How to Stop Gnats from Flying Around You

How to stop gnats from flying around you, you might find it annoying for tiny insects flying around you and so what can you do to stop gnats from flying around you? Hence you are in the right place as the answer is being discussed in this article. First, let us find out what attract gnats to you:


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What Are Gnats Attracted To?

In our previous article, we discussed the fact about gnats. There are some comments by people faced with the infestation of gnats, their various suggestions gathered tells what gnats are attracted to and by eliminating their sources, the possibility of getting rid of gnats infestation is high.

However, there are various things that attract gnats, which can be connected to why they fly around you, and these things that gnat are attracted to are listed below in this article.

  • First, you can be in your kitchen when cooking or handling dishes, you discover gnats flying around, this action is not caused by them but their instinct. We all know that little flies have a great sense of smell, this pleasant aroma from the food you cook leaves them no choice than to come in, and that’s one of the factors that attract gnats to your home.
  • Secondly, a bright source of light can attract gnats to your home both indoor and outdoor. The reason behind this is gnats chooses to go near a bright source of light to gain the heat and also as a source of food, little bugs attracted to bright light could serve as food for gnats. However, this should not be a broad reason for you to get rid of your security light but be advised during the fall of the sun, ensure to shut all doorways and windows to prevent their access into your home.

Another thing which attracts gnats to our home is a favorable surrounding that has excess food and shelter for their babies to adapt and grow, however, if you live in a riverine area with stagnant water you are prone to having a gnat as your friend and neighbor.


How to Stop Gnats From Flying Around You

How To Stop Gnats From Flying Around You
Flying Gnats

Having Known one or two of what gnats are attracted to they can relate to why they fly around you. However, we are going to consider them and how to stop them from flying around you:

In a case where you are handling a lamp outside your house, they are prone to coming and flying around you. I know you are then thinking about how to handle a lamp outside without being surrounded by gnats. However, it is simple, it just that you need to do a little sanitation in your home clear all possible habitat of gnats like stagnant waters and bushes.

Secondly, when you are in an open surrounding (your compound) keep the light at an eye-level but a little further from you.

Another possible way that they are attracted to you can be if you have a scent of food or oil on your clothes since we have known that they are attracted to food sources then you assure yourself of having gnats company.

How to stop this is very simple by maintaining table manners, as the use of towels and serviette after meals and if in contact with oil, change or wash off the oil stains.

Moreover, you have the answer to your query, how to stop gnats from flying around you these steps I assure are capable of stopping them from flying around you.


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Know this as a guiding knowledge that gnats are only attracted to bright light source but the might still be attracted to deam light but not the way the hunger for bright light. However, we the pestclue team are happy to satisfy you once again, feel free to contribute, ask, and contact us on more things on how to stop gnats from flying around you.

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