I Found One Bed Bug But No Others: What To Do

So just last week I found one bed bug but no others, and I wondered: does this mean there are other bed bugs lurking around? What if this is the only bed bug?

Then I went on to do my research and came up with this article, which I have published here to help fellow readers know the steps to take if they ever come across this possibility.

Below are common questions people have asked concerning the subject topic, and our answers to them.


What Should I Do If I Found One Bed Bug But No Others?

Found One Bed Bug
Bed Bug Cast Skin Is One of the Signs To Look Out For If You Found One Bed Bug

This is one popular question that many readers want to have answers to. You found just one bed bug but are not certain if there are others. Well, below are the things to do in this case:

  • If you have subscribed and read our articles, you should know where bed bugs are usually found in the home. Now if you found just one bed bug, you should check your bed, mattresses, furniture, etc. for any bed bug activities.
  • Look out for bed bugs signs:

If you find any of these signs, then you know that this is not the only bed bug in your home.

  • Using a flashlight to carefully inspect seams, cracks, and crevices will help you inspect with precision. You can even use a black light to see bed bug trails and trace them to their hiding spots.
  • You may not find actual bed bugs, but their cast skins will help illuminate their presence. Bed bug skins are sometimes invisible to the eyes, so it will be more accurate to employ a magnifying glass during your inspection.
  • Do not just check your beds, seams, mattresses, and furniture. Bed bugs love to hide, and cracks and crevices are very comfortable spots for them to hide from their hosts, so do well to check these places too.


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I Found One Bed Bug On Bed But No Others What Do I Do?

When it comes to bed bugs, concluding without evidence is not always advisable. I was once the victim. I found one bed bug on bed after I woke up one morning and concluded that that was just the only bed bug in the house, but I was wrong.

If you found one bed bug on bed there is a likely chance that there are others or none. It is a 50-50 thing, and only a thorough inspection will help you know if there are other bed bugs or not.

Below are things to do in this scenario:

  1. If, after searching your bed and the surrounding area, you found no other bed bugs, we advise that you not conclude just yet; instead, do a thorough cleaning and washing of your clothes and the room where the bug was found.
    There is a probability that you brought this one bug from outside your home, especially during travel.
  2. Set bed bug traps purchased from Amazon around your house to curb any remaining bed bugs that may be lurking around.

As we mentioned earlier, just finding one bed bug does not mean that there are no other bed bugs, and it also does not mean that there are more bed bugs. Only a proper inspection will help you know what you are dealing with.


What if I Found One Bed Bug are there More?

We have mentioned this before and will mention it again. Finding bed bugs does not indicate the presence of more bed bugs, but it also does not indicate that there are no more bed bugs. Only inspection will help you know.

Spotting only one bed bug may be a result of your travels. Just maybe you lodged in a hotel or visited a home with infestations; there is a high probability that you will come back home with one bed bug.

In our previous article about bed bug cast skin, we mentioned that bed bugs can survive under unfavorable conditions for 6 months, that is, under poor temperature conditions and an unsteady blood source, but they will still grow nevertheless, only slower.

If you found two bed bugs or one flat bed bug, then it is certain that this bug has not eaten for days and is a likely sign that this is the only bed bug in your house.

If, on the other hand, you found two bed bugs or one bed bug on your bed or furniture that looks well-fed, then there is a high probability of a bed bug infestation in your home involving more than one bed bug.

We @pestclue once went to inspect a home that was supposed to be infested by bed bugs because the owner just found one bed bug. After a thorough examination, we did not find any other bed bugs.

Finding a single bed bug does not signify other bed bug activities, but it is good that you always check.


What To Do If I Found More Bed Bugs?

Found One Bed Bug
Cracks are Possible Places Where Bed Bugs Can Hide

If after thorough examination and inspection, it is discovered that there are more bed bugs in your home or structure then treatment is inevitable.

Below are steps to follow if you found one bed bug and there are more:

  • Contact pest control experts to come and help you eliminate these unwanted pests from your home. Now you may be tempted to treat bed bug infestation by yourself but bed bugs are not to be treated lightly.
    A pest control expert will be able to eliminate these pests without spreading them or leaving any to escape into hiding.
  • Now you have called a pest control expert. You should now arrange your house for treatment, that is, set things in place and in order.
  • Before arrival, your pest control expert must have advised you on how to declutter your house and set it up for treatment. Note that decluttering the wrong way may cause these bugs to be spread across your home.


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Is it Possible To Have Found Just One Bed Bug?

Yes, it is very possible to have only a single bed bug infestation without others lurking around. Below are the possible ways you may have transported that one bed bug you found into your home:

  • If you are a frequent traveler, there is a possibility that you picked the bed bug from one of the hotels you lodged in or the room you slept in.
  • If your neighbor is suffering from a bed bug infestation, it is very possible for these bugs to find their way into your home.
  • You probably took a taxi or cab to your destination and picked the bed bug from the cab.
  • If you work in an office with somebody suffering from bed bug infestation, a hug can transport this bed bug from his/her suit to yours.

There are a hundred ways in which bed bugs can be transmitted and you found that one bed bug in your house.


Watch the Explanatory Video Below To Know If You Actually Do Have Bed Bugs



After reading this article, you will discover that finding a single bed bug does not mean that there is an infestation lurking or that there are more bed bugs.

There are actually possible ways that you may have contacted these bugs and brought them to your apartment or structure.

Nevertheless, it is most of the time true that spotting a bed bug means there are more bed bugs. Inspection is one way to clear your doubts and contacting a pest control expert will go a long way in curbing these pests.

Have you found one bed bug around and are not certain what to do next? Let us know in the comments section below, as we are eagerly ready to provide you with extra tips.

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