How We Chose the Top 5 Best Rat Glue Traps

The selection of the top five best rat glue traps will vary based on the brand that best aligns with your specific requirements and objectives for pest control.

To achieve effective eradication of mice using glue traps, it is crucial to strategically position multiple traps in optimal locations.

However, if your issue with pest infestation has escalated beyond your control, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a professional pest control service.

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What are the Top 5 Best Rat Glue Traps?

Best Rat Glue Traps
The Best Rat Glue Traps

1. The JT Eaton Stick-Em Rat Trap:

In addition, JT Eaton is a reputable producer of pest control products. The JT Eaton Stick-Em Rat Trap, like a glue trap, is also highly effective.

The adhesive used in this product is non-toxic and free from pesticides, guaranteeing that mice cannot escape once caught. There are two adhesive boards positioned next to each other, allowing for easy flat usage.

The sticky adhesive of Catchmaster Baited Rat ensures a strong and durable performance, even in cold weather conditions.

This trap is well-suited for individuals residing in colder regions. This trap can also be utilized in outdoor settings. It is also cost-effective.

If you desire an attractant, you may choose the glue trap with a peanut butter scent. One potential drawback of this trap is its inability to be folded, unlike the other traps.


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2. The Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap:

A well-known company in the pest control industry produces the Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap, which is a highly effective adhesive trap.

The unique feature of the Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap is its inclusion of Eugenol, an oil derived from cloves, which enhances its adhesive properties. Additionally, this particular brand is free from pesticides, rendering it non-toxic.

In addition to its pesticide-free nature, the Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap is considered pet-friendly due to the inclusion of a bait station. The purpose of this bait station is to prevent your pet from becoming ensnared in the trap.

Additionally, this feature enhances the trap’s durability against various weather conditions, enabling its outdoor usage.

Additionally, its dimensions measure 10 by 4.88 inches, which is comparable in size to the Catchmaster Baited Rat.

To effectively utilize this trap, it may be necessary for you to manually place bait on it, as it lacks the characteristic peanut butter scent commonly found in other traps.

Additionally, it is possible to purchase an attractant that belongs to an identical brand. Additionally, it is not possible to fold this trap, and the size of the bait station may be inadequate for larger mice and rats.

3. The ALAZCO Glue Trap:

The ALAZCO Glue Traps exhibit several similarities to the Trapper Max Glue Traps; however, it is worth noting that the ALAZCO variant is priced higher.

The box comprises twelve traps, each measuring 6.5 by 4.5 inches. Additionally, it possesses a potent adhesive that is capable of ensnaring various types of pests.

This setup can also be implemented in a residential setting, either by placing it in a horizontal position or constructing a tunnel-like structure.

ALAZCO Glue Traps are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and easy to use as they do not contain any harmful substances.

When your pet or family members spot the trap, its potential danger decreases. The setup process is also convenient, as it involves simply peeling off the film to obtain a sticky trap.

One potential drawback of this trap is that it may have limited capacity for larger rodents, such as mice or rats when configured as a tunnel.

4. The Trapper Max Glue Trap:

The Trapper Max Glue Trap is a suitable option for individuals seeking an affordable trapping solution. One package consists of twelve glue traps measuring 6.5 by 4.5 inches each.

This quantity is sufficient for effectively exterminating mice during a single night. This brand ensures a return on investment and additional financial gains.

All the traps claim to have a high level of adhesion, but according to certain reviews, some stickers may not adhere as effectively.

The Trapper Max Glue Trap meets safety, environmental, non-toxic, and pet-friendly criteria. The sticker does not contain any pesticides or toxic ingredients.

The product possesses a fragrance reminiscent of peanut butter, allowing for its use even in the absence of bait.

In addition to rodents, this trap is capable of capturing various other pests and insects, including scorpions, beetles, cockroaches, and others.

The design of the object is adaptable, enabling it to be laid flat or folded into the form of a tunnel. Additionally, this geometric form will prevent the inadvertent entrapment of your pet.

However, this trap may not be as ethically sound as one might expect. Trapper Max Glue Trap is widely recognized as a highly dependable brand within the pest control sector.

