Best Bed Bug Spray For Clothes: How To Use

Bed bugs are a menace to homes and buildings due to their ungodly feeding methods and activities, but bed bug spray for clothes is an easier approach to curbing an infestation.

It is good to get rid of bed bugs, but it is much preferable to prevent them from even infesting in the first place.

Though there are a number of good bed bug sprays for clothes, in this article we will be mentioning the best. What do you think is the best? Let’s find out!


What is the Best Bed Bug Spray For Clothes?

Bed Bug Spray For Clothes
Picture of the Best Bed Bug Spray For Clothes

What is the best bed bug spray for clothes? The best bed bug spray for clothes is simply the Permethrin spray, which, when applied to your clothes, will discontinue any ongoing bed bug infestation.

It is an effective spray that will help control the bed bug population not just in your clothes but even on your beds and mattresses after its application.

Permethrin bears the scent of chrysanthemums and peppermint, which repel bed bugs and drive them away from your clothes if they even infest them.

Even though there are other good bed bug sprays for clothes, the permethrin spray stands out for its safe use against these bugs as it can be used in your home without causing danger to your pets.


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How To Use the Best Bed Bug Spray For Clothes

It is very important to know when and how to use bed bug spray for clothes to ensure that its application is very effective. Below is how to use the best bed bug spray for clothes:

  • If you are prepared for application, first spray the permethrin by lining the surfaces of your bed frame.
  • Also, apply the bed bug spray to your seams and mattress.
  • After spraying, it is good that you allow the sprayed items to dry.


Where To Use the Best Bed Bug Spay For Clothes

  • Clothes
  • Luggage
  • Bed frame
  • Mattress
  • Seam


When To Apply the Best Bed Bug Spray For Clothes

Knowing when to apply permethrin is one thing, but being able to identify these bugs is another very important step to applying the best bed bug spray.

If you want to identify bed bugs by their bites, it can be very difficult, as these bug’s bites resemble those of other common insects, and it may be difficult to tell the two apart.

Identifying these bugs may seem difficult, but if you have read some of our previous articles, identifying them should be an issue of the past now.

So now, when should you apply the permethrin spray to clothes? Well, it’s simple: you should apply this spray when you notice any signs of bed bug activity. These signs include:

  • Bed bug feces
  • Live bed bug
  • Bed bug shell

If you notice any of these signs, then it is time to apply the permethrin spray for bed bugs.


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Where To Buy the Best Bed Bug Spray For Clothes


Watch the Explanatory Video Below To Discover How to Prevent and Treat Bed Bugs with Permethrin Spray



Bed bug infestation is not really something to worry about if you carry out the right control techniques, but allowing them to thrive can actually become an issue as they will clearly drain you of your blood to survive.

After reading this article, we have come to discover that the best bed bug spray for clothes is permethrin spray, and using it has never been this easy.

Do you think permethrin deserves to be called the best bed bug spray for clothes? Do you have another suggestion? Let us know via the comments section below!

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