Do Silverfish Bite? The Behavior of Silverfish Bug

Have you seen a creeping pest crawling on the floor of your house, it looks like a centipede but it is a silverfish, the next thing you could possibly think of would do silverfish bite, in this article, you will find the answer, not just the answer but what you need to know about the behavior of this pest.


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The Behavior of Silverfish Bug

Silverfish are commonly found inside our houses and offices. Why choose these places is for the benefit of enough food. They are one of the fastest insects in the world, the could climb up to 5 feet looking for a place to hide when being chase.

This pest hide by day gathering strength to hunt and battle its predators, they are very fierce groups of pest, the don’t fear the presence of death and they are immune to bug spray and poisons.

Most people don’t worry chasing and hunting them which is bad. As their population increases almost every week according to the rate at which their female reproduce, it will certainly be difficult to control once they have multiplied.

These pests are also referred to as army troops because of the way they move to hunt, the silverfish have a nice sense of hiding and making a nest near their food supply like in the sinks, these pests are easily found in dark, and damped areas of a building such as a bathroom and sinks, also in cracks which is out of human reach.

However, they pose a serious threat to clothes, books, and wallpaper, it is easy to identify their infestation because of the yellowish spot they leave behind on materials like paper, clothes, etc.

Moreover, if you have been noticing yellow spots on the wallpaper, it is a sign of their infestation in your home and you should take a quick step before they set up a habitat, reproduce and settle.


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Do Silverfish Bite

Having known the behavior of silverfish, we believe you are eager to know the answer, moreover, some web pages conclude that they bite, while some oppose they don’t bite. Carrying out a further study, we have come to the knowledge that they don’t bite because of their weak jaw. However, the right answer to this debate is No, silverfish don’t bite.


Do Silverfish Bite Humans?

Since it is known that silverfish do not bite, some people might still worry if this bug can bite humans and pets. The right answer to this question is still No, silverfish do not bite humans, neither do they bite pets.

Are Silverfish Harmful?

Besides being a nuisance, the silverfish bug is a destroyer itself as it feeds on household items like starch, cellulose, and sugar.

However, they can damage a wide variety of common household items such as books, paper, wallpaper, and paintings.

In small numbers, silverfish bug doesn’t really cause serious harm and you can easily get rid of them, but at a larger infestation, they can be serious harm imposed on your home or business place as they may become more aggressive to destroy items.


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It is known that most pests are aggressive in nature, but the silverfish is different from every other most common household pest. These bugs are very gentle even when threatened they don’t easily attack. While feeding on cereals, cotton, silk, pasta, glue, mold, cardboard, and papers, they do this gently.  In conclusion, silverfish are not as aggressive as other pests.



Having read through this article, we believe the doubt about Do silverfish bite is cleared, and when next you could across this query, you will know the right answer. Feel free to contact us for a contribution, suggestion, and help.


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