How Long can Fleas Live Without a Host?

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Assuming that you have at any point considered how long can fleas live without a host? How long can fleas hatchlings live? In the case of fleas infestation, these questions are among the FAQs.

However, in this article, all you need to know about the life cycle of fleas is discussed, this will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about flea eggs, insect cases, how long fleas can live without a host which can be your pet.

how long can fleas live without a host


The Life Cycle of Fleas

Let’s begin the life cycle of fleas. Their existence begins when a grown-up female flea lays her eggs on the host. When the mother flea finds a host and takes her first dinner of the host’s blood, she naturally lays a group of eggs.

It’s solely after this first taking care of that eggs can be laid, on the grounds that the blood furnishes the fleas with sufficient energy to recreate.


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How Many Eggs Do Fleas Lay Per Day?

The number of eggs a flea lays per day is dependent upon the amount of blood the female flea consumes. The eggs are laid in their hideout, however, they don’t remain there.

These eggs are in bunches of up to 20 eggs. A female insect can lay various egg groups in a 24-hour time span, and can commonly lay a total of 50 eggs each day.

The laying of the eggs is generally centered around how much blood the mother flea can draw from a host’s skin, as blood makes an interpretation of the energy level of the fleas.

These eggs are little, pearl-like sorts that drop out of their jacket as it strolls around. Where they fall, they regularly stay until it’s the ideal opportunity for incubating.

At the point when the eggs drop out of their hideout, fleas are moved to start with one host then onto the next.


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Flea Larva

When the female flea picked a trained host like a pet canine or a feline, the eggs regularly fall into the strands of rug or into a little fissure in the home. These are the spots that these flea eggs flourish since they are so very much covered up and dim.

At the point when the insect eggs bring forth, legless incipient organisms called hatchlings. These hatchlings are visually impaired and they conceal themselves from light sources.

Ordinarily, they will find tunnels further into the floor, covering strands where they could easily get out of the eggs.

Fleas usually create this tunnel in the soil or the underlying foundations of plants to avoid the light, which aggravates their lacking feeling of vision.

The hatchlings stay alive on pre-processed blood packs from their mom bug while they create. This assists them with developing during this larva stage without the need to connect to a host for supplements.


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How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host?

Fleas like to pause and hop onto a passing creature. Once on board, they stay until they are ousted or prepared from the creature. However, fleas can live without a host for 2 to 14 days, this is actually for adult fleas.

The young fleas will live for about 3 to 7 days without a host while fleas with short-haired felines and canines, can survive a normal of 8 days; they live longer on long-haired creatures.


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Where Can I Find Fleas?

Fleas don’t endure well outside in hot, radiant yards. Relative moistness under 50 to 70% or soil temperature higher than 95 degrees F kills fleas hatchlings instantly.

Wet, concealed spots close to pet resting regions are the spots to find fleas. Inside, insect hatchlings are typically found under furnishings and in pet sheet material.

The pupa is the change stage between the hatchling and grown-up. The pupa structures inside a case turned by the hatchling. Following up to 14 days the pupa turns into a grown-up.

The grown-up bug might stay in the case for as long as 5 months, however when invigorated by a passing creature the grown-up can arise in no time.

Fleas endure longer at certain phases of the existence cycle, which implies you should react rapidly at the earliest hint of an issue.

You can’t simply wipe out the grown-up fleas you want to adopt a thorough strategy. Work over each edge of your home to get the entirety of the eggs, hatchlings, and pupae living on different surfaces.


How do I Keep Fleas Away?

Knowing how to keep fleas away from your property will save the cost of having to hire or consult a pest expert. If you have pets and you speculate they have fleas, the principal thing to do is treat your pet regularly until fleas are completely gone.

You can begin by applying a quality pest cleanser to pets. Then, at that point, buy an insect brush and a bowl of lathery water.

Work the search over their hide and dunk it in the foamy water to kill the common household pest in your home. Focus pet bath on the neck and tail, these are regions you are mostly like to find fleas on your pet.

Consult a veterinarian if the situation is getting out of hand and there’s a need for a specialist examination. There are oral and effective cures that are preferred for your pet over bug sprays.


Do It Yourself (DIY) Tips to Prevent Fleas

They are hacks you can carry out in your home to prevent and keep fleas out. They work effectively as attempting a pest control technique.


1. Empty your House and Begin Treatment

Assuming you just purchased a house that sat void for quite a while, you might need to shower the home for fleas prior to moving anything in.

Don’t forget that fleas in the pupal stage can get by for quite a long time, which implies they might be simply hanging tight for you to begin moving in your home before they hop on you. It’s simpler to treat a vacant house than one brimming with moving boxes.


2. Utilize High Heat, Steamers, and Soap Solutions

Lease or buy a steam cleaner to assault furniture and carpets. Wash all sheet material, including your pet’s bed. The mix of outrageous hotness and cleanser kills fleas at all stages.


3. Vacuum Regularly

Get an amazing vacuum cleaner with a sack and get to chip away at each surface of your home, particularly those with holes that make great concealing spots. Make it easy to discard the vacuum pack at the earliest opportunity.


4. Clean your Yard Regularly

Fleas can find a wide range of concealing spots in your yard, particularly in case it’s unkempt. Cut your grass, eliminate weeds, and trim back any boisterous shrubberies to give the sun access since fleas disdain light. If you have a pet, sprinkle cedar contributes to the spots they like to rest.



With these 4 DIY tips on how to keep fleas away, you will be able to get rid of and prevent fleas from your property with $0 expenses.

Reading to this point, we believe you now know how long can fleas live without a host. Feel free to get in touch with us on a query related to this topic. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on the latest pest control tips.

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