Black Shih Tzu: Description of this Rare Dog Breed

A black Shih Tzu has a coat that is a single, consistent hue throughout. They share the same traits as other members of the breed, including a small, compact build, pleasant expression, and wide-set, bright eyes.

The black Shih Tzu’s long coat will have a silky, luxurious feel and look like a dark version of the dog’s usual coat. Another reason for the breed’s widespread acclaim is that, like other Shih Tzus, black ones are hypoallergenic.

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What Does the Black Shih Tzu Look Like?

Black Shih Tzu
A Picture of the Black Shih Tzu Puppy

A black Shih Tzu has a coat that is one consistent colour throughout. The jaw has a lovely overbite, the eyes are bright and friendly, and the body is compact, just like in other members of the breed.

Moreover, the black Shih Tzu will have a lengthy coat with silky-soft fur. Another reason for the breed’s widespread acclaim is that, like other Shih Tzus, black ones are hypoallergenic.

Obviously, not being allergic to your dog is a major selling point for canine ownership. Perhaps you’ve seen a black Shih Tzu before, but its coat wasn’t quite jet black.


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How is the Shih Tzu In Black Coats Developed?

The only factor in determining a dog’s coat colour is heredity. Dogs have both the brown “eumelanin” pigment and the reddish “pheomelanin” pigment.

Black, lilac, chocolate, and blue are all eumelanin hues, while cream to red are pheomelanin tones.

A dog’s base coat colour might be a solid eumelanin coat colour or a non-solid colour with various markings. The K locus, which has three alleles, is responsible for these distinguishing features.

Kb indicates a predominately black coat, kbr a brindle coat, and ky a recessive coat of any other colour. For simplicity’s sake, solid black canines will have either the Kb ky or Kb Kb alleles.


What are the Behaviours Exhibited by the Dark Shih Tzu?

They have a great disposition in addition to their adorable beauty. Shih Tzus are joyful, sociable dogs who get along well with people of all backgrounds.

The temperament of black Shih Tzus is the same as that of any other Shih Tzu. Below, though, are a few examples of their regular behaviour patterns, in case you were wondering.

Below are the behaviours exhibited by the Shih Tzu in Black:

  • They are Devoted Dog Breeds:

Even if they come out as haughty at times, you can still count on their undying affection. Shih Tzus are excellent companion animals because it is their intended role in life.

As soon as you walk in the door from work, you can count on them to follow you everywhere you go. They’d love to snuggle up on your lap or hop into the bed with you while you watch a movie or TV.

  • They are Playful:

Don’t assume they’re just lapdogs because of their royal ancestry. Shih Tzus are recognized for their lively nature at any age.

If they don’t receive enough exercise on a regular basis, these dogs will entertain themselves by playing with anything they can get their paws on. They’ll jump at the chance to take part in anything entertaining.

  • They are Sweet Dog Breeds:

A sour Shih Tzu is unusual, but you can count on them to be affectionate with their human families.

They will grow up to be extremely affectionate and needy if they are fostered in a warm and nurturing environment. These cute, cuddly lion cubs only want to be your best friend.


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What are the Grooming Requirements Of the Black Shih Tzu?

To maintain your Shih Tzu’s clean appearance, there are a few simple grooming routines you may perform at home on a regular basis.

To ensure that dirt and muck from the eyes are eliminated, they will need to have their faces and eyes wiped frequently. The length of their hair will determine how often you need to brush their coats.

Those with long hair need to get it brushed every day. Short-haired Shih Tzus should be brushed once every three days, while those with medium-length hair should be brushed twice a week.

Their nails should be trimmed every four to six weeks, and they should be wiped down as necessary.

If you want your black Shih Tzu to keep its hair in a particular style, you’ll need to take it to the groomer on a regular basis. You can clip your pet’s tail and ears yourself if you’re comfortable doing so.

However, you should always have a professional groomer conduct the haircuts and trimming since you might easily ruin your dog’s fur otherwise. It is recommended that you take your pet to the groomer every 4-6 weeks.


What are the Health Problems of the Black Shih Tzu?

  • Dental Diseases:

Dental issues including crowding of the teeth and malocclusion are more common in people with tiny mouths.

It’s also important to remember that age can bring on plaque and tartar, both of which can cause problems with the teeth’s roots and gums. To maintain good oral health, regular dental checkups and cleanings are essential.

  • Eye Issues:

The wide round eyes give Shih Tzus an endearing appearance. This characteristic also makes individuals more likely to experience issues with their eyesight.

Retinal dysplasia, characterized by excessive tear production and subsequent staining of the fur around the eyes, is a frequent condition. They are also vulnerable to developing cataracts and retinal ulcers.

  • Ear Infection:

Shih Tzus are predisposed to ear mites and yeast infections because of their long, hairy ears.

Constantly shaking one’s head, picking at one’s ears, and emitting an unpleasant odour are all symptoms. Be sure to regularly clean their ears. Without treatment, these dogs are at risk for otitis externa.


How Much Does the Black Shih Tzu Sell For?

The typical cost of a Shih Tzu is between $600 and $2,000. However, this can arise if you have your heart set on a rare or unusual coat colour or pattern, such as a solid black Shih Tzu.

Whether or not you’re seeking a show dog with a high-quality pedigree will also affect the price. Black Shih Tzus are more expensive than standard Shih Tzus since they are more rare.

Please don’t support puppy mills by not buying a dog from them. This will just encourage those who profit off of mistreated dogs to continue doing so illegally.


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Among Shih Tzu dogs, solid black coat colours, such as the Liver and Blue Shih Tzu, are uncommon.

The question is whether or not you should get a Shih Tzu, whether you want a solid black one or one of another colour.

Whether or whether you can provide for this breed’s specific needs is an important consideration when you make your final choice.  Thanks for reading!

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