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Effective Cigarette Beetle Control

The Cigarette beetle, this pesky pantry invader, is notorious for infiltrating tobacco materials. However, it’s worth noting that these sneaky critters can also make themselves at home in non-tobacco products.

Dried, stored foods often face the unfortunate possibility of being infiltrated by pesky pantry pests.

Similarly, tobacco, a beloved indulgence, can fall victim to a particular insect that has a keen interest in dried tobacco leaves, cigars, cigarettes, or chewing tobacco.

Keep reading this article as we identify this pest and mention effective ways to carry out pest control.


Step 1: How To Identify the Cigarette Beetle?

Cigarette Beetle
An Image of the Cigarette Beetle

Cigarette beetles, a prevalent nuisance in pantries, are diminutive pests measuring less than 1/8th of an inch in length. These reddish-brown creatures are known for their unwelcome presence.

As pest control experts, we’d like to inform you that adult cigarette beetles possess the remarkable ability to take flight and are naturally attracted to illuminated areas.

Cigarette beetles are frequently misidentified as the Drugstore Beetle, likely due to their distinctive oval shape. Upon careful observation, one would discern distinct characteristics that aid in distinguishing between the two beetle species.

One important distinction to note is that the Cigarette Beetle exhibits a distinctive humpback shape, whereas the Drugstore Beetle does not possess this characteristic.

Additionally, during a thorough inspection of the wings of the Drugstore Beetle, it becomes evident that there are distinct deep grooves or pits present.

On the other hand, when observing the wings of the Cigarette Beetle, they exhibit a noticeably smooth appearance.

Cigarette Beetles, known for their distinct characteristics, possess a greater number of fine hairs on their bodies compared to the drugstore beetle.

This abundance of hairs contributes to their overall appearance, giving them a noticeably fuzzy look.

Based on the provided image and description, we can assist you in accurately identifying the Cigarette Beetle.

If you find yourself uncertain, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We specialize in assisting clients like yourself with accurate identification.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For the Cigarette Beetle?

As seasoned pest control experts, we recommend initiating your inspection in the vicinity of your food storage areas. Inspect the cabinets, shelves, and pantries where the valuable food goods are stored.

We specialize in thoroughly inspecting kitchens and garages for any signs of pest infestations.

We conduct thorough inspections of all packages containing grains, cereals, starches, flour, spices, herbs, pasta, and even pet food packaging.

As pest control experts, we specialize in identifying and addressing potential concerns related to contaminated food products. We will thoroughly inspect all the areas mentioned above to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

Our team of pest control experts has identified a concerning issue with the packages in question. These packages have been found to harbour both larvae and adult cigarette beetles, which can be quite distressing.

These pests have been observed crawling inside the grain, cereal, or food products contained within the packages.

Once you have identified a pest-infested food product, this is the precise location where our expert pest control treatment will be administered.


Step 3: How To Treat Against Cigarette Beetle?

Once you have detected signs of cigarette beetle infestation, it is imperative to initiate the appropriate pest control measures. As esteemed pest control experts, we kindly remind you to thoroughly peruse all product labels with utmost diligence.

It is of utmost importance to meticulously adhere to the application instructions meticulously inscribed on these labels.

In order to ensure your personal safety, we strongly advise donning appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.

When it comes to dealing with cigarette beetle infestations in your pantry, our recommended approach involves a series of steps.

First, it is crucial to dispose of all stored dried food products that may be affected. Following that, a thorough, deep cleaning should be conducted to eliminate any remaining beetles or larvae.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we suggest utilizing Pyrid Aerosol and Flex 10-10 Insecticide, which are specifically designed to target and eliminate adult cigarette beetles that may have survived the cleanup process.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you strategically position Pro-Pest Pantry Moth and Beetle Traps throughout your premises in order to effectively apprehend any remaining cigarette beetles that may be lingering.

