Steps To Carry Out Proper Granary Weevil Control

The Granary weevil, those pesky pantry pests, are notorious for infiltrating and wreaking havoc upon your precious food storage areas.

These cunning creatures have a knack for multiplying rapidly due to their relentless egg-laying habits, leading to a full-blown infestation in no time.

Storing an excessive amount of food in your pantry without immediate plans for consumption can pose a considerable risk, as it may potentially pave the way for an unwelcome infestation of pantry pests.

One of the pesky culprits that can cause distress to homeowners in this particular manner is none other than the Granary weevil.

This particular pantry pest is notorious for infesting grains and wheat products, as it has a knack for depositing its eggs within the kernels.

Consequently, this leads to the contamination of the food, rendering it unsuitable for human consumption.

Ah, the notorious granary weevils, known for their insatiable appetite for grains and an assortment of dried sustenance.

However, it is worth noting that these pesky creatures are not limited to devouring mere edibles. They possess the audacity to feast upon fabrics, books, and yes, even wallpaper.

Our comprehensive guide below features invaluable insights from pest control experts, utilising top-tier products to effectively eradicate the Granary weevil infestation on your own.


Step 1: How To Identify the Granary Weevil?

Granary Weevil
A Black and White Illustration of What the Granary Weevil Looks Like

To commence with the appropriate course of action, it is imperative to ascertain that you are indeed confronted with the presence of Granary Weevils.

Improper identification practises may result in the utilisation of incorrect treatment products, ultimately causing a waste of valuable resources in terms of both time and finances.

  • Granary weevils, commonly known as grain weevils or wheat weevils, bear a close kinship to the notorious rice weevils.
  • Granary weevils, with their distinctive reddish-brown hue reminiscent of a beetle, are readily noticeable. These pests possess a cylindrical shape and typically measure between 3 and 5 mm in length.
  • The larvae of granary weevils are notorious for wreaking havoc and causing extensive damage. These are small, nearly microscopic, legless grubs with a white appearance.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For the Granary Weevil?

Once the Granary Weevil has been detected, it is imperative to ascertain the specific locations where these pesky creatures have established their infestations.

During the inspection, our primary objective will be to identify the “hotspots” where these pests are frequently encountered.

To commence, kindly proceed with the removal of all contents from our pantry cabinets, shelving units, and closets in areas where you have detected the presence of these unwanted intruders or suspect their activity.

To effectively combat the infestation of Granary Weevils, it is crucial to initiate your inspection in the vicinity where food goods are stored.

To commence, kindly evacuate all your pantry cabinets, shelving, and closets in areas where you have detected the presence of these pests or suspect their activity.

As a pest control expert, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly inspect all of your boxed food items for any signs of granary weevils.

Upon visual detection of any item harbouring unwanted inhabitants, it is imperative to promptly initiate their eradication by securely encasing said items within a hermetically sealed plastic containment.

This method will effectively restrict their movement until your waste is collected by the sanitation worker.

Ah, I see you’re in search of a food product that has been plagued by unwanted visitors. As a seasoned pest control expert, it is imperative that we thoroughly examine every food package listed above for the presence of adult and larvae Granary Weevils.

Our meticulous inspection will involve carefully inspecting the interior of these packages. If you happen to discover an adult or larvae within any of these packages, this is precisely where you should administer the treatment.


Step 3: How To Treat Against Granary Weevil?

Once the presence of Granary Weevil activity has been duly ascertained, it is now imperative to commence the appropriate course of treatment.

As a seasoned pest control expert, it is crucial to emphasise the importance of thoroughly perusing all product labels.

This will ensure that you are well informed about the specific instructions and precautions associated with each pest control solution.

Additionally, we strongly advise you to prioritise your safety by diligently wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while handling these products.

When it comes to dealing with a pesky Granary Weevil infestation in your pantry, the most effective approach is to eliminate all stored dried food products, thoroughly clean and hoover the area and then apply Novacide Aerosol.

This powerful solution will swiftly eradicate adult Rice Weevils and put a stop to the growth of their eggs and larvae.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you strategically apply Pyrid Aerosol to effectively eliminate any lingering Weevils.

  • Proper Vacuuming:

As pest control experts, we highly recommend taking immediate action upon discovering an infestation. In order to effectively eliminate Granary Weevils, it is advisable to consider disposing of all items present in your pantry.

As pest control experts, we strongly advise against leaving any food item to chance.

Next, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly hoover the areas where the food goods are stored in order to effectively eliminate any potential pest infestations.

We strongly advise implementing a comprehensive vacuuming strategy to effectively address the infestation that has occurred in the shelves, cabinets, and pantries.

