What To Do When Your Neighbor Has Cockroaches In Their House

Are you concerned about what to do when your neighbor has cockroaches? Do not panic, you are not alone. I understand your situation.

I am always concerned about neighbors. I try to look out for them by making sure that we are all safe and not exposed to danger and any kind of pests and bacteria.

But what happens when your neighbor’s house is infested with roaches? How do you prevent it from coming into your house? Let’s find out. 


What To Do When Your Neighbor Has Cockroaches
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What Are The Risks of A Cockroach Infestation?

There are many risks of having a cockroach problem in your house. The first thing is that cockroaches contaminate your food. If you leave your food not properly sealed or covered. Cockroaches can get into it and contaminate the food with bacteria.

Sometimes they get into your cupboards where you keep your clean plates and other kitchen utensils and also contaminate them. You get up in the morning, without knowing, and use these plates to eat and the utensils to prepare food.


Also, the smell of cockroaches can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. It is not the cockroach itself that smells, what you will perceive are their droppings, saliva, and shed skins.

If you are very sensitive to cockroach smells you will have reactions like runny nose, sneezing, or itching eyes. Some people have also mentioned watery eyes and coughing as a reaction to roaches smell.


How Do Cockroaches Travel From My Neighbor’s House to my Own?

Cockroaches have many ways to get into your house. You can close all your doors and windows properly but roaches will still find a way to enter into your house. What helps them is their body features. Their bodies are quite small and will fit into the small spaces you think are too small. Here are other ways they can use to get to your house: 

If you share Walls or Plumbing with your neighbor, cockroaches will use these places to enter your house. 

They can also follow utility lines to enter your house. 

If you live in a multi-unit building where the ventilation systems are connected. Cockroaches can easily get into your house through the vent. 


What To Do When Your Neighbor Has Cockroaches

Before you do anything, try to verify where the roaches are coming from. Why do you think they are coming from your neighbor’s house? Do you have any proof or evidence? Note down the exact day and where you saw a roach. Now if you are convinced that your neighbor has roaches. Here is what you can do:

  1. Talk to someone: If you live in a rented apartment. Speak to your landlord about your observation. They will schedule pest control services to handle the situation.
  2. Let your neighbor Know about the situation. Sometimes, people do not notify their neighbors of the problem to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation. But you can talk to your neighbor calmly about the problem. Let them know what your observations are. You can suggest ways they can get rid of roaches to them. 
  3. If your door has openings under it, tape it. Make sure it covers the gaps. This way cockroaches will not find a way into your house. If the tape is wearing off, retape it again. You can choose to retape every 2 days.
  4. Keep your house very clean and free of dirt and anything cockroaches can eat. If they do get into your house, they will starve to death because of lack of food. Make it a daily routine to clean your house thoroughly. Clean your microwave, your burner, behind items of furniture, etc.
  5. Spray insecticide in your house. Even if there are no cockroaches in your house. You can spray your house so that if they enter, the effect of the insecticide will kill them immediately. You should do this every day but if you have children and pets, once a week is okay.
  6. Plug up your drains at night. This keeps roaches that may try to enter your house through drains out.
  7. Any electric outlet that you are not using should be covered up with outlet covers.
  8. If you live in a house with a yard, spread diatomaceous earth around the parameter of your house, this is to prevent roaches from coming into your house.
  9. Regularly pour boiled water, mix a few bleach capfuls, and pour it into all your drains.
  10. Schedule a monthly pest control.


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Cockroaches are our enemies because they are harmful to our health and contaminate our surroundings. If your neighbor has a cockroach problem, What you have to do is try all the steps I mentioned above to prevent them from entering your house. Do not leave it to chance. I would like to know if the preventive methods worked for you. Comment below or send a mail. 


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