E&L Pet Insurance Reviews; All You Need to Know About E&L Pet Insurance

E&L Pet Insurance Reviews; Here, We Will Mention Everything You Need to Know About E&L Pet Insurance and How to Get a Good Insurance For Your Pets.

An Overview of E&L pet insurance

E&L pet insurance offers a range of policies that can be paid on either a monthly or annual basis.

In this review, you can see the results of our unique customer satisfaction survey, which reveals how customers rate E&L for: customer service dealing with queries and complaints transparency of charges and penalties. 

According to the Trustpilot, E&L pet insurance had a very nice score from most people that used them but not all that of a good result but we are seeing a good result there.

E&Amp;L Pet Insurance Reviews

E&L pet insurance has over 20 years’ experience in providing pet insurance, offering a range of plans at competitive prices, focusing on first-class claims and customer service.

Whether it’s pet or horse insurance, E&L has specially trained teams to ensure you get the right cover for your animals.

There are other things to note about the E&L pet insurance and they are noted below;

Which animals does E&L pet insurance cover? ( E&L Pet Insurance Reviews )

E&L offers a range of comprehensive pet insurance policies for domestics such as dogs, cats, horses and birds. They also offer multi-pet insurance which lets you insure up to five different pets.

Cats and dogs can be insured with E&L if they are between five weeks and eight years old.

Older animals are catered for with senior cat and senior dog insurance policies.

Why choose E&L pet insurance?

E&L pet insurance offers multiple benefits to its pet insurance policyholders:

  • 45% introductory online premium discount
  • 10% multi-pet insurance discount
  • Essential vet fees cover up to £6,000
  • A large range of policies to choose from

Different types of dog and cat insurance offered by E&L pet insurance ( E&L Pet Insurance Reviews )

If you want to protect your furry or feathery friends, then E&L offers one of the widest range of choices, so you can choose the right cover for the breed or age of your pet – and your budget.

E&L offers Silver, Gold and Diamond policies which provide £4,000 to £6,000 of cover for vets fees, and include 12 months’ free membership to the National Pet Register, which can be used if your pet is lost or stolen. There are also funds included for advertising your lost pet and rewards to help get your pet home safe and sound.

Cats and dogs can be insured with E&L pet insurance if they are between five weeks and eight years old.

E&L pet insurance says its dog insurance starts from as little as £9.20 per month and cat insurance from as little as £4.82 per month.

E&L pet insurance calculate your pets’ monthly or yearly insurance costs depending on their breed, age, location and the type of cover.

Senior dog insurance prices start from £18.36 per month and senior car insurance from £10.06 per month.

The excess amounts are dependent on three factors: area, the breed of pet and the type of plan you have, these prices range between £79 and £129. Aside from public liability claims, which have a payable excess of £260, however, these claims are restricted to dog-only plans.

Claims over £1,000 are subject to double excess. You can choose to pay for your Silver, Gold or Platinum plan monthly or yearly.

Monthly policies differ, usually offering more benefits.

Senior pet insurance

E&L’s senior insurance is for cats and dogs aged eight years and over. Senior insurance comes with no maximum age limit so you can provide healthcare and treatments throughout the remainder of your pet’s life.

Pet travel insurance

This insurance is primarily for owners who hate leaving their pets at home when they travel abroad. There are monthly and yearly policies available, depending on how often you travel. This insurance helps cover illness, injury, quarantine fees, holiday cancellations, accommodation, theft, straying and public liability.

Groomer and kennel insurance

Groomer insurance is for dog or cat groomers who want to add an extra level of protection to their business. Anything can happen while an animal is under your care; an accident could result in damaged equipment, the death of another animal and even injury to yourself or others.

Kennel and cattery insurance

This is primarily for kennel and cattery business owners to protect their businesses should a cat or dog under their care require treatment, die or run astray.

Pet insurance for birds

Additionally, bird policies cover death by accident, illness or disease and theft. Personal accident and public liability funds are available for exotic birds only.

The excess you will be required to pay should you make a claim for exotic birds is £45 for pet fees, £85 for theft and death, and £160 for public liability claims. For small birds, it is £45 across all sections.

How to contact E&L pet insurance? ( E&L Pet Insurance Reviews )

Making a claim is simple. Several of E&L’s claims forms are available online, once you download and fill out your form you can either fax or post.

Telephone them on: 03300 243 254, with calls charged at the standard rate. To post a claim use the following address:

  • Equine & Livestock Insurance Company Ltd.
  • PO Box 100
  • Great Ouseburn
  • YORK
  • YO26 9SS

The Equine and Livestock (E&L) Insurance Company Limited is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company is a member of the Association of British Insurers and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Here are what people think of the E&L pet insurance;

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Screenshot 399

E&Amp;L Pet Insurance Reviews

E&Amp;L Pet Insurance Reviews

Note: the above screenshots are proofs from real people and real customers in real time, read the full review through this link!

Customers Feedback

Although there are some positive reviews for E&L,  we have found more negative reviews for E&L than for any other pet insurance company. So please do make sure you do your research thoroughly and reach your own conclusion.  

Read E&L Customer Reviews analysis

Good Points about E&L pet insurance

  • Appears to include dental cover for illnesses as well as accidents except for tooth or gum disease

Limitations of E&L pet insurance

  • Lots of negative feedback on review sites
  • Does not pay for euthanasia, cremation or burial
  • Will only pay for food which is to treat bladder stones or crystals in urine
  • Reduced death benefits
  • Excesses vary but can be as high as £169 depending on pedigree, postcode etc.
  • Excess payments double for claims in excess of £1,000
  • No travel cover
  • Treatment cost limits (eg. Out of hours consultation max £90)
  • Will only pay for house calls or out of hours appointment for life-endangering conditions.
  • Your pet is required to have an annual health check (and any recommended treatment must be carried out)

Other Points to Note about the E&L pet insurance

  • You have to pay 35% of vet fees for pets over 8 years old
  • Monthly policies are lunar monthly which means you make 13 payments per year.
  • Although Silver policies have an annual limit of £3,500 or £4,000 you can’t claim more than £1,000 per condition.

Wrapping up on E&L pet insurance and our verdict

E&L are a long-established pet insurance provider offering a range of time limited pet insurance policies.  They do not offer any policies which will pay for more than 12 months treatment for any condition.

If you search the internet you will unfortunately find many negative customer reviews and also a huge number of good ones.

You should also be careful to read the small print carefully as there are some uncommon exclusions.

But we will recommend the E&L pet insurance for anyone because we have seen a very good review of their customers in trusted websites.

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