It is crucial to meticulously vacuum all areas, including the top, bottom, sides, and corners of these storage spaces.

First and foremost, we highly recommend employing the use of a specialised tool, such as a toothpick, to meticulously cleanse the minuscule pegs where the screws are strategically positioned within the shelving structure.

These areas are infested with small eggs. Next, employ a specialised cloth that has been thoroughly drenched in a potent concoction of soapy water to diligently eradicate any lurking pests from the surfaces of your shelves, cabinets, and pantries.

Once the thorough vacuuming process has been diligently executed, it is highly recommended to proceed with utmost care and precision to meticulously cleanse and sanitise the shelves and countertops.

This can be accomplished by utilising a gentle yet effective mild detergent or a potent germicide, ensuring the eradication of any potential pests or harmful microorganisms that may be lurking in these areas.

Ensure that you meticulously apply the cleaning product in the most concealed and hard-to-reach areas, including the shadowy recesses and crevices.

Pay special attention to the regions beneath furniture and the confined spaces beneath weighty appliances, such as the refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine.

  • Apply the Pyrid Aerosol:

Introducing Pyrid Aerosol, the ultimate weapon against pesky insects! This powerful insecticide aerosol is specifically designed to flush out those unwanted intruders and is perfect for treating cracks and crevices in your pantries.

Say goodbye to those bothersome pests with Pyrid Aerosol, your trusted ally in pest control.

To effectively employ our pest control solution, kindly detach the white applicator situated atop the canister and proceed to substitute it with the specialised red straw tip applicator.

Ensure that you vigorously agitate the canister before proceeding, and subsequently administer a precise application along the entirety of the crevices and fissures present within your pantry shelving.

Employ short, rapid bursts of spray, typically allocating approximately one second of expulsion per linear foot.

  • Apply the Novacide Aerosol:

Our esteemed recommendation for combating weevils is Novacide, a highly effective insecticide.

This potent solution is specifically designed to eliminate adult weevils, while also containing an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that targets weevil larvae and eggs.

Novacide truly excels in its remarkable residual effect, ensuring that its potency lingers for an impressive duration of up to 7 months.

This exceptional attribute eliminates the need for frequent reapplication, providing you with long-lasting protection against pests.

As professional pest control experts, we highly recommend that you equip yourself with gloves, a safety mask, and protective eyewear before proceeding with the application.

Using Novacide, a highly effective pest control solution, we advise you to administer a gentle mist in brief intervals within the crevices of your pantry shelves.

Specifically, focus on the areas where the shelving intersects with the wall, ensuring thorough coverage.

Firstly, it is crucial to apply a thorough spray treatment along the baseboards and flooring of your pantry, and kitchen, as well as the carpeting in your bedroom.

Additionally, it is essential to extend this application to the baseboards of your bedroom and the closets within your bedroom. Employ a sweeping motion in a downward direction while executing this task.

We highly recommend applying our pest control methods in any other areas that you may have concerns about, as a precautionary measure to ensure your safety.


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How To Prevent the Granary Weevil?

  • As pest control experts, we highly recommend implementing a proactive approach to safeguarding your home from unwanted intruders.
    One crucial step in this process is to diligently inspect food packages prior to making any purchases. As pest control experts, it is crucial to thoroughly examine the packages for any signs of potential damage such as tears, holes, or punctures.
    Frequently, these packages may already harbour an unwelcome infestation within their confines.
    Additionally, it is highly recommended to adopt the practice of transferring food items from their original packaging into securely sealed plastic containers.
  • As pest control experts, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing only a week’s worth of food goods.
    This will ensure prompt utilisation of food goods, thereby minimising the risk of prolonged shelf storage, which may potentially attract unwanted pests.
  • For optimal pest control, we highly recommend incorporating Novacide Aerosol into your routine throughout the year.
    This effective solution will assist in diligently monitoring and proactively preventing any potential infestations from occurring in the future.
    For optimal pest control, we highly recommend incorporating Novacide Aerosol into your pantry maintenance routine.
    By applying this powerful solution every 7 months, you can effectively safeguard your pantry against potential infestations and ensure long-lasting protection.


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Granary Weevils, those pesky pantry pests, have a notorious reputation for infiltrating and tainting food storage areas, wreaking havoc with their relentless egg-laying tendencies.

To achieve absolute control, it is imperative to eliminate the root cause of the infestation.

If one of your delectable meals has been infested, it is highly recommended to exercise utmost caution and promptly dispose of all food items to eradicate any possibility of further pest infiltration. Thanks for reading!

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