  • Proper Vacuuming:

In accordance with food safety regulations, it is imperative to initiate the removal process of all food items present within the affected areas where the infestation has been identified.

Upon conducting a thorough investigation of the food items in question, we have diligently identified the primary food item(s) present within them, which are being consumed by individuals.

Upon emergence, it has been observed that the majority of Cigarette Beetle adults emerge from cocoons that are in close proximity to the areas where the larvae have consumed their sustenance.

Upon inspection, the presence of adult cigarette beetles in your pantry indicates the potential existence of consumables such as cereal, spices, flour, cookies, grains, beans, or other similar items that are currently being consumed.

Our recommendation is to thoroughly remove all items currently stored in your cabinets and discard them to ensure no potential risks are present.

This is a prudent time-saving measure, as it would otherwise necessitate a thorough inspection of each individual item to ascertain the presence of any infestations, a process that can be rather time-consuming.

During the inspection process, it is imperative to thoroughly examine boxes and containers for the presence of white worm-like larvae, adults, and empty cocoons, as the latter indicates that the adults have successfully hatched.

After completing the disposal process, it is imperative to thoroughly clean and sanitize your pantry shelves using a vacuum.

Our inspection will prioritize a thorough examination of crevices and corners in order to ensure the effective removal of any active larvae and eggs.

It is recommended to use a solution of warm water and soap for cleaning purposes. Submerge a cloth in the solution and proceed to thoroughly wipe the shelves, cupboards, and surfaces.

  • Apply the Pyrid Aerosol:

Pyrid Aerosol, a powerful synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, serves as an invaluable tool in the battle against pesky intruders.

This remarkable solution acts as a potent flushing agent, effectively driving out unwanted pests from their hiding places.

With its exceptional crack and crevice treatment capabilities, Pyrid Aerosol is specifically designed to target those elusive invaders who seek refuge in your precious pantries.

Cigarette beetles, notorious for their affinity for lurking in tiny crevices and laying eggs, can be quite a nuisance.

However, fear not, for Pyrid is here to save the day! This remarkable solution is designed to effectively flush out these pesky beetles and swiftly eliminate them upon contact.

Our top-notch Pyrid solution is equipped with a highly practical crack-and-crevice applicator tip, specifically designed to ensure precise and effective spraying of the product into those hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

To effectively employ our product, kindly detach the white applicator situated atop the canister and substitute it with the red straw tip applicator provided.

Make sure the solution is well mixed before continuing. Then, carefully apply the Pyrid to all of the cracks and holes in your pantry shelves.

Employ rapid, succinct bursts of spray, allocating approximately one second of application per linear foot. With Pyrid, we can effectively eliminate pests from these areas.

Our Pyrid Aerosol is specially formulated to swiftly eliminate cigarette beetles, providing a rapid knockdown effect. While it doesn’t leave any residual traces, rest assured that it effectively targets and eradicates these pesky pests.

  • Apply the Flex 10-10:

Once you have diligently treated your cracks and crevices with the powerful Pyrid, it is highly recommended to proceed with a meticulous application of the highly effective Flex 10-10 insecticide.

Flex 10-10, the remarkable pyrethroid insecticide, boasts an impressive residual effect that can last for a whopping 30 days!

This means that once you apply it, rest assured that those pesky cigarette beetles will meet their demise, even long after the initial treatment.

For optimal pest control, we recommend employing the highly effective Flex 10-10 as a versatile surface spray to diligently address any potential infestations on your pantry shelves.

To effectively address your pest concerns, it is recommended to begin by properly diluting the precise amount of Flex 10-10 into a pump sprayer.

To effectively address the pest issue in your pantry, it is crucial to determine the square footage of the area. Please measure the length and width of your pantry and multiply these values together to obtain the square footage.

Once you have this information, we can proceed with the appropriate treatment plan. For the treatment, we recommend using our specialized product, Flex 10-10.

This powerful solution should be mixed at a rate of 3.2 fluid ounces per gallon of water. This specific concentration is ideal for treating an area of 750 square feet.

