The Coca-Cola Polar Bears: History Explained

The use of the Coca-Cola polar bears in advertisements is particularly popular during the winter holiday season, and their appearances have become a tradition for many consumers.

The advertisements aim to evoke a sense of joy, togetherness, and the idea that Coca-Cola is a beverage that can be enjoyed in moments of happiness and celebration.

What is the history of these bears, and why were they even used in the first place? Let us now find out in this information-filled article.


What is the History of the Coca-Cola Polar Bears?

In 1922 French advertising, the Coca-Cola Company utilized a polar bear for the first time, showing the bear squirting Coca-Cola into the mouth of an anthropomorphized, thirsty sun.

But up until 1993, the Coca-Cola polar bears were only sometimes used. The Coca-Cola polar bears had an animated film appearance in Northern Lights that year; after that, they gathered to watch the Aurora Borealis and drink Coca-Cola.

The film was well-received by viewers. According to the campaign’s creator, Ken Stewart, his Labrador retriever dog, which had a polar bear-like appearance, inspired the use of polar bears in the 1993 campaign.

This has resulted in the polar bear becoming “one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola.”

With the popularity of Northern Lights, the Coca-Cola Company created numerous further films and ads featuring anthropomorphic polar bears in addition to merchandise like teddy bears and tumblers.

The Coca-Cola Company made “a brilliant marketing move” in 2012 when they used polar bears to respond to the Super Bowl in a live commercial campaign.


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Did the Coca-Cola Polar Bears Appear In Holiday Ads?

Coca-Cola Polar Bears
Picture Showing the Coca-Cola Polar Bears In a TV Ad

The first-ever Coca-Cola polar bears on film proved to be a huge hit with viewers. They reappeared for an advertisement that ran during the Winter Olympics in 1994.

The bears did a double take this time, sliding down a luge and jumping from a ski jump. The cuddly animals later made an appearance in holiday advertisements and billboards.

Over the years, viewers have witnessed these cute bears getting into a lot of mischief. They can be seen choosing a Christmas tree, having fun with penguins, and other activities in commercials. Super Bowl commercials have even featured the Coca-Cola polar bears.


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Watch the Story of the Coca-Cola Polar Bears In the Video Below



Coca-Cola decided to confront the threat that climate change posed to polar bears in 2011. According to No Lie Communications, the corporation started its “Arctic Home” campaign.

Coca-Cola pledged to raise awareness of the threat that climate change poses to polar bears by partnering with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Coca-Cola promised to provide $2 million for the conservation of polar bears. A seven-minute short video directed by Ridley Scott was also created as part of the effort to save polar bears and their habitat.

For the 2011 Christmas season, the company also temporarily switched the colour of its drink cans from red to white with pictures of polar bears. Nevertheless, Coca-Cola subsequently stopped using the white cans as a result of customer concerns.

The polar bear appears to have disappeared entirely from the company’s advertising campaigns in recent years. In 2013, one of the final Coca-Cola television advertisements with the adorable bears aired.

A family of polar bears was depicted in the commercial making a snowman, complete with a Coke bottle top for a snout.

It is said that The Coca-Cola Company is still dedicated to generating funds and awareness about the effects of climate change on the environment.

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