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What are the Top 7 Most Cute Moth on Earth?

Despite their endearing appearance, certain species of cute moth are considered pests because their caterpillar stage can do significant damage to your vegetation.

Unfortunately, many species of moths are nocturnal, so most people never get to see their cute details up close.

Lucky for you though we have gone through the stress of researching cute moths on Earth. You would want to stick around as we mention the world’s most cute moths!


What is the Most Cute Moth on Earth?

Cute Moth
Picture of the Cinnabar moth

The Cinnabar moth is at the top of our list of Earth’s most cute moths. The wings of the cinnabar moth (Tyria jacobaeae) are a brilliant shade of red. Its larval form has a vivid orange body.

Their bright colours provide a warning to potential predators, despite their adorable appearance. Cinnabar moths can be found in meadows all over Europe, where they can be found feasting on ragwort.

They got their name from another red mineral, cinnabar. You might be able to spot one of these adorable moths if you go outside during the day.


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What are the Top 7 Most Cute Moth On Earth?

1. The Giant Leopard Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Giant Leopard Moth

The huge leopard moth lives true to its name by being coated in spots similar to those of a leopard. White with bluish-black patches, the giant leopard moth (Hypercompe scribonia) is easily recognizable.

The spots’ blue and orange bodies feature a fascinating combination of solid and hollow patches. Their wingspans can get to be about three inches!

The giant leopard moth is a nocturnal species that can be spotted across much of North America. As caterpillars, they seem woolly and fuzzy with a dense fluff of black bristles; they feed on various plants.

2. The Madagascan Moon Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Madagascan Moon Moth

The Madagascar jungle is home to this cute moth. It’s another huge one, measuring up to eight inches in wing span.

The long feathery antennae and orange and red patterns of the Madagascan moon moth (Argema mittrei) set it apart from other moths.

Up to 150 eggs can be laid by a single adult. A beautiful reddish-brown caterpillar emerges from its silvery silk cocoon.

3. The Luna Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Luna Moth

The Luna moth (Actias luna) is one of the cutest species of moth in existence. Their eyespots range in colour from blue to red to yellow to green to white, and their wings are a bright lime green with yellow highlights.

Their long, flowing tails on their hind wings make them one of the cutest moths around.

The diverse species of trees in North America provide food for Luna moths. When they are caterpillars, they are nearly three inches long and have a vibrant green colour. The average adult has a 4.5-inch wingspan.

4. The Cecropia Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Cecropia Moth

There are white, black, red, and orange stripes and dots all over this cute moth. Their wingspan can reach up to seven inches, which is huge for a moth.

Mountainous areas in the United States and Canada are home to cecropia moths (Hyalophora cecropia). They like maple trees, although birch and cherry trees are fair game as well.

They are a vibrant yellow-green in their caterpillar stage but mature to a more subdued blue-green. Even in the caterpillar stage, they are large, measuring a whopping 4.5 inches in length.

5. The Garden Tiger Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Garden Tiger Moth

Tiger moths in the garden are the cutest! The undersides of their wings are orange and black polka dots, while the upper surfaces are white and brown tiger stripes.

That’s really adorable! Garden tiger moths (Arctia caja) are relatively large insects, with a wing span of 2.6 inches. They have made their homes in the colder regions of North America and Europe.

They eat a wide variety of plants, but foxglove is their favourite. When in the caterpillar stage, they grow to a length of around 2.5 inches and are covered in fuzzy brown, black, and white bristles.


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6. The Tau Emperor Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Tau Emperor Moth

The forest habitat of the tau emperor (Aglia tau) moth. Its wings are white with black eye patches of varying sizes and colours of brown, tan, and white.

Beeches and birches are among the Tau emperor’s favourite sources of nutrition.

When they are at the caterpillar stage, they are a vibrant green and quite fat. The ladies prefer to fly at night, while the males prefer the day.

7. The Polyphemus Moth:

Cute Moth
Picture of the Polyphemus Moth

You may find the cute Antheraea polyphemus moth all across the United States. It’s a big silky moth with a gorgeous design made of red, grey, and brown.

They feature yellow, white, and black eyespots on their wings. The purple colouring around the eyespots really sets them off.


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We hope to alter the general public’s disdain for moths. Moths are just as crucial to the environment as bees and butterflies.

A moth with a fluffy coat and a round body can’t help but be adorable. After reading this article we can all agree that some species of cute moths are more adorable than even butterflies.

Feel free to message us via the comments section below for additional information!

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