Can You Sue A Hotel For Bed Bugs?: Legal Steps You Can Take

You may have been a victim of bed bugs in a hotel and wondered: Can you sue a hotel for bed bugs? well, this is what this article is set to answer.

If yes, then we will also be providing you with how to go about it legally and even telling you how much you should be expecting.

Note: This page does not support violence. We advise you not to use this article for extortion purposes, as it is only a guide on how to go about the entire process legally.


Can You Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs?

Before going deep into this article, we will first of all answer the question that brought most of us here. Can you sue a hotel for bed bugs? The answer is a big yes.

It is actually legal and okay to sue a hotel for bed bugs, but going about it the right way is what matters, as some procedures must be taken to go about this process.

It is our advice to you that when you spot a bed bug in a hotel, you do well to report or notify the appropriate authorities, as this is basically the right thing to do.

Some smaller hotels may choose to ignore your complaint, while some bigger hotels may decide to buy you off with some compensation.

Accepting this and choosing to be bullied by these hotels will only encourage them to be careless about looking after their hotels, and you will be increasing the chances of other people suffering bed bug infestations.


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How Can You Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs?

  • Take Photos and Evidence:
Can You Sue A Hotel For Bed Bugs
Picture Evidence is Very Important For Your Case

Some hotels can deny your claims of a bed bug infestation after you file a complaint against them. So the most important thing to do is to have evidence!

    • Take pictures of the bed bug if you ever see one
    • Take pictures of bed bug bites as well as the hotel room you were staying in for solid evidence.
    • Watch out for signs of bed bug infestation in your home even after leaving the hotel, as there is a high chance that these bugs will follow you back home. Also, take pictures of bites.
    • Document the money spent on medical bills and the eradication of these bugs from your home, as there is the possibility of the hotel compensating you if the case ends well in your favor.

Yes, pictures are very important forms of evidence.

  • Notify the Hotel Management:

This is the next thing to do. Don’t just keep quiet about it. Let them know that you know what you saw.

Before thinking of suing a hotel, though, you must notify them of a possible bed bug infestation in their hotel. You can’t just go and sue them without first notifying them.

After notifying the hotel, it is now in their place to carry out an investigation and possible treatment procedures. You get to sue them if they do not heed your complaints and if they do nothing about it.

Now, before the case gets to court, a letter with a request to preserve all evidence is given to the hotel. Failure to preserve the evidence and requested items will require moving to court.

  • Move To Another Hotel:

After spotting a bed bug or signs of an infestation, you would definitely not want to stay in that room again to avoid further bites. You can either relocate to another room or move to another hotel if possible.

Even after moving to another room or hotel, it is advisable to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for the notorious bed bugs, as they may also be in this new space or even follow you from the other room (or hotel).

When moving to another room, you can do the following:

    • Purchase special encasements that can trap bed bugs on the mattress and prevent bites from them.
    • Watch for possible signs of an infestation on the mattress, couch, seams, box springs, etc.

Ensure that you contact pest control services if you suspect that your belongings may have been infested.

  • Get Rid of the Bugs:
    • Do well to vacuum your belongings before leaving the hotel room. Make sure to focus on the zippers and seams, as these are possible hiding spots for these bugs.
    • If you have a hot dryer, it will go well if you use it around the surfaces of your belongings, as it will provide discomfort for these bugs and bring them out of their hiding spots (dead even)
    • Seal all your belongings in a plastic bag to avoid further spread of these bugs. This way, you’ll have them at your disposal all at once. Do this and take it away from the infestation spot.
    • Immediately wash and expose your clothes to extreme heat once you get home


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How Much Can You Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs?

Suing a hotel over bed bug issues can cost as much as $16,000, and this is what many insurance companies will not want you to know.

This is why it is important to sue these hotels if they refuse to carry out the necessary actions to curb an infestation, even after you have filed your complaints. Some hotels may even go as far as bribing you off with a little fee of $500, which is not even up to half of what you should be given.

It is also important to document the money spent on medical bills and the eradication of these bugs from your home, as these bills may also affect how much will be given to you as compensation.


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Before suing a hotel, we mentioned earlier that a letter is first served to them by your lawyer. If this letter is being ignored or you are in any way uncomfortable with their choice of handling it, then you can file a case against them.

This is how important a bed bug infestation in a hotel is. Can you sue a hotel for bed bugs? Yes, you definitely can by following the steps mentioned above.

What do you think of this? Do you have questions? Let us find out in the comments section below!

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