Best 8 Cloud Pet Apps for IOS and Android Pet Owners

As a pet owner, the safety of your pet should be your top priority. They are apps that can help ensure the safety of your pets. In this article, we are listing the best cloud pet apps for both iPhone and Android pet owners.

These apps are not just for a business owner, but for anybody, in particular, it’s just the easiest way for me to access information. It’s quick, it’s right there and it’s at the tip of my fingers all the time.


Best 8 Cloud Pet Apps for IOS and Android Pet Owners

Do you know the best cloud pet apps for ios and android pet owners? What I’ll be discussing today is just some of my most favorite mobile apps for dog owners both ios and android. The coverage ranges from health apps to travel apps and some other features attached.

I’m really hoping that you will like my listing. I actually had gone through and saved it.


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Cloud Pet Apps For Ios And Android Pet Owners

1. New Spoken Rx App

This app has lots of unique functions, I run you through how this app functions. So super simple, you just type in the name of the prescription that you are looking for.

Type in the quantity and the right dosage. And for this one, I typed in cephalexin, it’s a common antibiotic and then you click on find the lowest price, simple as that.

What’s in the app?

  • You can see the list of local pharmacies and their prices
  • You can also look at the information about the drug.
  • You can add it to your prescriptions.
  • You can also find out if you can do a 90 day supply to save, even more money.
  • You can keep your list of prescriptions in the app.
  • You can also keep track of coupons if those are applicable as well.
  • You can set up reminders.

And do quite a bit more with this app. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much for saving money on pet prescriptions at medications.


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Cloud Pet Apps For Ios And Android Pet Owners

2. Bring Fido App

This is one of the best cloud pet apps for traveling. When you travel, you can use this app to find hotels that are pet-friendly.

What’s in the app?

  • You can change the dates of your travel.
  • You can select how many adults and how many children and how many dogs do, you’re traveling with.
  • You can filter the results by only the hotels that allow these dogs and multiple dogs in the room.
  • The app displays their search results just like the google search app. You can click on each one of the results and get all the details for their pet policy and the amenities of the hotel.
  • You can book straight from the app. So if you find a room in a hotel that you like, you can book, right from this mobile app.
  • You can go back and filter the results as well. Say, it gave me a hundred results, but I’d like to narrow that down.
  • You can search only those hotels that are rated very highly by pet owners right in the app. You can just click on change that sort by rating, and then go back in and you’ll see that it gives me fewer results and the one that pops up first is the one that’s rated highly.
  • You can book straight from the app which is super convenient and has functional features like outdoor restaurants and eating establishments. When you’re out with your pet this is a perfect app to use.
  • You can check by what type of cuisine you’re looking for. Say I wanted to go to a local bar or pub when I’m traveling with my dogs.

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Cloud Pet Apps For Ios And Android Pet Owners

3. O.H.S.O Brewery App

This is another great cloud pet apps, it allows pets and how they’re rated by other pet owners. So, in this one, I might go to the OHSO brewery app, which is rated very highly here in town.

What’s in the app?

  • You can go straight to the website or call the restaurant straight from the app.
  • You can check for parks and beaches, dogs events, and other resources.


Cloud Pet Apps For Ios And Android Pet Owners

4. Puppr Dog Training App

This app is another one-stop shop for training your dog, all complete with a single click.

What’s in the app?

  • This app is tricked anywhere from basic behaviors to more advanced behaviors, such as getting your leash circus, behaviors, silly tricks, and more in the basics section.
  • The app is designed with dog commands such as sit down, stay calm, touch, and leave it. You can see this when you click on each one of the behaviors.
  • You will also see the level of difficulty and an illustration of exactly how to teach these to your pet.
  • They also give you at the bottom, some tips. If you are having some trouble with it.

All these features come with the app, you can see the local level of difficulty, and the illustrations are fantastic and super easy to follow.

You can sign up for the puppr premium pack, which gives you access to all of the behaviors. There are over 40 tricks and behaviors in there and that you can see the charge for monthly.

It’s about $999 or $7.99 for a month. If you do the annual plan, there’s also a shop here that gives you a number of different tools and resources to get for your dog that you might need in training.

You can see some more advanced behaviors such as fetch your leash, which is super handy for you when you’re going out and about with your dog.

And if you’re in need of in-home dog boarding, pet-sitting dog, walking, or daycare.


Rover Dog App

5. Rover Dog App

This app is highly functional, super easy to use, and provides you a plethora of options when you are away from your home and need care for your dog.

What’s in the app?

