Black Maine Coon As Pets: 11 Vital Facts to Consider

The ownership of Black Maine Coon is widely favored among individuals seeking Maine Coon cats with distinctive coloration. These felines are frequently encountered and most pet lovers would adopt the Black Maine Coon as pets, however, they’re some vital facts you need to consider before adopting the Black Maine Coon cat as a pet.

Wait! Is this your first encounter with the word “Black Maine Coon” or “Maine Coon Cat”? You need not worry, we have highlighted all the vital facts you need to know about the Black Maine Coon cat so read on!


What is a Black Maine Coon?

Black Maine Coons possess a remarkably dark coat that renders them inconspicuous in low-light conditions, potentially leading to difficulties in visually locating the feline.

However, this obscurity is swiftly dispelled when the cat directs its gaze toward an observer, revealing its strikingly luminous and gleaming ocular organs.

The Maine Coon breed offers a diverse range of coat colors, with over 75 variations available for selection, including the aesthetically pleasing black coloration.

Despite the wide array of colors and patterns available in Maine Coon cats, the color black continues to maintain its popularity and prevalence.

The Black Maine Coon, considered one of the largest domesticated cat breeds globally, ranks second only to the Norwegian Forest Cat in terms of size. This breed is characterized by its medium to long fur, which possesses a silky texture and necessitates consistent grooming.

The feline breed in question has its origins in the state of Maine, located in the United States. It is commonly recognized as a “gentle giant” owing to its substantial physique, which is complemented by a remarkably docile and relaxed temperament.

There exists a wide array of color variations within the Maine Coon breed, among which the black Maine Coon stands out for its captivating aesthetic appeal, often evoking an immediate emotional response.


What is the Origin of Black Maine Coon Cats?

The Black Maine Coon is a breed of domesticated cat that is known for its large size. The breed in question is considered to be among the most ancient natural breeds found in the North American continent.

The Maine Coon breed has its origins in the United States, specifically in the state of Maine, where it holds the distinction of being the official state cat.


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Methods for Identifying a Black Maine Coon Cat

Based on the authoritative sources of the Cat Fanciers Association and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, it is officially recognized that there exist four distinct black color variations.

The four classifications of the color black are delineated as follows,

  1. The concept of solid color classification.
  2. The bi-colour colour class refers to a category of colors that exhibit two distinct hues.
  3. The shaded and smoke colour class pertains to colors that possess a shaded or smoky appearance.
  4. Lastly, the shaded/smoke and white colour class encompasses colors that combine a shaded or smoky appearance with the presence of white.


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Picture of Black Maine Coon Cat

Below is a picture of the Black Maine Coon cat;

Black Maine Coon
Black Maine Coon Cat


Is the Occurrence of Black Maine Coon Cats Considered to be Uncommon?

The Maine Coon breed is widely recognized as one of the most prevalent feline breeds in the United States. The breed’s popularity is attributed to its notable characteristics, including its substantial size, aesthetically pleasing fur, and affectionate disposition.

Maine Coons exhibit a diverse range of fur colors, encompassing both common and rare variations. Nevertheless, black smoke is considered to be one of the most uncommon color variations found in Maine Coon cats.


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What is the Cost Associated with Acquiring a Black Maine Coon Feline?

Black Maine Coons can be more expensive compared to other color variations due to their relative scarcity. The cost of purebred Main Coons varies between $1,000 and $2,000.

Prior to engaging in a conversation with a breeder, it is advisable to establish a predetermined budgetary allocation and determine the desired color of the coat.


What is the Least Common Coloration Observed in Maine Coon Cats?

Maine Coons typically exhibit a coloration pattern characterized by a predominance of brown tabby fur, accompanied by additional hues such as black, cream, white, and blue.

The two most uncommon colors found in Maine Coon cats are silver and gold. The depigmentation phenomenon is attributed to a genetic inhibitor that occurs infrequently.


Is a Black Maine Coon a Member of the Raccoon or Fox Species?

Maine Coon cats do not possess any genetic or biological affiliation with raccoons. Researchers have empirically demonstrated that this peculiar myth lacks veracity.

The Maine Coon cats are believed to have a higher likelihood of being descendants of Norwegian Forest Cats, a breed that was historically kept on Viking ships with the purpose of controlling the population of mice.


Are Black Maine Coons Affectionate Towards Humans?

One should not be deceived by their physical dimensions. Black Maine Coons, notwithstanding their formidable physical presence, exhibit a docile demeanor and derive pleasure from engaging in companionship with their human counterparts.

The individuals in question anticipate becoming integrated into one’s familial unit, displaying little concern for matters of privacy or personal boundaries. The individuals exhibit contentment in accompanying you throughout the household as you engage in your daily activities.


Is the Black Maine Coon Considered an Intelligent Animal?

Black Maine Coon cats exhibit a high level of intelligence. The masked bandit is able to successfully execute his mischievous actions due to his elevated level of intelligence.

These cats are considered to be among the most intelligent creatures on Earth, alongside dolphins, elephants, apes, and monkeys. Monkeys frequently exhibit comparable performance to humans in intelligence assessments.


Which Maine Coon Cat Exhibits the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Characteristics?

Presented below are five exemplars of the Maine Coon breed, widely acknowledged for their endearing qualities and widely regarded as some of the most captivating feline specimens globally.


1. The White Maine Coon Cat:

Black Maine Coon

The manifestation of a white Maine Coon occurs when a masking gene conceals the inherent color of each individual hair comprising the cat’s coat.


2. The Tabby Maine Coon Cat:

Tabby Maine Coon Cat

The Tabby Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat that is characterized by its distinctive tabby coat pattern and which makes it the most loved Maine Coon cat.


3. The Red-Marbled Maine Coon Cat:

Red-Marbled Maine Coon Cat

This is a Maine Coon cat with a distinctive red-marbled coat pattern. The Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat characterized by its yellow eyes and red-marbled coat.


4. The Tortie Maine Coon Cat:

Tortie Maine Coon Cat

The Tortie Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat that exhibits a unique coat pattern known as tortoise-shell, characterized by a combination of black and orange fur.


5. The Calico Maine Coon Cat:

Calico Maine Coon Cat

The term “calico” initially denoted a type of fabric characterized by the weaving of various colored textiles. Over time, the term expanded in meaning to encompass the unique coat coloration associated with this fabric.

In order to meet the criteria of being classified as a calico, a Maine Coon cat must possess three clearly discernible fur colors. The colors white, red, and black are being discussed.


How Rare Is It to Find a Maine Coon Cat That’s 100% Black?

The Black Maine Coon breed of cats is distinguished by its unique characteristic of being entirely black in coloration, setting it apart from other feline breeds. A total of 22 breeds have been officially acknowledged for their solid black coloration.

The breed was established during the 1950s through the deliberate crossing of Sable Burmese cats with black American Shorthairs, resulting in the development of a diminutive feline with a resemblance to a black panther.

Reading to this point, we believe you have gotten all the vital facts about the Black Maine Coon cat and other breeds. With these facts, you can easily decide on adoption, thanks for reading.

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