Can Bed Bugs Stay In Your Hair?: Bugs VS The Human Hair

The importance of personal hygiene cannot be overemphasized, as the question, Can bed bugs stay in your hair? will arise if you one day spot a bug in your hair.

Spotting bugs in your hair can make you want to improve your overall healthcare routine, but it is also something to worry about as an insect may be laying eggs up there. Nothing to fear, though!

It may likely not be a bug in your hair but another insect that has come to take refuge in your hair. Read on to find out more about this question.


Can Bed Bugs Stay In Your Hair?

Can Bed Bugs Stay In Your Hair
Bed Bugs Prefer Bare Surfaces On the Human Body

Can bed bugs stay in your hair? The answer is an absolute no! In fact, a bed bug on the human body is only a temporary act, as these little insects will scurry away immediately after feeding to avoid being killed.

Saying that they stay in your hair implies that they live there permanently, and that is not even possible. Bathing alone will wash them away from your hair and even your skin, so why will they want to linger for that long?

Lice have something that bed bugs lack and that is the ability to stick themselves to your skin (or hair). Even a bed bug’s egg cannot cling to or stick to your hair, so there is no cause for alarm.

Bed bugs will avoid your hair for 2 reasons:

  • The hair is connected to nerve cells that will alert the host of any movement on the skin. This will only result in their death, so they try as much as possible to avoid these areas.
  • Hair will only slow their movements and search for food. To them, these hairs are just like a human trying to scamper through a thick forest.

In their quest (and search) for food, bed bugs will prefer to hunt in areas with little or no hair, as this will make feeding easier and make their activities go unnoticed in the meantime.


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Where Can Bed Bugs Stay?

If bed bugs do not stay in your hair, then where can they possibly stay? A study shows that these bugs are night crawlers; that is, they prefer to feed and do their search for food in the night when their hosts are probably asleep.

During this period, they would emerge from their hiding spots, which is definitely where they stay. After feeding, they would scurry back to these dark, secluded hiding spots.

Below are possible places where bed bugs can stay besides the hair:

  • Your bed. This one was a wild guess.
  • Your box spring
  • The seam of your mattress
  • The seam of your couch
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Your ceiling
  • Behind your wallpaper
  • Your electrical appliance
  • Your Mirror and its stand
  • Your drawer

These are only a few of the possible places where these bugs can be found, besides the hair.


Is it Bed Bugs or Lice in Hair?

Can bed bugs stay in your hair? Above, we have been able to establish the fact that these bugs do not stay in the hair and will not even want to stay. We also gave the two major reasons why.

Now you may have seen a bug in your hair and wondered if it was bed bugs or lice in hair. Without scrolling down, if you read the above facts, you should already know the answer to your question.

There is a 70% chance that the bug you saw was not a bed bug but a lice. Lice are way smaller than bed bugs, and as we previously mentioned, they have a higher chance of sticking to the hair than bed bugs.

They spend most of their lives in the hair, as their lives depend on it. Lice have claws that help them stick to the hair, but if they eventually fall off, their chances of survival go down from 90 to 10. Yes, that’s how important your hair is to them.

Finding lice in your hair can be a sign of poor healthcare, as these bugs usually infest in large numbers. Imagine having something lay eggs on your head—creepy, right? Well, lice also lay eggs on your head, and this time, unlike bed bug eggs, these particular eggs will stay.

We advise visiting or speaking with expert healthcare personnel, as he/she will provide you with a good treatment procedure to eliminate lice and their eggs from your hair completely.


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Can bed bugs stay in your hair? Well, we have established this fact now and provided you, our lovely readers, with the answers to this question. Even giving reasons for our answers as well.

It is also important to get rid of bed bugs in your home, as they can be quite notorious for causing discomfort in your home. Their ability to spread quickly is what is fascinating about these insects.

This is why we are readily available for your calls and complaints, as we will help you get rid of bed bugs from your home completely at very affordable prices.

Finding a bed bug in your hair might not be a bad sign, as it will alert you to a pending infestation and even lead to an improvement in your personal hygiene.

Have you ever found a bed bug in your hair? Was this fact helpful to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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