How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders from Home Permanently

How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders From Home; Here is a Permanent remedy to get rid of these woodlouse spiders from your home.

It’s no news that the woodlouse spiders can actually get you to leave your home for them to take over from it if you did not employ the required tactics to get them out of your home for good.

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What does a woodlouse spider look like?

A quick question that was…

The woodlouse spider looks scary but you’re not likely to encounter one during the day.

It is hairless and is commonly mistaken for the brown recluse spider because they have both similar shapes. The difference is that the bite of the brown recluse can be life-threatening and the woodlouse’s bite is not.

Woodlouse spiders are not known to be aggressive and won’t attack unless they feel threatened, scared, or provoked.

It’s important to know how to identify a woodlouse spider to prevent getting bitten. The woodlouse spider has some distinguishable characteristics that include a reddish-brown head with a cream-colored abdomen and legs that are orange.

They can get as big as half an inch in size and their fangs are large and protrude forward. They only have six eyes, unlike most other spiders, that are arranged in an oval shape.

The venom of a woodlouse spider bite doesn’t usually cause any harm to humans that can be considered dangerous but it can cause allergic reactions.

People bitten by woodlouse spiders report that the bite is intensely itchy. You should seek medical help if the bite is extremely painful, there’s abdominal cramping or a growing ulcer at the bite site.


Prevention of the woodlouse spider

Most people don’t like spiders, that’s a fact.

You won’t need to kill them or deal with them if you can just keep them out of your home. An infestation of woodlice is a sign that you have a moisture problem in your home. If you have woodlice thriving in your home, it will attract woodlouse spiders. Keep your home dry and dust-free to minimize many pest infestations.

These spiders cannot survive for very long in dry conditions. Outdoors, woodlice can be found in damp areas, like under logs, stones, pine straw, leaf litter, mulch, etc.

You can remove these habitats by getting rid of clutter around your home and limiting the amount of mulch, leaf litter, and pine straw that is next to the foundation of the home.

Any areas that will hold moisture need to be taken care of. Make sure you take care of leaks around the house, remove standing water, and take care of clogged gutters.

It’s a good idea to install weather stripping and tight-fitting screens to further prevent spiders from getting into your home.

So, apart from the steps above, we will be talking about all the real-time practices to get rid of the Woodlouse spiders from your home and have a comfortable home at that.

If you’ve got woodlice around your home, commonly referred to as pea bugs, there’s a good chance that you’ve also got at least a few woodlouse spiders around too.

Woodlouse spiders hide in cocoons during the day and come out when it’s dark to hunt for woodlice. While woodlouse spiders aren’t harmful to humans, their bites do pack a painful punch, and they can cause an itchy allergic reaction to their venom.

The best way to keep the woodlouse spider away is to get the woodlice problem in your home under control.

Here are our three professional steps you can take to make sure you don’t have a problem with woodlouse spiders this winter.

  • Hire an Exterminator Immediately

If you’ve discovered an infestation of woodlouse spiders in your home, you’ve got to hire an exterminator right away.

In most cases, woodlouse spiders will stay outside, but if you’ve got woodlice in your home, the spiders will come inside to dine.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find where the woodlouse infestation begins, which makes it crucial for you to hire an exterminator.

They can track down the spiders and get rid of them for you. They’ll also be able to kill off the woodlice for you, as well.

  • Keep the Woodlice Away

Once your exterminator has gotten rid of the spiders and the woodlice, you want to make sure that you don’t end up with a repeat problem.

The best way to do that is to keep the woodlice away. That way, the woodlouse spiders won’t follow them back to your home.

Woodlice are attracted to moisture, which means you’ll need to create a dry environment inside your home. If you have leaky pipes or a crawlspace that hasn’t been waterproofed, it’s a good idea to fix those areas as quickly as possible.

Removing the excess moisture will keep the woodlice and the spiders away.

  • Create a Clearing Around the Exterior of Your Home

Spiders and woodlice love to find places to hide where they can devour their food source in private. If you have debris up against your home, it’s a perfect hiding space for both spiders and woodlice.

Before you’re confronted with another infestation, it’s important that you create a clearing around the exterior of your home.

Remove all the debris that spiders and woodlice could use to hide from sight. It’s also a good idea to have your exterminator treat the perimeter of your home with insecticide.

That way, your home will be well-protected from spiders and other pests.

Wrapping up

We do hope these little tips actually helped you with keeping off woodlouse spiders from your home.

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