Backpack Suppression vs Misting Systems Mosquito Treatments

Backpack Suppression Vs Misting Systems Mosquito Treatments

According to interviews with PCOs conducted by PCT, two of the most common methods for treating mosquitoes are the use of backpack sprayers and misting systems. Both of these approaches have been successful, but they work in quite different ways.

Backpack Suppression vs Misting Systems mosquito treatments or both should be offered for mosquito control, depending on a number of circumstances.

The Bug Master’s CEO in Texas, Dauphin Ewart, has said that backpack sprayers are vital to the company’s ability to keep mosquito populations in check.

“Backpacks are efficient, low-maintenance, and inexpensive,” he remarked. However, how can you determine if and when to employ a misting system? The people who are supposed to buy his stuff, he says. High-pressure zones with high-income clients are the best candidates for misting.

Del Lawson, v.p. of operations of Modern Pest Control in Houston, agreed that knowing your market is crucial. “If you’re in a ritzy neighborhood, misting might be the ticket,” he added, adding that “your team” is also crucial.

While the actual act of installing a misting system isn’t difficult, it does call for some ingenuity, and it’s also important that your crew is skilled with their hands because these systems can be rather intricate.

While misting systems are crucial, they are not the best choice for every business, according to Charlie Sloan, service manager at Amco Ranger Termite and Pest Solutions in St. Louis. Sloan’s business only deals with backpack services.

At one point, we investigated misting, but we just couldn’t get past the ‘here and now,'” he explained. We thought that by using adulticides and IGRs, we could have more agency and be less reliant on the system because of the speed and lack of residual effects that the system provides. We’re spraying in those areas because that’s where you’re applying, to eliminate potential breeding grounds.

ABC Home & Commercial Services’ sales manager in Austin, Texas, Mark Johnston, argues that there are advantages to both backpack suppression and misting systems. The major advantage of the backpack is that you may choose exactly where to store the item.

You can treat the areas around your home, in the yard, and anywhere there is thick vegetation or shade,” Johnston advised.

A localized misting system would only mist certain spots. That’s acceptable provided the problem is persistent and the location has thick vegetation and little to no breeze. There are several of our clients that are double-handed.

Johnston emphasized that PMPs must adhere to IPM principles, such as locating and draining sources of standing water (such as bird baths) and repairing structural issues like broken or damaged gutters, because no mosquito service is foolproof.

In other words, “you’re not going to exterminate all mosquitoes. They will return, the argument goes. Three weeks later, when the effects have worn off, we go back and knock them down again, so you can count on a 70–80 percent level of control. Source:

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