colony, the Queen termites begin the head of the termite colony can survive as long as 25 years and within this lifespan, it can lay a thousand eggs every 24 hours and throughout its lifespan, it lays a maximum of nine million eggs. However, it must have built 27 to 30 colonies, in other words, for every 30 colonies it has just one Queen termite.


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What Does Termite Egg Look Like?

As we mentioned earlier, identifying this bug egg can be a bit confusing as it could look like a roach egg or a squirrel poop. You don’t need to worry about it anymore as we have provided different means (pictures and videos) to identify them.


Appearance: Termites eggs are white and in some cases light brown and are also very small. This bug usually hides their eggs to prevent them from been exposed to danger, moreover, the termite won’t stay far away from its eggs that’s to say, the hide their eggs in their habitat.


According to Wikipedia, termite eggs look very small, white, and oval in shape but further research shows that viewing these eggs with the naked eye, a heap of termite eggs looks like a leftover of white powder on the floor.

Furthermore, from our discussion so far, if you still find it difficult identifying termites eggs we have provided a summarized video to ease your understanding.

Here’s a video:


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Picture of Termite Eggs

As we mention earlier, we said that we’ll provide different means of identifying termite eggs, in an event, you wouldn’t want to watch the video above due to reasons best known to you.

We have provided clear pictures with a straight definition of what this bug egg looks like.

Here’s a picture of termite eggs;

Termites Egg; How To Identify Termite Egg
How to identify termite egg


Termite Nymphs

Termite nymphs are young termites, these young termites undergo the process of molting. However, during this process their exoskeleton is shredded to increase reproduction.

As the nymphs get matured the exoskeleton expands and becomes harder this depends on the nature of the termite. However, this process continues until the termite dies.

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for the growth and expansion of a termite nymph. However, in order to get rid of this bugs infestation you should get rid of all existing colonies and eggs.


Final Thoughts on Termite Eggs

When facing a termite infestation, the best and simple practice to prevent termite eggs from growing into nymphs further becoming matured is to get rid of it at the larvae stage.

However, they are several pest control expert that can help in eliminating this pest. Having known what termite egg is and how to identify them. To contribute, give a suggestion on this topic, do well to write to us.

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