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Does Heat Kill Fleas?

Fleas seem to disappear due to temperature and weather, does heat kill fleas? It is quite a disturbing period when the heat sets in, things change most organisms die, but does heat affect fleas during this period?

However, we have that in place in this article, all necessary details compiled on does heat kill fleas. Read through our interesting paragraphs, richly filled with educative and informative information.


What are the Facts About Fleas?

There are several interesting facts about fleas, which you might not be aware of. We have decided to include facts about fleas, to widen your mind and to assist in easy digestion of the information below.

Below are some facts on fleas, as we are still on ‘does heat kill fleas’.

  • Fleas are capable of jumping at a very long distance.
  • Fleas can go up to 2 weeks and more without food or anything, but still retains their normal state.
  • Fleas are one of the animals with a very flexible life cycle.
  • A record of 40 eggs per day can be laid by female fleas.
  • An environment infested by fleas is usually large.
  • Only a few pets can escape fleas infestation.
  • Fleas are parasite carriers.
  • Eggs laid by fleas are being deposited on animals, mostly dogs.
  • Fleas are attracted to damp, moist and wet zones.
  • These insects existed with Dinosaurs millions of years back.
  • Female fleas tend to be larger than the male species.
  • Fleas mount the body of their host with their insane skill of jumping.
  • These insects possess no wings.
  • Fleas are of 2,000 species.
  • They tend to live for 2-3 months.

Fleas are interesting species of insects, that are fun to study. Above are the listed facts we have for you on fleas.

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with fleas, below is a picture of what fleas look like.


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Picture Of Fleas

Below is a bright picture of fleas:

Does Heat Kill Fleas
Picture Of Fleas


What Is the Life Cycle Of Fleas?

The normal lifecycle chart of any insect is of four phases which are Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult. However, this is no different in the case of fleas.

Moreover, we are going to make broad but brief info about its life cycle.

  • Fleas Egg Stage:

This is the first stage, and it opens up with the female laying eggs, with the help of blood retrieved from the host, which might be your pest. Note that blood is really important in reproduction.

The eggs are usually small. They can be compared to sand grain. They are grouped in a bunch of 20.

  • Flea Larvae Stage:

The newly hatched larvae are unable to see, thus they will avoid the sun’s rays.

Adult fleas give pre-digested blood and other organic material to the larvae, which they feed on for several weeks until they are fully developed.

White (nearly translucent) and legless, flea larvae can grow up to 14-inch long.

Approximately 35 percent of the flea population in a typical household is made up of flea larva.

  • Flea Pupa Stage:

A home’s population of fleas is dominated by pupae, which make up around 10% of the flea population.

The adult flea emerges from the cocoon after the final developing stage. It takes several days or weeks for the pupae to mature into adult fleas in the cocoon.

The cocoon can shield the growing flea for months, and in rare circumstances, years, if the environment is not suitable for emergence.


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  • Flea Adult Stage:

Flies emerge from their cocoons within hours of hatching and must feed immediately. Adult fleas begin reproducing and depositing eggs within a few days of their initial feeding.

Until they have a blood meal, female fleas are not able to produce eggs.

Flat-bodied and dark in color, new adult fleas constitute the first stage of the flea life cycle.

They’ll get bigger and lighter in color when they’ve had a chance to feed on your pet. They’ll also take on the flea shape.

Now to take on our query does heat kill fleas, we are finally closing in on this interesting article, as we are about to unveil the answer to the question below.


Does Heat Kill Fleas?

Finally, we have found ourselves here. The reason why we brought this article to you. Fleas are noted for their love for damped zones, so it would be easy to identify the answer to the pending query. However, let us dive in;

Fleas thrive in warm environments. These parasites like temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, they are able to survive in both cold and hot climates. Fleas and ticks are most widespread in spring and summer in many states.

Fleas and ticks, as well as their eggs, will be destroyed by extremely high heat.

Washing and drying your pet’s bedding on high heat is an effective way to get rid of fleas if you have an infestation.

So in a nutshell, heat is capable of killing fleas, so as one of the ways of getting rid of them, the sun dries your pet’s bed, and wash your wearing with hot water.


Conclusion On “Does Heat Kill Fleas”

Not to draw the landing on ‘does heat kill fleas’, as you must have gone through all our interesting, fun, educating, and informative paragraphs, some of which you are shocked to know of. We decide to end it here, as we have answered your query.

So, for more information, contribution, and further enlightenment on this awesome topic, ‘does heat kill fleas’. Feel free to let us know your mind and how we can help by leaving a word or two in the comment box.

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