Are Gnats Attracted to Light? Interesting Fact About Gnats

Are gnats attracted to light? this question calls for serious concern, however, this article has detailed information on whether gnats are attracted to light or not, going through this piece of writing the stress of going through multiple webpages to find the answer is eased.

Moreover, before you proceed we have a detailed fact on gnats as some readers might be wondering what gnats are.


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Facts About Gnats

If familiar you will know that gnats are two winged small insects that look like mosquito, their forms may be known as biting and non-biting insect. Most times this pest is seen flying in groups called clouds and is known to be very generous by protecting weak members of their cloud.

Research shows that most people consider non-biting flies to be gnats, well do not worry because before this has been put down this article has gone through a series of thorough research.


Reproduction in Gnats

Male gnats are easily seen in a large mating swam mostly at dusk which is the right time to carry out their mating, and seek a partner. It is seen that black flies are recognized as belonging to the gnats family, under the biting species.

Non-biting species of gnats are seen populating near a water body, or in a wet soil which is carried out and seen to be active almost every summer. However, this is not always constant as they may happen at any time of the year in the coastal regions. Their females are always laying eggs on waters or some prefer attached water crops to control the rate at which the larvae get wet.


Lifecycle of Gnats

Adult gnats are known to live for about a week and a half during which they produce up to 300 eggs in such a short time. One female gnat can lay up to 1,000 eggs during its lifetime and abandon the eggs to mature and feed themselves, as they end up feeding on little crops.

Adult non-biting gnats do not cause harm to plants and are considered a nuisance. Usually, larvae do not cause serious plant damage, but when present in large numbers regarded as a swarm can stunt the plant growth and damage its roots and other vital crop parts.

There are lots of preventive measures taken by a gardener or a homeowner to stop the population of gnats. The most effective and fastest means of getting rid of gnats is by eliminating their pupa before it gets matured, or destroy favorable living conditions for them.


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 What Attracts Gnats?

Are Gnats Attracted To Light? Interesting Fact About Gnats

There are various suggestions by people faced with gnats infestation, these suggestions tell what gnats are attracted to and by eliminating their sources, the possibility of getting rid of gnats infestation is high.

However, as we discussed earlier, we have highlighted a pre-knowledge on what attracts gnats to your home both indoor and outdoor.

In your kitchen, when cooking or handling dishes, you discover gnats flying around, this action is not caused by them but their instinct.

We all know that little flies have a great sense of smell, this pleasant aroma from the food you cook leaves them no choice than to come in, and that’s one of the factors that attract gnats to your home.

Secondly, a bright source of light can attract gnats to your home both indoor and outdoor. The reason behind this is gnats chooses to go near a bright source of light to gain the heat and also as a source of food, little bugs attracted to bright light could serve as food for gnats.

However, this should not be a broad reason for you to get rid of your security light but be advised during the fall of the sun, ensure to shut all doorways and windows to prevent their access into your home.

Another thing which attracts gnats to our home is a favorable surrounding that has excess food and shelter for their babies to adapt and grow, however, if you live in a riverine area with stagnant water you are prone to having a gnat as your friend and neighbor.


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Are Gnats Attracted to Light?

Having known what attracts gnats to your home, we have seen that light is one of them. However, the answer to the question are gnats attracted to light is simple, yes, gnats are attracted to light.


Gnats Infestation

Gnats infestation, what gnats are attracted to might be a primary reason for their infestation in your home. In addition, there are only two reasons a pest is attracted to infesting your home which is food and shelter.

However, this is not right though its nature but they are meant to be outside your home not inside.

Moreover, gnats infestation could result from less care for your home, this is solely the responsibility of the homeowner, this could also be as a result of your residence location as they come in through open doors and windows or through already laid larvae once outside. Once they have gained access into your homes the eat and grow on ripening fruit and vegetable. And lay eggs for the population to increase.

However, if there is an infestation inside your home making use of the fruit fly trap could possibly help.



Sparing time to go through this article, we believe your searched query is answered in detail. Gnats are pests which require proper extermination process once you discover them infesting your surrounding. Ensure you contact any pest control expert near you to have this pest infestation controlled.

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