What Do Cockroaches Symbolize?: Cockroach Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

Are you one of those who see symbolism and meaning in everything? And you want to know what do cockroaches symbolize? Maybe you believe that despite most of us seeing them as disgusting pests, there is more to them than that. You are right.

Cockroaches have many meanings and symbolism in different cultures, and today, we will explore some of them. As humans, we are full of superstitious beliefs, and that is what really keeps us going, so you do not have to be ashamed of believing in cockroach symbolism. We are talking too much; it’s time to learn!


What Do Cockroaches Symbolize?
What Do Cockroaches Symbolize?


What Do Cockroaches Symbolize?

  • 1. Cultural Symbolism

As I mentioned before, cockroaches have different symbolisms in different cultures. In some Chinese traditions, for instance, cockroaches are believed to be connected to the number 3. The ancient Chinese associated the number 3 with a free-spirited person.

So, if you see cockroaches around you a lot, it could symbolize that you are a free-spirited person, or you need to start leaning into that if you are not. In Native American culture, however, if one sees a cockroach, it symbolizes that the person may be visited by unwanted guests. For the ancient Egyptians, cockroaches were believed to be the gatekeepers in the afterlife, and their presence symbolized death.

  • 2. Real Life Symbolism

Seeing a cockroach in real life symbolizes tenacity. Cockroaches will do anything to survive and escape any form of danger. You will need to have this mindset in your approach to life and be quick in making decisions that will help you escape from danger.

Cockroaches also symbolize community living. They often live in colonies and rarely move alone. Seeing cockroaches around means you need to reach out to people in your community and not try to keep to yourself. If you see cockroaches in the dark corners of your house, that is a symbol that you need to get rid of the dark shadows and clusters in your life and your mind and try living.

  • 3. Religious Belief

For some Christians, seeing a cockroach is a call for them to continue in the perseverance of their faith and not to lose hope or stop believing, but for some others like Catholics seeing a cockroach symbolizes being monitored in a negative way. 


Common Cockroach Dreams and Their Interpretations

What Do Cockroaches Symbolize?
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  • Dreaming of having a cockroach infestation 

If you dream of having a cockroach infestation in your house, it could mean that you will feel very overwhelmed soon due to anxiety or that you are going to experience overwhelming help from people. 

  • Recurring dreams about cockroaches

When you keep having a dream about seeing cockroaches, it means that there is an area in your life that hurts you and will be uncomfortable for you to deal with but you have to confront it immediately to make peace with that side of you.

  • Dreaming about dead cockroaches 

Seeing a dead cockroach in your dream could mean that you may be heading to a dead end in your career or business, once you see this, you need to be careful in your future dealings and decisions you take to avoid such a situation. 

  • Dreaming about eating a cockroach

If you see yourself eating a cockroach in your dream. There may be some bad habits and character in your life, you need to get rid of. 


What Does it Mean When a Cockroach Crawls On You?

If a cockroach crawls on you, you will need to take your hygiene very seriously because it means there is a cockroach infestation in your house.

But spiritually, it means that you may be facing difficulties in your life soon which will require you to find a way to survive against all odds. 


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To conclude, I will say that many people have different ways of looking at life. Cockroaches, to me, are not just pests to kill and do away with; I try to look at the other side to see their tenacity, and their ability to survive against all odds and apply those principles to many aspects of my life.

I encourage you to do so too. However, this does not mean that I will not get rid of them in my house; I will also do everything possible to prevent them from entering my house. You can read my previous articles on how to prevent cockroaches from coming into your house.


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