What Do Fleas Look Like in Dogs

What do fleas look like in dogs? At times, dealing with fleas is not an easy battle, these troublesome bloodsuckers can cost you and your pet friend a lot. So, it is wise to know what fleas look like in dogs and how they increase quickly to discern.

What Do Fleas Look Like In Dogs
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Facts About Flea Eggs

How does a flea look like? Today, we will go as far as digging into what do flea eggs look like. This will enable you to eliminate fleas and their eggs to completely get rid of them.

Fleas are one of the most common pests that a dog is likely to encounter, they are active dog parasites. They actually live on the body of the host, animal for survival.

They feast on the blood, feathers, and skin of the host animal. The dog flea is more rambling and tefillin to fleas.

Not only dogs, big animals, but fleas can also bite humans to feed. One weird thing about fleas is between 60 to 365 days, fleas can survive perfectly without a meal.

They can multiply exponentially from one or two to become millions within just weeks. Fleas can reproduce hundreds of times in a single day.

Moreover, what if hundreds of fleas are biting your dogs and you don’t have any knowledge about it, this could make your pet have an allergic reaction.

They can cause your dog to break, developing sores in the area of the bites. Fleas will even start to pull therefore as an attempt to relieve that miserable itching, discomfort, and pain.

The female fleas before laying eggs following a blood meal, which is the sole needle from your dog. The female fleas start laying eggs, the female flea can lay about 50 eggs in few minutes.

With continuous reproduction every day, it can lay about 4,000 eggs in its lifetime.


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What Do Fleas Look Like in Dogs

Fleas on dogs measure about 0.05 millimeters in size. Answering the query what do fleas look like in dogs? When fleas lay eggs, they appear to be small, white specks, which look like dandruff or salt crystals.

When searching for fleas on your dogs or you just discovered some dark, small, oval-shaped insects with shells hardened, just know your dog has fleas on it. Possible places you will find fleas on your dogs are the fur and skin.

Preferably, once you notice your dog scratching a particular spot on its body, you should watch closely for fleas. Flea bites cause itching not only on your dog or pets but also on humans.


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How Did Fleas Get on my Dog/Pet

Environmental conditions play a major role in welcoming fleas to your dog or pet. However, fleas can get on your rug carpet, furniture, bed, or possible places where your dog lays.

Dogs prefer resting in warm places, fleas seem to build most of their habitat in the same place. This is one straightway that fleas can get on your dog.

Also, giving fleas breeding space in your home is like paying no attention when you spot them on your rug, couch, beds, and furniture. When your dog relaxes in these places, fleas are likely to get on them.

Possible reactions to watch out for;

  • Irritated and red skin
  • Serious itching and scratching
  • Recklessly chewing and beating at skin
  • Severe hair loss on certain spots on the body
  • Scabs

When you notice the reaction mentioned above, it is well to say that your dog or pet has fleas on it.


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Treating and Preventing Flea Bites on Dogs

In an event, where you have little or no knowledge of pet care, it is best and advisable you call your vet and take your dog for a medical check. However, in the absence of your vet, you can help reduce the impact of the flea bites on your dog by:

  • Bathing it regularly,
  • Brushing the fur and
  • Apply pet skincare products

This will help to remove the fleas and reduce the impact of the allergic reaction on your pet. When preventing fleas bites on your dogs, you have to carry out the following;

  • Get pills and collars for your dog but this has to be based on your vet prescription,
  • Contact any flea exterminator near you,
  • In the absence of any pest control expert, you can try any working and effective DIY methods to eliminate fleas.



Fleas on dogs can cause severe discomfort to your dog and in the long run, can cause serious illness. We hope you have gotten the facts on what do fleas look like on dogs and possible action will be taken when you find a flea on your dog or pet.

We would love to get feedback from you via our comment section on your experience fighting these bugs.

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