Can Bed Bugs Climb Metal, Plastic and Glass? Bed Bugs Movement

Bed bugs are a tiny pest and are a nuisance as well, this would make anyone searching for the extermination process of this bug harbor the query, can bed bugs climb metal, plastic, and glass? However, since these materials have smooth surfaces, you might want to go through this writing to find out.

Bed bug dominates a greater percentage of the most common household pest infesting homes regularly. In this article, the answers concerning this query can bed bugs climb metal, plastic, and glass are answered.


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Bed Bugs Movement

In our previous article “do bed bug jump?”  we discussed in detail the possibility of bed bugs jumping which is also part of the bed bugs’ movement, moreover, that won’t be our focus point.

They so many reasons why bed bugs move, it could be to search for food and build new habitats just as we humans move around and try to figure out certain things the same is applied to these bugs.

Bed Bugs Location

When searching for bed bugs, they are easily found indoors most typically found in the bed between the bed and the bed case.  They can live in any type of furniture, rugs, fabrics, and beds.

These bugs move around searching for habitat and food as a result of being threatened or scarcity of food in their location.

When these bug infestations are much more common, this could be because of the increase in travel rate and hotel stays, people coming in maybe carry this bug on their way may be from a bus or any means of transportation they used. To minimize their spread, many hotels use bed bug heaters, which you can also use in your home if you have bed bugs.

Although you’re most likely to encounter bed bugs in a hotel (any hotel, not just the cheap ones), you can be exposed to bed bugs in office buildings, restaurants, airports, and used furniture or clothing.


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Can Bed Bugs Climb Metal?

As little as a bed bug is when searching for food and a comfortable place to build a habitat, it can climb any material just to get to its demand. Bed bugs can climb walls excellently just as bed cases, furniture, clothes, and curtain.

However, observations from our research show that bed bugs can’t climb very smooth materials like steel and other very smooth metals. Giving a suitable reply to this query, bed bugs can’t climb a very smooth metal but can climb metals with rough surfaces.


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Can Bed Bugs Climb Plastic?

As we discussed above, we explained what could possibly make bed bugs claim metal. Moreover, you have known a suitable answer to that and however, you are interested in getting a suitable answer for can bed bugs climb plastic?

Plastic is a different material and cannot be compared to metals, plastic could be designed to have a very smooth surface and also could be designed to a rough surface.

It is very possible for a bed bug to climb plastic with a rough surface and when facing a very smooth plastic, it becomes very difficult for them, and might end up not being able to climb. In a simple sentence, bed bugs can’t climb very smooth surface plastic.


Can Bed Bugs Climb Glass?

In whatever way you choose to design a glass, it usually turns out as a smooth surface. Having known that bed bugs can climb very smooth surfaces, there is zero possibility of a bed bug climbing a glass. In one word, No, bed bugs can’t climb glass.


Can Bed Bugs Climb other Smooth Surfaces?

If there are other smooth surfaces you know and it was not mentioned in this article, we would like you to see a brief video on can bed bugs climb on smooth surfaces;



The bed bug is a light-footed pest and as a result, it can climb any surface when searching for food and shelter. In conclusion, we have discussed various materials bed bugs can climb and materials they can’t climb.

Once you discover the presence of this bug at home, it is best you contact any pest experts for a DIY solution or have them handle it in severe cases.


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