Black House Spiders In Colorado: Identifying These Unique Critters

Ever wondered what the black house spiders in Colorado looked like? Well, one thing is certain: They are not as creepy as they are painted to be.

In this educational article, you will learn about their habitat, unique traits, behavior, and simple steps to manage them in your home, giving you a better understanding of these intriguing spiders in Colorado.

The black house spiders in Colorado (Badumna insignis) are a familiar sight in Colorado, known for their dark coloring and intricate webs. Although these critters can be creepy and scary-looking, they contribute greatly to the ecosystem.

Let us now dive into the city of Colorado as we discuss these spiders.


What is the Behavior and Characteristics of Black House Spiders in Colorado?

Black House Spider In Colorado
Picture of a Common Black House Spider in Colorado

These spiders are dark brown to black, with tiny, silky hairs covering their bodies. Females can grow up to 18 mm, which is generally larger than males. Their webs, often funnel-shaped, serve as both their home and a trap for prey.

Black House Spiders are nocturnal hunters, meaning they are most active at night. They build funnel-shaped webs that have a small, central retreat where the spider hides during the day.

The web is constructed from a messy tangle of silk that effectively traps insects such as flies, beetles, and moths.

Black House Spiders are excellent web builders, creating intricate webs that serve as their home and a trap for unsuspecting insects. They are mostly nocturnal, hunting at night to avoid predators.

The activity of Black House Spiders in Colorado peaks during the warmer months.

They use this time to develop their territories and perform their mating rituals. They typically become less active during the winter months and hide inside their webs to save energy.


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Where is the Habitat of the Black House Spiders in Colorado?

Black House Spiders have adapted well to human environments and have comfortably taken habitat around our surroundings, making it easy to spot them. They thrive in an environment like:

  • Black House Spiders prefer dark, secluded areas where they can build their messy, funnel-shaped webs. You might find them in the corners of:
    • Windows
    • Door frames
    • Under furniture
    • Within cupboards
  • Outdoors, these spiders are often found in gardens, taking refuge in dense vegetation. They build webs in:
    • Crevices between rocks
    • Under tree bark
    • Woodpiles
  • They can also be found in garages and sheds, which provide ideal habitats due to their dark and often cluttered nature. The black house spiders in Colorado often build their webs in undisturbed corners and along walls.
  • These critters can be found in basements and crawl spaces, which offer the dark, humid conditions that favor the black house spiders in Colorado. These areas provide a good supply of insects for them to prey upon.
  • Black house spiders in Colorado also inhabit outdoor structures such as:
    • Barns
    • Decks
    • Fences

They build their webs in the nooks and crannies of these structures, which offer protection from predators and the elements.


How To Keep Black House Spiders in Colorado Away

To prevent an infestation, focus on eliminating their preferred habitats around your home by following the steps below:

  1. Keep your home clean
  2. Regularly vacuum and dust, especially in corners and under furniture.
  3. Seal any cracks or gaps around windows, doors, and the foundation.
  4. Use yellow bulbs for outdoor lights and turn off lights when not needed. Additionally, minimizing outdoor lighting can decrease the number of insects that serve as their food source, thus making your home less attractive to these spiders.
  5. Spray a mix of peppermint oil or vinegar and water around entry points.
  6. If black house spiders in Colorado are a big problem, hire a pest control service for help.


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The black house spiders in Colorado might seem scary, but they are an important part of the local ecosystem. Despite their somewhat scary look, these spiders are essential for keeping insect populations in check and balancing the ecosystem.

These spiders help control insect populations with their unique web-making skills and nighttime hunting. Even though they are generally harmless to people, understanding their habits can help us live peacefully with them.

By taking simple precautions, the black house spiders in Colorado can be appreciated for what they actually are. Thank you for reading!

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