Discover All The Holidays Celebrated In December

Holidays celebrated in December are a must-know as this is a month filled with festive spirit and cultural celebrations around the world, hence the need to know this information.

As the last month of the year, it brings people together to commemorate religious, cultural, and secular holidays.

As we delve into the various holidays celebrated in December, we’ll discover the common threads of joy, reflection, and the spirit of giving that connect people across different traditions and backgrounds during this festive month.


A List of All the Holidays Celebrated In December

  • December 1:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Pie Day is One of the Many Holidays Celebrated In December
    • Rosa Parks Day
    • National Pie Day
    • National Peppermint Bark Day
    • Day Without Art Day
    • National Cookie Cutter Day
    • National Christmas Lights Day
    • Antarctica Day
    • World Aids Day
    • National Eat a Red Apple Day


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  • December 2:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Build Joy Day is One of the Many Holidays Celebrated In December
    • National Fritters Day
    • Walt Disney Day
    • National Play Outside Day
    • National Build Joy Day
    • Candle Day
    • International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
    • National Mutt Day
    • Special Education Day
  • December 3:

Holidays Celebrated In December
Let’s Hug Day is One of the Many Holidays Celebrated In December
    • National Roof Over Your Head Day
    • International Day of Persons With Disabilities
    • Make a Gift Day
    • National Deal Week
    • Let’s Hug Day
    • World Pear Day
  • December 4:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Sock Day
    • Santa’s List Day
    • National Dice Day
    • Wear Brown Shoes Day
    • International Day of Banks
    • Wildlife Conservation Day
    • International Cheetah Day
    • National Cookie Day
    • National Sock Day
  • December 5:

Holidays Celebrated In December
World Soil Day
    • National Blue Jeans Day
    • World Trick Shot Day
    • Day of the Ninja
    • Bathtub Party Day
    • World Soil Day
    • Krampusnacht
    • International Volunteer Day
    • Krampusnacht
  • December 6:

Holidays Celebrated In December
St. Nicholas Day Is one of the Holidays Celebrated In December
    • National Microwave Oven Day
    • National Gazpacho Day
    • Mitten Tree Day
    • Put Your Own Shoes on Day
    • National Miners Day
    • National Day Of Remembrance And Action On Violence Against Women
    • St. Nicholas Day
  • December 7:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Slime Day Is One of the Holidays Celebrated In December
    • International Civil Aviation Day
    • National Cotton Candy Day
    • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
    • National Letter Writing Day
    • National Slime Day
  • December 8:

Holidays Celebrated In December
World Choral Day Is One of the Holidays Celebrated In December
    • Word Choral Day
    • National Salesperson Day
    • Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day
    • National Brownie Day
    • National Blue Collar Day


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  • December 9:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Christmas Card Day Is One of the Holidays Celebrated In December
    • National Llama Day
    • World Pastry Day
    • World Techno Day
    • Green Monday
    • National Christmas Card Day
  • December 10:

    • Human Rights Day
    • Nobel Prize Day
    • National Lager Day
    • Dewey Decimal System Day
    • Jane Addams Day
  • December 11:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Stretching Day Is One of the Holidays Celebrated In December
    • International Mountain Day
    • National Noodle Ring Day
    • National Stretching Day
    • National App Day
    • National Have a Bagel Day
    • Green Monday
    • UNICEF Birthday
  • December 12:

    • National Ding-A-Ling Day
    • International Universal Health Coverage Day
    • National Ambrosia Day
    • Gingerbread House Day
    • National Poinsettia Day
  • December 13:

    • Lost & Found Day
    • National Cream Cheese Frosting Day
    • National Day of the Horse
    • National Guard Birthday
    • National Cocoa Day
    • National Violin Day
  • December 14:

    • National Free Shipping Day
    • National Bouillabaisse Day
    • Roast Chestnuts Day
  • December 15:

    • National Wear Your Pearls Day
    • National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
    • International Tea Day
    • National Cupcake Day
    • Bill of Rights Day
    • National Cat Herders Day
  • December 16:

    • Stupid Toy Day
    • National Barbie and Barney Backlash Day
    • National Underdog Day
    • National Wreaths Across America Day
    • National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • December 17:

    • Pan American Aviation Day
    • National Maple Syrup Day
    • Wright Brothers Day
  • December 18:

    • National Twin Day
    • Bake Cookies Day
    • International Migrants Day
    • World Arabic Language Day
    • National Roast Suckling Pig Day
  • December 19:

    • National Emo Day
    • National Hard Candy Day
    • National Oatmeal Muffin Day
    • Look For an Evergreen Day
  • December 20:

    • Games Day
    • National Sangria Day
    • International Human Solidarity Day
    • Go Caroling Day
  • December 21:

    • World Snowboard Day
    • National Coquito Day
    • National Re-Gifting Day
    • Yule
    • Look on the Bright Side Day
    • National Short Girl Appreciation Day
    • National Flashlight Day
    • Ribbon Candy Day
    • National French Fried Shrimp Day
    • National Crossword Puzzle Day
    • Winter Solstice
    • National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day
    • Anne Frank & Samantha Smith Day
    • Humbug Day
    • International Dalek Remembrance Day
  • December 22:

    • Forefathers’ Day
    • National Date Nut Bread Day
    • National Cookie Exchange Day
    • National Short Person Day
  • December 23:

    • Festivus
    • National Pfeffernusse Day
    • National Roots Day
  • December 24:

    • National Eggnog DayLast Minute Shoppers Day
    • Christmas Eve
  • December 25:

    • National Pumpkin Pie Day
    • Christmas Day
  • December 26:

    • The Start of Kwanza
    • Day of Goodwill
    • National Thank You Note Day
    • Boxing Day
    • National Whiners Day
    • National Candy Cane Day
  • December 27:

    • Visit the Zoo Day
    • International Day of Epidemic Preparedness
    • National Fruitcake Day
    • Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
  • December 28:

    • Holy Innocents Day
    • National Card Playing Day
    • Pledge of Allegiance Day
    • National Call-a-Friend Day
    • National Download Day
    • National Short Film Day
  • December 29:

    • Tick Tock Day
    • No Interruptions Day
    • Still, Need To Do Day
    • International Cello Day
  • December 30:

    • National Bacon Day
    • Falling Needles Family Fest Day
    • National Resolution Planning Day
  • December 31:

Holidays Celebrated In December
National Champagne Day is One of the Many Holidays Celebrated In December
    • National Champagne Day
    • Universal Hour of Peace
    • New Year’s Eve Day
    • Make Up Your Mind Day
    • Unlucky Day
    • No Interruptions Day


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Whether rooted in religious beliefs, cultural heritage, or seasonal observances, these holidays contribute to the warmth and sense of belonging that characterize end-of-year celebrations.

December is a month filled with diverse and culturally significant holidays celebrated around the world. From religious observances to cultural traditions, December brings people together in a spirit of joy, reflection, and festivity.

Do well to share these holidays with friends, family, and loved ones as well.

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