List of Best Bed Bugs Steamers In 2024 | Product Review

Managing bed bugs can be unbelievably unpleasant, and you have to own one of the best bed bugs steamers to get rid of them completely. However, with some persistence and a decent arrangement, you can be freed of these bloodsucking bugs.

A steam cleaner is one valuable device to add to your bed bug-banishing armory—the right one can kill bugs and eggs momentarily. Steamers utilize high-heat steam to dispose of these strong vermin.


List of Best Bed Bugs Steamers In 2024

No old liner will get the job done. Peruse on to find out with regards to the elements to search for in the best steamers for bed bugs and to track down an appropriate liner to handle any home pervasion.

  1. Best Overall: McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner
  2. Best Bang for The Buck: Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner
  3. Redesign Pick: Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner
  4. Best Multi-Use: Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915e On-Demand Steam Cleaner
  5. Best Light Weight: Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner
  6. Best Commercial-Grade: Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner
  7. Best Hand-Held: BISSELL SteamShot Deluxe Cleaner


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1. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Steamers

Bed bugs can’t beat the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner, which is jam-packed with bed bug–eliminating features. The steamer reaches over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively kill bed bugs.

It also comes with 20 included accessories, including a mop head, large brush head, and triangle brush head. These accessories offer a wide nozzle to sweep large areas like mattresses, couches, and carpets.

A steam control dial allows you to control the steam to adjust the flow for different jobs. For better reach, this steamer features an 18-foot power cord and a 10-foot steam hose. Paired with the 48-ounce water tank, impressive 90-minute steam time, and steam lock feature, you can tackle an entire room without interruption.

Product Overview

Maximum temperature: over 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Heating time: 10 minutes
Steam time: 90 minutes


  • Variable steam control
  • 90-minute steam time
  • 20 included accessories
  • Long reach


  • Lacks a water level indicator


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2. SteamFast Canister Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Steamers

Getting rid of bed bugs can be an expensive endeavor. The Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner provides bed bug–killing steam at a lower price.

Designed for portability and ease of use, the small steamer features a wheeled tank, carrying handle, and 15-foot power cord. A 6.5-foot hose provides that extra reach to get into cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be lurking.

A relatively affordable steamer, it delivers on features and accessories. It includes 15 accessories, including mop pads, detail brushes, and other scrub tools to help banish bed bugs and clean your home.

An ample 48-ounce water tank heats up in just 8 minutes and provides 45 minutes of steam time. Plus, a steam lock feature allows for continuous operation, which is useful for a range of tasks from eliminating bed bugs to mopping floors.

Product Overview

  • Maximum temperature: Over 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heating time: 8 minutes
  • Steam time: 45 minutes


  • Relatively affordable
  • Includes 15 accessories
  • Optional steam lock


  • Lacks on-board accessory storage


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3. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Steamers

Looking to invest in a quality steamer for bed bug eradication and household cleaning? Vapamore’s MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner is a premium pick.

This steamer features a type of valve usually found in commercial units, which helps to keep the interior lines as dry as possible and produces drier, hotter steam for more efficient cleaning and a shorter drying time.

A large 1.6-liter tank provides a 60-minute steam time. In an 11-minute heat time, the steamer releases vapor at a consistently toasty 220 degrees Fahrenheit—more than hot enough to stop bed bugs in their tracks.

Large wheels and a padded carrying handle make this steamer easier to move around the room. Most of the 20 extensions and attachments fit in the small onboard storage compartment.

Product Overview

Maximum temperature: 220 degrees Fahrenheit
Heating time: 11 minutes
Steam time: 60 minutes


  • Dry steamer
  • Long 60-minute steam time
  • On-board accessory storage


  • Pricier than many residential models


4. Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915e On-Demand Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Streamer

Eradicate bed bugs one day and remove wallpaper the next with this multipurpose steamer from Wagner Spraytech. It features an impressive range of attachments, including 18 accessories.

Beyond the typical detail-cleaning nozzle and brushes, this device includes a large cleaning head (with an optional mop pad), wallpaper steam plate, and fabric steamer. Each attachment features a broad nozzle to help with a range of tasks, including bed bug elimination.

A 40-ounce water tank, 8-foot hose, and portable design provide up to 40 minutes of flexible steaming time. The steamer takes just 9 minutes to produce a steam jet of 212 degrees Fahrenheit that roasts bed bugs on contact.

