What Attracts Gnats? Possible Causes of Gnats Infestation

What attracts gnats? In our previous article on a similar topic such as these, gnats are species of animals that we have studied for a very long time, trying all possible ways to see what keeps them so close to human habitat.

In other words, we can say what really is the reason for gnats infestation around your home, both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, we have everything you need when it comes to gnats attraction, infestation, and many more.

Below are tips on which we want you to know, the signs of gnats infestation. Continue reading as you will learn enough on how to treat gnats infestation.


What Attracts Gnats


What are Signs of Gnats?

Gnats are animals similar to mosquito, although its blood that attracts mosquito and humans are a sign of mosquito infestations.

However, what are the signs of gnats in your home or around your surroundings? Research has proved that not only do some species of mosquitoes fly around a light, gnats also carry out such a process.

When gnats infest your home, they leave so many traces of evidence that they have been there, so it is with all other pests.

Below are signs of gnats infestation and if you see these listed signs, know they are infesting your home.

Below are listed possible facts on signs of gnats infestation in your home externally and internally. If you observe this know they are close. These signs are:

  • Sudden wilting.
  • Loss of vigor.
  • Poor growth of trees, shrubs, and plantations around you.
  • And yellowing, i.e see of yellow droppings on your wall, table, and on kitchen cupboards.

There, you have possible facts that prove a sign of gnats close to you or are about visiting your home.

So, after having the signs of gnats at your fingertips, I think you should know what attracts them.


What Attracts Gnats?

What really attracts gnats to my home? This must have been in your mind for a very long time, you trying to do a self-fumigation but it does not seem to work, they keep on coming and coming and then you think to yourself, what attracts gnats?

There are several things you might think do not possibly attract gnats, but they might seem to be the real cause.

What attracts gnats is similar to what are the signs of gnats but we are going to explain this section and throw more light on it.


Why Am I Getting So Many Gnats in My House?


Having said something earlier, light is a key reason you will be having so many gnats in your home.

It’s not just any light but a very bright one. Gnats after encountering a very stressful day in the cold, tend to find bright and warm light sources to cool down.

And in a case where your windows or doors are open, gnats can fly in and start sticking around your bulb.

Note: When we talk about light, we do not mean you going around to put off your security light, not also changing them, but you can use a fly or pest repellent bulb.

Food Aroma:

Are you a very good cook? Well, just get ready to have insects coming to praise you. Gnats naturally can’t get themselves into your kitchen.

But with their great sense of smell, they find their way buzzing around your pot.


Gnats are naturally attracted to fruit because of the benefit they gain from it, so if you should have fruit in your kitchen together with a trash can.

However, without getting them disposed you will find gnats building a home around your kitchen and bin.

So, there you have it, proven facts on what attracts gnats and why you’re getting so many gnats in your house. So with these, you can get effective Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions to eliminate gnats from your home.


How Do You Keep Gnats Away?

Below is a video explanation on how to keep gnats away from your home;



Finally, after getting all your sure answers to what attracts gnats to your home, indoors and outdoors. Once again, we hope we have provided the necessary clues to your searched query.

For contributions, help, and further enlightenment on gnats and other similar insects and pests, feel free to let me know down the comment.

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