How To Use Deer Scram Professional Repellent

If you have seen a deer or noticed plant damage likely caused by deer, it is time to apply Deer Scram Professional Deer Repellent.

While deer can be spotted at any time of year, the fall and winter seasons are when they are most active. There are no harmful side effects associated with using Deer Scram Professional as directed.

When applying the product, keep it out of the reach of pets and kids. For long-term protection against deer intrusion, apply Deer Scram repellent granules every 30 to 45 days.

If you’ve been using Deer Scram, you may need to reapply it after a rainstorm. It doesn’t matter if there’s a fresh blanket of snow on the ground or not, Deer Scram still works.


What Is Deer Scram Professional?

Deer Scram Professional
Picture of the Deer Scram Professional

Deer Scram professional Deer Repellent, part of Epic’s series of effective repellents, is a granule that emits an odor associated with death, causing the deer to flee in terror.

We’re proud to say that Deer Scram Deer Repellent is safe for both people and wildlife. The protection provided by Deer Scram Professional lasts for 30 days in typical weather (i.e., with regular irrigation and rainfall) and for up to 90 days in the winter (even with fresh snow).

Deer Scram granules are humane and effective enough to keep deer away from your garden and shrubbery before they cause any harm. Deer Scam Professional can be applied with no unpleasant odor and has a 90-day shelf life.


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How To Use Deer Scram Professional

  • Check out the locations where the deer have been causing trouble, and take notes.
  • Deer Scram Professional can be applied with a rotary spreader or the included scoop spoon to places where deer activity and damage have been observed, such as around flower beds, plant rows, and tree groves.
    The granules should be scattered in a band 18 to 20 inches wide that extends out from the border of the bed or drip line and covers the entire region.
  • Deer Scram granules should be reapplied every 30–45 days throughout the season.
  • No tools are needed, and neither is any sort of mixing or spraying. You can use the included scoop spoon or a hand or push spreader to disseminate the grains all over your property.


Where Can I Apply Deer Scram Professional Repellent?

  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Beds
  • Landscaping
  • Ornamentals
  • Vegetables
  • Trees


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What Are the Target Pests For Deer Scram Professional Repellant?

  • Deer


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The organic product Deer Scram Professional is formulated with a scent that deer connect with death in order to scare them away from crops that might otherwise be desirable for human consumption.

The goal of Deer Scram Professional is to prevent plant, flower, and shrub damage by deer. Deer Scram is effective at discouraging deer from trespassing on your property because the granules emit a noxious odor that is thought to be associated with death.

The product should be reapplied every 30–45 days, however more frequent applications may be necessary during times of prolonged sunlight and minimal or no rainfall.

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