  • You will find an option for dog boarding.
  • You can select the dates that you need the service in-home dog boarding and then you can select from a whole host of different options in terms of what type of home.
  • Preference you have, whether the sitter is there full-time, you can select aspects about your pet so that if they’re not friendly with dogs or cats, you can select those options.
  • Then the housing conditions, You can select that you want to have a fenced yard and that they were first aid certified and that it’s a non-smoking home.
  • So but you can see a whole host of different options there, that you can go through to filter your choices.
  • You can select a list of pet sitters in your area and you can see how far away they are from your location, as well as what their charges are per night, which is super convenient.
  • This app gives you a ton of information gives you the skills of that particular pet sitter. And then a little bit more about them.
  • This app allows you to also communicate directly with the pet sitter. So as you can see at the bottom, you just clicked contact the sitter and then you can communicate with them directly through the app, and that makes it very convenient.

So if you go back, you can go to one of the other services and just to show how this works. So if I just wanted to do a drop-in visit and have somebody coming and let my dogs out.

That would be that service and then you can see where you would enter your pets and you can enter all sorts of information about them and it just makes for super convenient.


Pet First Aid App

6. Pet First Aid App for IOS/Android

This is a fantastic app that I believe all dog owners should have on their phone at a click of a button, you can learn to prepare and plan for emergencies before they occur.

What’s in the app?

  • This mobile app is comprehensive, to say the least, you can see the list of options under the learn button.
  • And if you click the checkmark that says, prepare, you can see that not only can you find a hotel if you are somewhere, you’re stranded. For example, you can see basic information in terms of dogs, and preventive dog care.
  • You can scroll down to the bottom, on toxic substances, just to illustrate what kind of information is in here.
  • You can call the poison control unit right from the app.
  • You will see the list of options in terms of what things would be toxic to your pet.
  • And then if you click on the options further, you can see if they eat chocolate or caffeine what you need to do about it.
  • So if you kind of scroll back you can see if you’re actually having an emergency with a dog, you can see tips listed there.
  • You will see what this looks like. So you can check the signs and symptoms of what your dog is experiencing versus.
  • You will see what you do to perform CPR. And then if you go back you can see it also, videos tips to illustrate, how to perform CPR for different types of dogs.
  • This app also allows you the ability to take quizzes and tests your knowledge after you’ve learned it.
  • It has an offer that enables you to donate money, give blood, and take an online course in first aid.

And more, this app is fantastic and I recommend you download it today as a real theater of two Mastiffs.


Raw Pet App

7. Raw Pet

This is one that I’ve been using for a number of years. It has a very clean and user-friendly interface.

What’s in the app?

  • It’s very basic but it allows you to enter your dog’s weight, age and change the percentage that you want to feed them based on their body weight.
  • You can select one or two meals per day and per meal amount for meat, bone, and organ as well as your pet.
  • The app also offers you a number of resources for additional information like a raw feeding guide poster which comes in handy as well as some other additional articles, like the benefits of raw feeding and frequently asked questions that also come in handy especially for new raw feeders.
  • This is a mobile app that is brand-new and quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites with Facebook.
  • It also has a home screen where you can connect with other raw feeders.
  • This mobile app allows you to quickly and easily add your pets.
  • It will basically tell you based on what you’ve entered differently and the diet that you choose.
  • It also tells you how much you need to feed of meat, bone, and organ to your dog. And then by day what sample menus might look like so super handy.
  • One of the best things about this app is that it gives you a transition plan. So say you’re going from kibble to raw, this will tell you exactly what you need to feed each day.
  • This mobile app also gives you a list of different common diseases in dogs and then some natural remedies for that ailment.
  • It also gives you a list of kinds of symptoms to look out for and then some natural solutions.
  • This app also offers you the ability to take notes and to keep reminders. So if you have things regarding your dog’s diet that you want to remember, you can keep track of It.


Thrive Vet Care

8. Thrive Vet Care App

This is one of the cloud pet apps that answers the most common questions regarding raw feeding and bone feeding. This app gives you all of the information that you’re ever going to want to know regarding feeding your pet adequately.

What’s in the app?

  • This app has a couple of other options that give you a sample of some of the resources that are available on Broad canines, Thrive, what types of things would be considered needed for strong bone and healthy organs.
  • This app gives you a whole list of different options and different things that would be that would fit into those categories.
  • You’re thinking about feeding and you know an 80 10 10 diet plan, which would be kind of the ratio for pre-model raw.
  • There’s also a list of glossary of different terms. For raw feeding, what raw proteins you can safely feed your dog, and last but not least some information regarding organs.
  • It gives you what vitamins and minerals are contained in each one of those. And like I said, this app is comprehensive and quickly becoming one of my absolute pet app favorites.



As a pet parent, owning an app that assists you in caring for your pet makes the work of caring for your pet easy. Which of these apps do you think is so fabulous?

Also, I hope you find this article useful related to your searched query. Leave me some comments below and let me know what you think.

Pick and enjoy one of the cloud pet apps for IOS and Android pet owners. If there are any other apps that you’d like to add to this list that you use and you love, I would love to know that as well.

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