Can You Hear Termites? Termites Sound

Termites sound, do termites really make a sound? Can you hear termites? termites are well known to prey on wood, but can sometimes be found in our homes and office surroundings. However, the question is this can you possibly hear the sound of a termite, as creepy and most times fast as they can be.


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Do Termites Make Sound?


Thinking that such pest actually makes a sound would be told impossible, but here in this article, we’ll give you the well studied and best answer on do termites make a sound.

Termites sound are faint and rarely heard, that’s why some web pages conclude that they don’t make sound, it seems true to some extent, moreover, this sound made by this pest is not heard so it might not be recognized as a sound. However, don’t be convinced they do make noises.

Termites are known to make three different sounds, a dry rattle, papery rustling, and a hollowing sound is made when a block of wood is tapped, the first two sounds are made naturally to search for food.

These are all special characters of a termite when it hits its head on wood to pass information when threatened or being attacked.

Furthermore, a termite can hear audible noises. In addition, if you hear these above sound in your wood furniture, it is a sign of termite infestation even with these sound there are means of destruction going on inside that wood, so you should take a quick move to eliminate them quickly.


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Want to learn more about termite sounds?

Here’s a video;


Do Termites Make Sound in Walls?

However, thinking about these, termites don’t make noises in the open yard, but inside wood and walls. Termites make the loudest noise in walls by the method of banging their head on the walls, though these sounds are the loudest to them but still are faint to human ears.


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Can You Hear Termites?

In our earlier discussion, we mentioned the different types of sounds termite make. However, it is possible that you can hear termites. Hearing termites differs because of the different sounds they make when the wood is tapped a hollow sound is made by the termite this sound is different from the dry rattle and paper rustling sounds.

However, these three sounds are the possible sounds you will hear when a termite infest your home. It is your duty as a homeowner to seek possible ways on how to get rid of these pests, they are various pest control experts and companies that can help eliminate termite infestation.

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