After the bed bugs are gone, use this steamer for a range of other household tasks, from cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to removing old wallpaper. Smaller accessories fit in the onboard storage compartment for even more convenience.

Product Overview

Maximum temperature: 212 degrees Fahrenheit
Heating time: 9 minutes
Steam time: 40 minutes


  • Includes 18 versatile accessories
  • Compact design
  • On-board small accessory storage


  • Pricey


5. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Steamers

Dupray’s Neat Steam Cleaner weighs in at 9 pounds when empty, which makes it one of the most convenient models to cart around the house.

A compact cube tank with a portable design features a retractable carrying handle and hidden, smooth-rolling wheels that help give this steamer a sleek look.

Despite the compact build, this steam cleaner holds 54 ounces of water for up to 50 minutes of cleaning time. After 7 minutes of heating time, low-moisture steam comes out at 275 degrees Fahrenheit to disinfect surfaces and kill bed bugs. With 17 included accessories, a 6.5-foot hose, and a steam lock feature, this slim steamer packs a powerful punch.

Product Overview

Maximum temperature: 275 degrees Fahrenheit
Heating time: 7 minutes
Steam time: 50 minutes


  • Lightweight build
  • Retractable carrying handle and smooth wheels
  • Sleek design


  • Awkward-to-access cord wrap underneath the unit


6. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Steamers

Professional bed bug exterminators use commercial-grade steamers, which often include several premium features. For those looking to splurge on a professional steamer, consider this model from Dupray.

This heavy-duty steamer heats steam up to an impressive 316 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bed bugs, viruses, and bacteria. With a 4-liter tank and an 8-minute heat time, it offers up to 90 minutes of cleaning time.

A digital display shows active temperature, pressure level, and maintenance reminders. An adjustable steam control allows users to fine-tune the low-moisture steam emission. With a 10-foot hose and 25 heavy-duty accessories, this cleaner can rise to almost any household steaming task.

Product Overview

Maximum temperature: 316 degrees Fahrenheit
Heating time: 8 minutes
Steam time: 90 minutes


  • High 316 degrees Fahrenheit steam temperature
  • Long 90-minute runtime
  • Digital display
  • Adjustable steam control



BISSELL SteamShot Deluxe Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

Best Bed Bugs Steamer

Full-size steamers make the best opponents against bed bugs. But, for those who don’t have the space or the budget for a large steamer, a handheld model provides a suitable alternative. BISSELL’s SteamShot Deluxe helps wipe out bed bugs with a smaller price tag and footprint.

This compact handheld steamer makes a convenient option for attacking bed bugs in cracks and crevices in furniture or along baseboards. It’s too small to cover an entire carpet or couch, but it’s an excellent solution to spot-treat problem areas.

A 20-foot power cord provides plenty of room to move. The small 6.6-ounce tank heats up in only 30 seconds. Ten included accessory tools make this handheld cleaner a versatile choice for small bed bug exterminations and limited cleaning tasks.

Product Overview

Maximum temperature: Over 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Heating time: 30 seconds
Steam time: Unknown


  • 30-second heating time
  • Compact design
  • Easily portable



Where to Buy the Best Steamers for Bed Bugs Listed Above

You can buy any of the best steamers for bed bugs listed above here.


How Do We Choose the Best Steamers for Bed Bugs?

A bed bug infestation should not be taken lightly. These small pests can cause great physical and emotional anguish. To create this guide, we researched over 20 steamers and narrowed them down to the most convenient and effective choices. We chose only bed bug steamers that are up to this tough job.

Each steamer on this list meets or exceeds the minimum requirements to kill bed bugs. They produce a consistent stream of steam at a minimum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

We chose products from reputable brands and paid attention to consumer feedback to ensure a good, stable jet of steam that doesn’t sputter or spray.

Steaming for bed bugs is slow work, so a comfortable and user-friendly design topped our priority list. We chose steamers with long hoses, wide nozzle options, and a long steam time to make the job less tedious.

Lastly, steam cleaners are useful for much more than exterminating bed bugs. They can clean and disinfect throughout the home, so we chose versatile options with plenty of accessories to give you more bang for your buck.


Last Thoughts

McCulloch’s Canister Steam Cleaner is the best steamer for bed bugs due to its versatile accessories, adjustable steam settings, and lengthy 90-minute runtime. For those on a budget, the Steamfast Canister Cleaner offers fewer accessories and a 45-minute runtime for a fraction of the cost.

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