Where Do Gnats Come From? The Origin of Gnats

Gnats is a pest that is considered as one of the most common household pests, to get rid of them, where do gnats come from? should be your focus point in order to eliminate their source. However, in our previous article, we discussed what attracts gnats and how to stop them from flying around you. As you read on, the origin of this pest and where it comes from is discussed.


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The Origin of Gnats

According to Wikipedia, these insects are unique species of little flying pests belonging to the dipterid suborder of Nematocera in the family of Sciaridae, Anisopodidae, and Mycetophilidae. However, these insects are classified into biting and non-biting, they are known to flying in groups collectively called Swarm.

If you had gone through the previous article we publish on “Are gnats attracted to light?” you will know that this pest is two winged small insects that look like a mosquito. Adult gnats are known to live for about a week and a half during which they produce up to 300 eggs in such a short time. One female gnat can lay up to 1,000 eggs during its lifetime and abandon the eggs to mature and feed themselves, as they end up feeding on little crops.

Adult non-biting gnats do not cause harm to plants and are considered a nuisance. Usually, larvae do not cause serious plant damage, but when present in large numbers regarded as a swarm can stunt the plant growth and damage its roots and other vital crop parts.


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Where Do Gnats Come From?

In a situation where you find gnats around your home, this should tell that there are lots of things around and in your home that attract these pests. However, this should not make you eliminate these features if they are useful just because you want to prevent gnats from infesting your home.

Searching for where do gnats come from is one good step towards averting this pest infestation. There are lots of preventive measures taken by a gardener or a homeowner to stop the population of this pest.

The most effective and fastest means of getting rid of gnats is by eliminating their pupa before it gets matured, or destroy favorable living conditions for them because these are the possible places and means through which this pest come from.


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What Causes Gnats in Your Home?

As we discussed earlier, we have highlighted the possible features that contribute to what causes this pest infestation in your home both indoor and outdoor.

However, when cooking or handling dishes, you discover gnats flying around, this action is not caused by you nor them but their instinct.

We all know that small flies have a great sense of smell, this pleasant aroma from the food you cook leaves them no choice than to come in, and that’s one of the factors that causes gnats to come in your home.

Secondly, a bright source of light can cause this pest to come into your home. The reason behind this is gnats chooses to go near a bright source of light to gain the heat and also as a source of food, little bugs attracted to bright light could serve as food for this pest.

Another thing which attracts gnats to our home is a favorable surrounding that has excess food and shelter for their babies to adapt and grow, however, if you live in waterlogged areas, you are prone to having gnats regularly.


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Now you have known the origin of this pest and where it comes from, there are only two reasons a pest is attracted to your home which is food and shelter. Moreover, gnats infestation could result from less care for your home, this is solely the responsibility of the homeowner, ensure to keep your home neat and clean. Do well to write to us or contact us for help and suggestion.

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