Bed Bug Temperature Chart: How To Use Effectively

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a lot of factors, and temperature is one of these factors, hence, the introduction of the bed bug temperature chart.

The temperature chart for bed bugs, if followed correctly, will put your bed bug infestation to a stop, but there are heavy notes on the fact that these bugs must be exposed to direct heat for the chart to work effectively.

Temperature change does not affect every area of your house (at least not immediately), so you will need to consider some factors and put them in place to use the chart more precisely for better results.


Why is it Important to Know the Bed Bug Temperature Chart?

Bed bugs can be very disturbing pests but luckily there are various methods that can be used to control these pesky pests, and the use of heat is one of these methods.

Knowing the bed bug temperature chart will not only help you control these bugs but will also help the pest control experts who are handling these bugs in your structure.

Applying heat is one thing but knowing how to apply this heat uniformly to ensure that the bed bugs are directly exposed to this heat even in their hiding places is another very important thing to note.

Yes, you have the bed bug temperature chart at hand but can you use it? There are actually methods that need to be employed to ensure the quick spread of heat across the structure of the application.

These methods are referred to as air movers. When employed, these air movers tend to quicken the spread of increased temperature across the structure, exposing even hidden surfaces to temperature change.

These air movers include:

This heater works by increasing the humidity of the structure, thereby quickening heat transfer.

This one works via positive pressure by driving air into wall cavities.

You will discover that adding air movers to your treatment method will help increase the speed at which the temperature spreads and expose surfaces to temperature change.

You can actually put this into practice, like we did, by adding air movers to an area that has already been observed without it. Take a record of this before and after redirecting the air mover.

You will notice that the introduction of an air mover will increase the temperature by more degrees, bringing it to a kill temperature that the bed bug cannot withstand.


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What is the Bed Bug Temperature Chart?

Before displaying the bed bug temperature chart, you must note that exposing the bed bugs to direct temperature change (heat) is what kills them and makes the treatment smoother.

Below is a chart comprising various recorded temperatures by researchers on this same subject topic:

Bed Bug Temperature Chart
A Pictoral Bed Bug Temperature Chart

From the table, you will observe that a slight increase in temperature caused the time duration at which the bed bugs (at their different growth stages) were to be killed to reduce drastically.


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How Does the Bed Bug Temperature Chart Work?

As we previously mentioned, to ensure that the bed bug temperature chart works effectively, the bed bugs must be exposed to direct heat.

It is no news that bed bugs will come out to feed at night and go back into hiding during the day. They will hide in places such as cracks and crevices to ensure that they are not in any way sighted or affected by any temperature change.

Without the use of air movers, it is somewhat impossible for the bed bug chart temperature to work effectively against these bugs as they will require a spread of heat across the structure.


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One may think that, just like other bugs, any temperature can eliminate bed bugs, but that is not the case for these bugs, as there are certain temperature scales that must be followed to ensure they are completely eradicated.

You should not also forget that the time duration at which this heat is applied is also very important. Noting that the bed bugs must be exposed to direct temperature change will help you use the chart effectively.

What do you think of our temperature chart? Want to give it a try? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section below!

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