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Do Possums Make Noise?

Do possums make noise? Possums are funny-looking animals we tend to find in our yard most times eating from our cabbage, and they happen to visit mostly at night making them nocturnal.

In a situation, where we hear sounds at night coming from our yard is there a chance that the sound is made by visiting possums?

We have taken up the task to tackle that pending question concerning do possums make noise, as we have in stall for you informative, educative, and entertaining facts and other related details concerning the possum that you need to know.


Possums: What are They?

Possums are nocturnal vertebrates that scavenge for food in trash cans, they often spend their day sleeping and caring for their young ones, then go active at night, they have a special ability to go up trees at a very fast motion, the live side by side with humans and mostly in surrounding trees.

Possums are omnivores, so do not fear that they might want to eat you up, although they are seen to bite if they are threatened or cornered.

Biting is rare as they will use methods such as playing dead to escape but however, to eradicate the risk it is advisable you stay away from them.

Possums have a record of (69) sixty-nine species both domestic and wild, their main preys are leaves, seeds, and any vegetation.

They are seen to be running away from cats, foxes, and owls, and they are of different colors depending on their species, such as brown, grey, black, and ash.

Possums live an average of 5-8 years making the most of it, eating, mating, and running for survival, they are noted for running around on rooftops, side yards, or any other favorable location that keeps them away from danger.

In addition to the information above, below are 3 facts about possums that might serve as a form of education on these animals.


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Facts on Possums

  • Possums existed for over 100 million years together with their other ancestors which are kangaroos and koalas, which evolved from the same common ancestors.
  • Male possums are called Jack and the female Jills.
  • The female transport the young ones around on her back, except for the young ones that have to begin walking.
  • They can transmit infections by piercing your skin with sharp claws.
  • They hide in the dark such as in attics, and garages causing harm to farmlands, crops, and equipment, and bring along tiny insects such as fleas.

Having read all the facts on possums, their behavior when frightened, activities, habitats, mode of feeding, predators, and every information on possums.

We are closing on the main part of this article as we will soon look into the next heading which is do possums make noise?


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Do Possums make Noise?

Possums tend to visit our homes a lot, not only for the sake of knowing, it is very important to know if possums make noise so that you can know when another intruder has entered your surrounding, for your safety.

Having noted that possums go around at night running on rooftops, in attics, and at garages, the noise you hear is it made by possums? Well yes, depending on the sound or noise you hear.

So in a brief manner, you have come to know that possums make noise, but why do possums make noise, what kind of noise do possums make, clear all those questions as we have them answered below.

Noises Made by Possums

Possums have different noises or sounds depending on the reason, their noises may come in a high or low-pitched format, all depending on the reason for it, at night when their most active is when you will most of their sounds.

Possums make sounds like screeches, grunts, growls, hisses, chatters, shook-shook, and clinking noises. These noises are made on different occasions and they are always reasons behind them.

However, having known the sounds made by possums, you have finally had your answer to do possums make noise, but that’s not all as we have added a few reasons for this noise made by possums.

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Why Do Possums Make Noise?

Noises or sounds are made due to the reason for it, in humans, we make a frightening scream when in danger, a joyful scream when happy, and so is it in the case of possums.

Possums make several distinct noises as we have come to know of them. Now here are the reasons for some of the noises:

Noise Made by Possums Reasons For the Noise Made by Possums
1.       Clicking Noise. For attracting a mate.
2.       Growling or Hissing Noise. When threatened or disturbed.
3.       Sneezing Noise (made by baby possum). For seeking the attention of their parents.
4.       Hissing Noise. For scaring off predators like foxes and big dogs.
5.       Choo Choo Sounds. When they have made a den in your attics.

Now you have it all, the reason behind certain noises made by possums. Now to draw the curtains on this article “do possums make noise”



Having read through all our interesting paragraphs on do possums make noise, from facts about possums to answering our question of the day, to noise made by possums, and finally, to reasons for the noises, we hope you must have learned a lot.

However, for queries, complaints, clarity, contribution, and many more on this thrilling topic “do possums make noise” feel free to let us know in the comment box.

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