5. The Catchmaster Baited Rat:

If you are in search of a highly durable adhesive trap, Catchmaster Baited Rat is the ideal choice. The strong adhesive of this product allows it to endure high levels of humidity.

This implies that the trap can be installed in various locations, such as beneath the sink or in the bathroom. The adhesive composition of this product does not solidify rapidly, resulting in a durable trap that can remain effective for up to one year.

Additionally, it possesses a distinctive characteristic that enables it to remain stationary on the surface. The Hercules Putty Fastener can be utilized to securely fasten the trap, preventing it from shifting or moving.

This fastener will also guarantee its stability, even when subjected to the force of a large mouse attempting to escape by wriggling. There is no requirement to utilize this trap with bait.

The size of the Catchmaster Baited Rat is 10 inches larger than both ALAZCO and Trapper Max-5. A package containing 12 units is priced at approximately double the cost of a single pack of Trapper Max Glue Traps.

Additionally, this product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for pets.


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Why Did We Choose the Top 5 Best Rat Glue Traps?

  • Cost-Efficiency:

The cost of rat glue traps with strong adhesive stickers can be significant when factoring in the number of traps required.

The efficacy of rodent extermination through the use of glue traps is contingent upon strategic placement, the specific type of trap employed, and the appropriate quantity of traps for the level of rodent activity.

It is important to be aware of the financial implications associated with choosing high-quality traps. Having a budget allocated for the task should alleviate any concerns.

If you desire to reduce expenses, it is advisable to explore alternative brands of adhesive traps.

  • Size of the Trap:

Determine the appropriate dimensions of adhesive traps required based on the evaluation of rodent presence.

Certain homeowners often make the error of purchasing mouse glue traps that are inadequately sized, resulting in reduced efficacy for the mice present within their residences.

The majority of adhesive glue boards are effective for capturing mice that exhibit minimal activity.

If one is dealing with larger mice or rats, it may be necessary to utilize a sticky trap that possesses a robust adhesive.

To enhance the diversity of your trap, it is possible to incorporate various trap variations such as electric traps or catch-and-release traps.

  • Activity of Rodents:

Different types and brands of glue board traps exhibit varying levels of effectiveness, making them suitable for different situations.

The effectiveness of your rodent control methods may be compromised if you fail to conduct a thorough inspection of rodent activity within your residence.

If you are dealing with a small or manageable mice infestation, most adhesive traps can be effective for your situation.

For larger infestations, it is advisable to procure a sufficient quantity of glue mouse traps equipped with potent adhesive properties. Chronic infestations can be challenging, requiring a proactive approach to rodent control.

It is advisable to conduct further research on the appropriate strategies for its placement. It is also possible to seek advice from a professional pest control service provider.

In certain cases, a pest control strategy that has not been executed properly can inadvertently exacerbate the problem of mice infestation.

  • It is Eco-Friendly:

Certain pest control products contain chemicals that can be detrimental to both human health and the environment.

It is important to take into account this aspect when adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is important to be cautious of harmful substances like warfarin, brodifacoum, and bromadiolone.

The presence of these ingredients can have detrimental effects on the environment, specifically by posing a threat to aquatic life due to their potential toxicity.

It is advisable to refrain from disposing of these items through the drain if you have come into contact with them.

While glue traps generally do not contain poison that is specifically toxic to mice or rats, they can pose a potential risk to humans and pets.

Additionally, certain substances possess potent aromas. Please ensure to examine the product’s label and be vigilant in identifying any potentially harmful substances.

It is also important to assess the potential for reusing a glue trap. Certain adhesive traps contain a sticky substance that begins to solidify upon exposure to air.

The reuse of glue traps of that nature is no longer feasible, despite any desire to do so.

  • Its Adhesion:

The primary distinguishing feature of a glue mouse trap is its adhesion, which serves as its main selling point.

To effectively catch mice, it is important to select a mouse trap brand that possesses a sufficiently adhesive surface to ensnare the rodents.


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Mice infestations can feel insufferable and may even cause serious problems if left unchecked, as mice steal food and bring different kinds of diseases to our families.

Thankfully, these top 5 best glue traps have proven to be one of the most reliable solutions for addressing the infestation of mice in our spaces.

Do well to share these top 5 best glue traps with your friends.

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