Non-toxic PRO Rat Glue Board XL Product Review

Are you tired of a rat infestation? How many rat traps have you tried? In this article, we are giving a detailed insight into the non-toxic Pro rat glue board XL product review. Here at Pestclue, our goal is to teach you how to treat your pest problems, living pest free life.


What is PRO Rat Glue Board XL?

The Pro rat glue board XL is a large and non-toxic 3 beta drat size glue trap. This product is similar to other rat glue boards but they are some value-added which makes it special.

It is much larger at the size of 18½ by 10½ inches, the pro glue board XL is perfect for capturing rats, mice, snakes, and other crawling pests.

This glue board is an effective and simple product that is safe to use in areas where poisons or other pest control products are prohibited.

The Pro glue board XL comes pre-baited with a peanut butter scent that lures unsuspecting rodents and is great for monitoring pest activity.

Pro Rat Glue Board Xl Product Review


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How to Use PRO Rat Glue Board XL

After you must have known what is a pro rat glue board XL? Getting conversant with knowing how to use Pro rat glue board XL should be next.

When applying the Pro rat glue board XL be sure to wear gloves, wearing gloves anytime you handle the glue boards is important to avoid leaving any human scent that pests will avoid.


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Steps to Applying The Non-toxic PRO Rat Glue Board XL Product

The Pro glue board XL is protected by a wax paper seal and is easy to set up.

  • Rip both the board and the wax seal in one corner,
  • Swiftly pull them apart in one fast motion.
  • This will keep the glue nice and smooth for the best placement and attractiveness.
  • Like the smaller glue boards, the pro glue board XL can be folded into a box shape. This will provide an enclosed space for rodents to travel in and it will help prevent it, building up and rendering the glue effective.
  • You can place the glue boards anywhere in your home, but it’s most effective when placed in areas with the most pest activity.
  • Rodents do not like to travel across open space, so place the traps along walls besides appliances, and beside or under Furniture.
  • Be sure to place the trap flush against the wall, so that rodents travel across it. These glue boards are safe to use around pets as there are no poisons or chemicals added to the glue, but they are very sticky. So place your traps out of reach of your pets or children.

Note: If you mistakenly step on the glue boards to trap, do not beat the boards with something. Peanut butter as the oils will make the glue less sticky.


What to Expect from Pro Glue Board XL

The pro glue board XL is great for catching and monitoring rats. It’s also great for monitoring snakes. Some homeowners who experienced lots of rat infestations can also experience snake infestations.

This is because of an overabundance of a snake’s food source rodents, if you’re dealing with a snake infestation, one of the best ways to stop snakes is to eliminate your rodent infestation.

I recommend placing your glue boards and checking them daily change the location of the boards after two to three days.

If you haven’t caught anything in that area, the glue spot won’t dry out, but it can’t collect dust and dirt making it less effective if laid out flat.

If this happens simply throw away the dirty board and place a new one. The glue boards are not lethal, rodents and other pests that get stuck on the glue board just do not immediately die and you may come across a live pest.

If your child or a pet gets stuck on the glue board, you can use vegetable oil to loosen the stickiness though the glue board size makes it efficient at rapping.

Additionally, these traps are non-lethal with regular inspection. You may find living pests stuck on your boards.

Check out every rat trap, snap traps are easy to handle the quick to use and they may be easier to hide than an extra-large.

The glue board is an easy set rat trap that measures 5½ by 3 inches and is 4 inches tall when set compare to a flat glue.

Dealing with rodents personally think to consider using eradication rodenticide bait blocks set within a rat and mouse bait station by using baits.

You can kill rodents without directly handling them, close the station and set up your bait station along your exterior perimeter or fence

Rodents will be attracted to eradication scent to consume the bait inside the station and will die in the field within 5 to 7days. It may take up to two weeks to see a noticeable.


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Most active infestations cannot be controlled through the use of just this product. We’ve come up with a treatment method that’s 100% guaranteed to work.

If you’re interested in this product, do well to contact us or drop a comment below. We’ll do our best to help you out.

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