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Are you looking forward to adopting a rabbit as a pet? Do you know the best rabbit breeds for pets? Rabbits are great companions, especially when they have the freedom and opportunity to show their wonderful personalities.

If you are actually looking for a big-eared buddy, look no further than your local shelter where there are often amazing rabbit breeds to adopt, and here’s a guide on how to breed a rabbit.


15 Reasons Why you Should Adopt a Rabbit as a Pet?

Before we look into the wonderful breeds of rabbits here are the 15 cool facts you might not know about these wonderful creatures. These facts will give you reasons to consider a rabbit as a pet.

  • Like deer, a female rabbit is called a “doe” and a male rabbit is called a “buck”.
  • Rabbit ears can also be rotated almost a full circle to 270 degrees. A bunny’s big ears aren’t just for listening. They also help regulate the rabbit’s body temperatures. The ear’s blood vessels swell when it’s hot out, and contract when it is cold.
  • When rabbits are happy to express their happiness, they will sometimes jump around and flick their heads and feet. That adorable behavior is known within the rabbit community as a “binky”.
  • Rabbits need large cages or exercise pens kept indoors for health, safety, and socialization purposes. And, they need plenty of daily supervised time outside of their cages or pens to play and exercise.
  • Be sure to bunny-proof your home and do not leave them unattended during this time.
  • To some people, rabbits might seem like quite pets, but they are actually capable of making a lot of sounds, including growling, screeching, chattering their teeth, and even honking softly.
  • Rabbits can hop and also jump to impressive heights and distance a little over 3 feet high and a whopping 10 feet long.
  • Rabbits can also be trained to use a litter box which makes cleaning their cages a lot easier.
  • Because their eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads, bunnies can see an almost perfect 360 degrees. In the wild, this helps them know when a predator is near. Their one blind spot is right in front of their little twitchy noses.
  • Most rabbits have a “sweet tooth” and are crazy about fruit. But just like any other treat, moderation is key.
  • Rabbits are social creatures and most want other rabbits around for companionship so consider adopting a bonded pair. If you already have a rabbit but want to add another to your brood, talk to your vet or the shelter about the best way to introduce bunnies to each other.
  • Bunnies have an average lifespan of five and ten years, but the oldest living rabbit broke the Guinness world record at the ripe old age of 17.
  • When they are feeling submissive he will make himself appear as small as possible by crouching down. Bunnies can be very affectionate and bond closely with their owners. Some will even come when called.
  • Rabbits love to play and they require mental stimulation just like dogs and cats. The good news is, lots of things you have around the house make great toys, balls of paper, paper towel rolls, and more can entertain your bunny.
  • Guinness world record for the largest rabbit is held by a 55-pound British pet rabbit named Ralph. He eats $90 of food a week.


Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets

So after knowing such beautiful things about rabbits and if you are looking for such beautiful creatures.

Look no more creatures for we’re going to show you some of the most common types of domestic rabbits. So don’t miss out on the list of best rabbit breeds for pets.


Best Rabbit Breeds For Pets

Rex Rabbit

The rex rabbit can be of 2 sizes. The standard large size can weigh up to 5Kg.

Looking like rams and the midi variety which only weighs around 1 to 2 kilograms can come in a variety of colors, including black, chocolate, brown, red, or white with or without a spotted pattern.

Their fur is super soft to the touch. These are usually very active rabbits, which need a family, align them to run around the home at various times of the day.

He can provide a closed-off area protected from danger and keep the kids open. They are sociable and friendly.


Best Rabbit Breeds For Pets

The Lionhead Rabbit

The lion head rabbit is well known for its long fur, which has its name indicates, looks like the mane of a lion.

They originated in Belgium. They are not especially large weighing between 1-2 kilos, It has no specific number of colors.

They have long fur on their neck and medium to short hair on the body. They will need a brush from time to time.

The lion head rabbit stands out as a very good pet for those who like cuddles since they are calm and happy to spend time being held, they like affection and attention.


Best Rabbit Breeds For Pets

The French Lop

The French lop stands out for its long drooping ears, which give them a tender and melancholic appearance.

They are docile and cam rabbit which can be especially sweet.

It will make you fall in love with their delicate behavior and there are many types of lop rabbits that differ according to size, fur, or other physical characteristics.

They include the line headlock or the Kashmir headlock.


Best Rabbit Breeds For Pets

English Angora

Despite their name, the English angora actually originated from Icaria in Turkey.

They are medium to large in size and weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms.

These rabbit breeds stand out for their long silky fur and are sometimes farm for their hair.

There are several possible colors of the English Angora, including white, black, chocolate, or chestnut among others.

They will need to be brushed daily. These are usually very deuce and can be quite timid and reserved when they first join a family.


The Flemish Giant

The Flemish Giant

The Flemish giant rabbit is a popular pet on farms across the world known for its enormous size and good nature.

They can weigh up to 10 kilograms and have a long wide body, which sets them apart from most other rabbit breeds.

You can find them in all colors including black, bluish, beige, gray, brown, or white. We usually speak of them as Calm and very relaxed rabbits.

They can coexist with other rabbits but we shouldn’t force them to interact if they don’t want to. Individual rabbits from their breeds will need a lot of space to breed and play.



Above all remember these fluffy friends make intelligent and quirky companions. They are fun to keep as companions and less stressful to take care of. What is your choice of best rabbit breeds for pets? Let me know down the comment.

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