How Long Do Goldfish Live? The Lifespan of Goldfish


The lifespan of a goldfish depends on care. How long do goldfish live? you decide to have a goldfish as a pet and suddenly it becomes sick, and you think Oh my God! is it about to die? However, if you are familiar with its lifespan and every single detail about this fish you will actually know how to properly take care of your goldfish.

You have been provided with the answer in this article, as it is made to bring a solution to these troubling questions, how long do goldfish live? Moreover, before you get answers to this troubling question, you should have a little idea about your goldfish.


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Facts About Goldfish

Due to thorough research, it has been discovered in the late Chinese years that the goldfish was made domestic in rich restaurants used mostly ornamentally in ponds and tanks. These fish were known as fortune and luck bringers and were only owned by the song family dynasty in china.

In accordance, today these fish are no longer that royal as you find them in bowls placed in a classroom, in homes, shops, and offices.

This fish is most times mistaken for its cousin the koi. There are various species of goldfish as they are spread throughout the world today. These species include the Fantail goldfish, the Oranda goldfish, the Ranchu goldfish, and the Comet. In all these mentioned species of goldfish, the most common in homes are the famous oranda species.


Most importantly, the goldfish were not well gold at first. There is a myth or kind of folktale that tells how it came to the knowledge of gaining its color. This myth was first told in china how the oldest goldfish came to know of gold in the sea.

Their body composition is recorded to have two sets of paired fins and three pairs of single fins, they are lone to sensory which acts as taste buds, as they are toothless, though they tend to crush food in their throat.

They have big eyes and are good when it comes to hearing and smelling and their possibility of hearing comes from small bones linked to their skull and swim bladder. However, their body structure is very wonderful.

Goldfish in the Wild

In the wild, this fish may not be as cute as it looks inside a domestic bowl. They tend to be very unkempt as they move around and eat carelessly, endangering their lives to predators and how they breed with crabs in their area. This is one of the reasons why in the year 2015 the Canadian government tended to put their focus on the reduction possibility of the goldfish due to time and a change of their attitude.

Briefly, they are not that fun when it comes to living in the wild. Appropriate care must be given to them as this may be a form of resetting their memory as they are commonly called three-second memory fish.


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How Long Do Goldfish Live

To understand how long the goldfish lives here’s a video:


How long do goldfish really live for? After carrying out elaborate research it has been discovered that the lifespan of the goldfish can be determined in many ways. There are certain factors that affect the lifespan of a goldfish, below are these factors:

First, you should consider the fact that the place you live, the food you eat, and the care you are provided with can determine how long you can live, and the case of the goldfish is no exception.  We have, however, known that a goldfish can be in your home (domestic) and also in an open field (wild).

Research has shown that the domestic goldfish has a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years. Its environment (the pond or bowl), the care you offer to it, and the food can determine if it will live above the age limit or live below it.


However, the wild goldfish can live to a life level of 25 years. You are probably thinking, why does the wild goldfish live far longer than the domestic goldfish? The reason is that as a domestic goldfish, it has restriction to movement as it only swims round in the bowl and sees only a single thing all its years in your home, while the wild goldfish moves to every part of the ocean and see different sea markings.

Moreover, the longest recorded living goldfish lived for 43 years. Though it might have been a wild or home goldfish, no one knows. The longest body length of a domestic goldfish is 48.7 inches.

Most times, the goldfish are fond of cool water and the water tank should steam at the temperature of 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit as it helps regulate body composition. The oranda is fond of this type of water, so it’s advisable to know the kind of fish you have as a pet before regulating its water tank.

How Long do Goldfish live without food?

We all know that humans including animals can’t live without food and the same applies to the goldfish. They can live for only a week without food which is why we take them on trips unless we have people to feed them while we are gone.

How Long do Goldfish live in a bowl?

As a domestic fish they live in bowls or in a fish pond inside our homes. The domestic goldfish lives for 5 to 10 years and they will probably live the same or die younger if not well taken care of.

How Long do Goldfish Live for?

Having known the general lifespan for a wild and domestic goldfish, it shouldn’t be difficult to state how long they live.

There is no much difference between how long they live and how long they live for. But just so you know, the home goldfish live for eating, swimming, and getting bored in the house throughout the 5 to 10 years of its life while the wild fish lives for mating, eating, and traveling on a large scale all the 25 years it has on earth. The wild fish can live more than an average bird.

Although the domestic goldfish lives its entire life in boredom, you can find it a partner or friend as this can help extend its life to a maximum of 15 years.


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In addition, the goldfish has a short term memory and is known to be a good singer. Once again we hope that your query has been answered, we the pestclue team are happy to have been the source of your answers and hope you are well satisfied with this info.

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