Can Bed Bugs Survive In A Storage Unit?: Bed Bug Survival Chance

Bed bugs can survive in various rooms of your structure, including the bathroom, but can bed bugs survive in a storage unit where there are rarely human activities?

We all know that bed bugs feed mainly on blood from humans and that there is a rare accessibility to human blood in the storage unit, so will they survive?

Can bed bugs survive in a storage unit? Let us now find out!


Can Bed Bugs Survive in a Storage Unit?

Can bed bugs survive in a storage unit? Yes, bed bugs can survive in a storage unit, as these bugs are known to infest almost every room and area in a home or industry.

One would wonder about the possibility of these bugs even getting into a storage unit, but when you consider that these bugs can pass through briefcases, clothing, bags, etc. you will find out that the possibility is indeed high.

If you had read our previous article, you would have discovered that, though these bugs are very disturbing and pesky pests, there are ways to spot them.

In one of our articles, we discovered how high the possibility of bed bugs infesting new furniture is. Yes, bed bugs will infest new furniture, and you’ll find out via the link below.


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How Can Bed Bugs Get into a Storage Unit?

Can bed bugs survive in a storage unit? Above, we have established the fact that bed bugs can indeed survive in a storage unit. But how do bed bugs get into a storage unit?

Before mentioning how these bugs can gain access to your storage units, we would love you to note that bed bugs are very capable of climbing and crawling into small spaces, as small as an ATM card.

Now, how can bed bugs get into a storage unit? Below are the possible ways:

  • Clothing:
Can Bed Bugs Survive In A Storage Unit
Second-Hand Clothing Can Transport Bed Bugs To Your Storage Unit

You should note that not only new clothes will be kept in a storage unit. Sometimes second-hand clothes can be moved into a storage unit that is filled with new clothes, and these second-hand clothes may have been infested with bed bugs, hence, introducing bed bugs into your storage unit.

  • Hotels:

If you are a frequent traveler, you would discover that you are at a higher risk of being exposed to bed bug infestation since you are not the only one lodging in these hotels.

Other travelers come to lodge at the hotel, some of whom may be coming in with bed bug infestations.

When you come to the lodge in the hotel, you end up leaving with these bugs. They will crawl into your clothes, briefcases, purses, etc. Now, when you get home without going through your things, you end up keeping these clothes in your storage unit and now an infestation begins.

  • Furniture:

In our latest article relating bed bugs to furniture, we explained how your new furniture can be exposed to these bugs. It can sometimes be from the delivery trucks that bring this furniture to you.

Moving infested furniture to your storage unit will definitely cause an infestation.


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What are the Signs Of Bed Bugs in a Storage Unit?

In a home, it is quite easy to spot infestation signs of bed bugs, as you just need to check your mattress seams and areas close to the bed as well, but the storage unit appears to be larger with lots of accessories in there, hence, making the inspection a bit difficult.

Below are common signs of bed bug infestation to check out for in your storage unit:

  • Shed Skin
  • Bed bug eggs
  • Bed bug feces
  • Damp, moldy odor
  • Live/dead bed bugs


How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting into a Storage Unit?

It is a very rare case to see bed bugs in storage units but then again, these bugs are capable of infiltrating nearly every room in the house, including the bathroom, as explained in one of our latest articles.

Below are ways to prevent bed bugs from getting into your storage unit:

  • Frequently inspecting your storage unit will prevent these bugs from growing in population. Some people believe their storage units are immune from bugs but it will surprise you that these bugs can still sneak in.
    Do well to always check to ensure they have not already gained access.
  • When choosing a storage unit, ensure you choose one with a good reputation and that is free from pest attacks. Sometimes it can be difficult to say that you have eradicated pests 100%, but frequent pest control will definitely eliminate these pests for good.
  • Even though the fact that bed bugs are attracted to dirty environments is false, it is good to take note of the storage facility you are paying for. A clean and tidy storage unit indicates good pest control management and professionalism.
  • People sometimes blame the storage units for their bed bug infestations, but it may actually be that the bugs came from you. Always inspect your clothing and storage accessories before stuffing them into your storage unit.


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Can bed bugs survive in a storage unit? We have now discovered that bed bugs are very persistent insects and will infest every room in a structure, including the storage unit.

It is always advisable that you prevent these bugs from coming into your storage before and after stuffing the storage facility. Bed bugs will always find their way to slip in, so constant inspection will keep things in check.

Do you know of a storage unit where bed bugs cannot survive? Do recommend one to us via the comments section below!

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