By following these instructions, you can ensure that the surface area of your pantry receives the proper treatment it requires.

When dealing with severe infestations, it is recommended to employ a dosage of 6.4 fluid ounces per gallon. As pest control experts, we recommend following these steps for optimal results: Begin by filling the sprayer with precisely half a gallon of water.

Next, add the appropriate amount of Flex 10-10 to the sprayer. Afterwards, proceed to fill the remaining portion of the sprayer with water. Lastly, ensure a thorough mixture by shaking the sprayer.

We recommend utilizing the highly effective Flex 10-10 solution to expertly address your pantry shelving concerns.

Apply this remarkable low-pressure fan spray precisely along the back and side edges of the shelving, targeting the areas where the shelves seamlessly meet the walls.

For optimal safety, it is strongly advised to maintain a safe distance between individuals and their beloved pets from the treated area until it has completely dried. Once the Flex 10-10 has completely dried, we can proceed with restocking your pantry.

  • Apply the Pro-Pest Pantry Moth and Beetle Traps:

Our top-of-the-line Pro-Pest Pantry Moth and Beetle Traps are expertly designed with a special adhesive that is enhanced with the irresistible scent of pantry pest pheromones.

These powerful traps are specifically crafted to attract and capture those pesky Cigarette Beetles that may be lurking in your pantry, unbeknownst to you.

Our expertly designed pest control devices can be strategically placed on shelves or suspended to effectively capture a wide range of bothersome crawling or flying insects.

Our top-of-the-line pest traps have a guaranteed effectiveness that lasts for a minimum of three months, providing unparalleled coverage for up to 300 square feet of space.

For optimal utilization of the Pro-Pest Traps, kindly proceed by delicately removing the protective wax paper.

Subsequently, adroitly fold the traps into a tent-like structure or retain them in a flat position. Finally, judiciously position the traps in the precise locations where the infestation has occurred.

Position the trap strategically upon the pantry shelving, ensuring its safety from potential damage and optimal preservation in an undisturbed state.

For optimal convenience, these traps can also be strategically positioned in pantries, safely distanced from any potential food sources.


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How To Prevent the Cigarette Beetle?

  • As pest control experts, we highly recommend implementing a routine inspection of food packages prior to purchase.
    As pest control experts, it is crucial to thoroughly examine the packages for any signs of potential damage such as tears, holes, or punctures.
    Frequently, these packages may already harbour an unwelcome infestation within their confines.
  • Additionally, it is highly recommended to adopt the practice of removing food items from their original packaging and transferring them into securely sealed plastic containers.
  • As pest control experts, we strongly advise implementing proactive measures to mitigate the risk of excessive clutter in your pantries.
    By purchasing an appropriate amount of food for a week, you can effectively prevent the accumulation of excessive products that may remain unused for extended periods, thus minimizing the risk of potential infestations.
  • Ensure that all food products are securely stored in plastic containers to prevent any unwanted pests from accessing and contaminating your supplies.
    By implementing these measures, you will effectively thwart the invasion of Cigarette Beetles and potentially confine any existing infestation to prevent it from spreading to other food items.
  • At long last, our esteemed clientele can employ the highly effective Pro-Pest traps all year round to diligently survey and manage potential infestations in a proactive manner.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Cigarette Beetle Control:



In order to effectively gain control over cigarette beetles, it is imperative that you meticulously cleanse your pantry and dispose of any items that have been infested.

Once the initial task is completed, we highly recommend proceeding with the strategic implementation of Novacide Aerosol and Pro-Pest Pantry Moth and Beetle Traps for optimal pest control results.

It is crucial to keep in mind that failing to implement proactive pest control measures may result in the recurrence of an unwanted infestation.

As pest control experts, we highly recommend establishing a routine of storing all food products in secure plastic containers. Additionally, we advise thoroughly examining the packaging prior to making any purchases.

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