What Comes Out Of A Cockroach When You Squish It?

Did you just squish a cockroach and notice something coming from it and want to know what comes out of a cockroach when you squish it? We are all tired of cockroaches at this time, seems no matter what we try, we are going to find a way to live with them.

The thing is cockroaches have developed very good survival adaptations to survive with humans. They may even survive your squish if you don’t apply enough pressure. They are that persistent. So what comes out of a cockroach when you squish it?  Keep reading to find out! 


What Comes Out Of A Cockroach When You Squish It?

What Comes Out Of A Cockroach When You Squish It?
What Comes Out Of A Cockroach When You Squish It?
  1. Fat Tissue

There are three things that may come out of a cockroach when you squish it. One of the things you may notice is a whitish thing coming out of their body. This whitish thing is the cockroach’s fat tissue. It stores its waste there. So when you squish it, it is their waste that comes out. But because their food is high in protein, they defecate uric acid.

They do this to lighten their body weight so that they can run fast, that’s if you do not squish them hard enough for them to still be able to run. And also to send off a smell that is offensive to you but a way of alerting other cockroaches of the potential danger in that place.

  • 2. Hemolymph

Another thing that may come out of a cockroach when you squish it is an off-white color substance. This one is their version of blood. It is called Hemolymph. It is not red like human blood because it does not contain hemoglobin.

  • 3. Vitellogenin

This happens rarely, but you might squish a cockroach and a blood-like liquid will come out of it. Don’t freak out! That is normal too. Well not really. There are two reasons for that. It could be that you just squished a cockroach that just finished feeding so they are emptying the contents of their stomach.

The other reason is that you squished a female cockroach that is still producing eggs. In this case, the liquid is orange not red like human blood. This orange color is a result of a protein called vitellogenin. Female cockroaches need this protein for their embryo development.


Does Squishing A Cockroach Release Its Egg? 

No, it does not. Many people are afraid of squishing cockroaches for fear that if they squish a cockroach, it will release its eggs and spread them around their house, leading to an infestation. Wow! That is so untrue. Firstly, only female cockroaches carry eggs, so how do you tell the difference?

Squishing a cockroach is more of a reflex action; you may not be able to identify a female before squishing it. Also, the eggs are protected in an egg case (ootheca) and this ootheca contains protein that protects the eggs inside.

So if you squish a female carrying an ootheca, the ootheca will come off the cockroach; it will not release the egg inside. You need to get rid of the egg case too so that it does not metamorphose into a nymph, which will lead to another infestation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Didn’t My Shoe Squish the Roach?

A. That is because you did not squish it hard enough. Cockroaches may look easy to kill but they have an exterior skin that protects their organs and muscles. 

Q. Why is it so hard to kill a cockroach with your shoe?

A. Why it seems hard is because cockroaches have very good survival instincts. They did not survive this long without one. So if they feel like something is about to come on them. They will run immediately, without waiting to see what the danger is. 

Q. What is the best way to squish a cockroach 

A. The trick is to squish as hard as you can with enough target on its head. Squish until you are sure that it is dead. 

Q. Does Killing a Cockroach Attract to Come?

A. Yes, it does. Like I mentioned before when you step on them they release a smell that will notify other cockroaches of danger and possibly death. Also, cockroaches eat their dead ones, so they will go back to eat the corpse.


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We have explored and explained all possible things you may see when you squish a cockroach. If you want to squish a cockroach to kill it, do it with all your might.

Remember, it might not be so healthy for you to just squish cockroaches whenever you find one. Read my next article for more information about this. Maybe cockroaches will outlive us.


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