Do Bats Hibernate? A Detailed Insight into Bat Hibernation

Do bats hibernate? what would make your mind think that the only world’s flying mammal can hibernate during winter? However, you’re thinking well, in a deep sense what do bats do in the winter, do this pest just sleep or gather enough food to pass winter. Well, before you read further lets quickly enlighten you on what hibernation is.


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Facts About Bat hibernation

Hibernation is a simple process developed by animals to pass winter by gathering food like crops, plants, fruit.

However, bats prefer sleep which will help them pass winter and the harsh weather as their metabolic rate remains low, but this practice is not common among all bats. Bats are known to mate during winter as their body temperature is low and the female stores the sperm for fertility during spring. Moreover, the place where the settle (roosts), during the day is cool as they later move to underground caves.


Do you want to know more about bat hibernation?

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Below is a summarized video on bat hibernation, this will help you in gaining a better understanding.


Do Bats Hibernate?

We have seen the fact about bat hibernation, we have been able to give you a pre-knowledge of the fact about bat hibernation.

However, apart from being active at night, some categories of bats are known to pack in during the colder months. However, we have come to the study that not all bats hibernate, those who hibernate are found living in high latitudes, which is out of the rich of insect during the cold months.

During this period they are fond of cuddling up in caves and ceiling little furry balls. Bats that hibernate make this process by involving in deep sleep that can last more than six months with less amount of stored fat, rather than storing, and the carry this out by reducing their body temperature, and decrease their metabolic rate. However, when the cold months pass the bats are left to lose more than their normal body rate.

Having read all this, the answer is simple Bats do hibernate but don’t be convinced not all bats are likely to hibernate, and in addition, bats do not use crops or fruit to pass winter but the fall into sleep.


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Do Bats Hibernate in Winter

Having the knowledge that bat hibernate, so it would be simple to identify that they hibernate in winter. In our research, we have observed that bats begin hibernation in the month of November and end in mid-may. Which is the length of winter and spring? And bats, however, use that time to hibernate.

However, knowing this the answer is still yes, bats hibernate in winter.


Where Do Bats Live in Winter

Bats are known to normally live in caves in dark shades but in winter things are different. They are known found almost every way in winter because of the search of a cold environment, such places are seen to be the attic, ceiling, trees. The most important reason for bats to leave their caves is that they need a cold environment to lower their heartbeat.


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Do Vampire Bats Hibernate

Vampire bats are required to be the wildest bats in the world as the may also refer to a man as prey. Since this group of bats feeds on blood it is then impossible for them to hibernate but they are fond of sleeping during winter but not as other bats that hibernate.



Go through this piece of writing, we believe that your searched query on the hibernation of bats as been cleared and you can boldly clear all doubt. However, feel free to contact us on questions and contributions to do bats hibernate.

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