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This product is best for weeds (especially aquatic weeds). The Catt Plex aquatic herbicide is your best pick when battling weeds on your turf, ornamentals, and even in the water. In this article, you will find unarguable facts about this weed killer.


How Do I Describe the Catt Plex?

Catt Plex
The Catt Plex Weed Killer

Catt Plex is a very adaptable herbicide. Additionally, hundreds of grass and broadleaf weeds in turf can be eliminated with Catt Plex.

This product can be used on turf to destroy terrestrial weeds and grasses as well as on water to get rid of various aquatic weeds.

This product’s broad label and effective root-to-stem killing ensure long-lasting weed control.


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How To Use CattPlex Herbicide?

  • Do Your Calculations:

You should measure the area you intend to apply to, such as the turf or water surface area.

This can help you decide how much product to mix and what dilution rate you need, coupled with knowing your targeted pest.

  • Mix:

Measure out the necessary amount of product, add it to your sprayer, and fill it halfway with water.

You’re ready to apply when you’ve added all the water (and surfactant, if necessary), screwed on the lid, and fully stirred your sprayer.

  • Application:

Spray the solution on the targeted weeds. According to the region and the targeted weed, different application techniques are used, therefore check the label for your personalized treatment instructions.

Reapply as necessary, and observe the label’s reapplication timing recommendations. Make sure to not pollute other sources of water with the runoff when cleaning the sprayer.


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According to the Catt Plex Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Cattails
  • Lily pads
  • Turf
  • Ornamentals


When Do I Use the CattPlex Weed Killer?

Even amid an extensive infestation, it can be used in the early phases of growth.

It’s crucial to pinpoint exactly what weeds you wish to eradicate before using the appropriate management method as some weeds may develop over different seasons.


What are the Target Pests of the Catt Plex Aquatic Herbicide?

  • Chervil
  • Chinese Tallowtree
  • Common Chickweed
  • Common Tules
  • Common Vetch
  • Corn Speedwell
  • Coyote Brush
  • Crimson Clover
  • Dewberry
  • Dogwood
  • Eastern Redbud
  • Elderberry
  • Elm
  • Eucalyptus
  • French Broom
  • Giant Reed
  • Hasardia
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Henbit
  • Hickory
  • Honeysuckle
  • Italian Ryegrass
  • Kudzu
  • Large Hop Clover
  • Little Barley
  • Madrone
  • Manzanita
  • Maple
  • Monkey Flower
  • Multiflora Rose
  • Northern Pine Oak
  • Oak
  • Peppertree Florida Holly
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Perimmon
  • Pin Cherry
  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Poison Sumac
  • Poplar
  • Post Oak
  • Prunus
  • Quackgrass
  • Quaking Aspe,
  • Raspberry
  • Red Maple
  • Red Oak
  • Russian-Olive
  • Salmonberry


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How Long Does It Take Catt Plex Aquatic Herbicide To Act?

Typically, within 7 days, this herbicide’s effects can be observed.


What Is the Shelf Life of Catt Plex Herbicide?

If properly maintained in a dry, cold environment, this product could last up to two years.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients?
  • 53.8 % Of Glyphosate
What are the Possible Areas of Application? Outdoors
What Is the Chemical Type? Herbicide
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? No
Which Other Product Can Be Compared With this Product? Alligare Glyphosate 5.4 Aquatic Herbicide
What Is Its Shipping Weight? 2.87 lbs
Is This Product Safe For Pets? If Used as Directed On the label, This Product Is Safe For Pets.


Where To Buy Catt Plex Products?

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