Why is My Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

It would be more logical to carry out an investigation if you discover your dog throwing up after drinking water, as well as its medical cause before attempting to prove its behavioural cause.

In most cases, if the medical investigation is unsuccessful, we will diagnose a behavioural problem. There are many behavioural reasons why a dog might vomit after drinking a glass of water.

You may be able to rule out or confirm the behavioural reason by conducting a simple investigation at home. If these patterns aren’t obvious, we will need to investigate the medical category.

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How Do I Describe the Fact of My Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water
Picture of a Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water

Your dog could be sick for many different reasons after drinking water. You can make your dog sick by drinking water too quickly, especially during hot weather or after a hectic game.

It may not be a problem if this happens only occasionally. However, if it occurs all the time, then your dog is probably suffering from ill health.

It could be a disease, infection, or other condition that affects your dog’s well-being. In terms of the causes of dog vomiting after drinking water, it is all about habit.

Vomiting food or water is a common medical reason for vomiting. We can think of one final reason why a dog would vomit after drinking only water. Most pet owners would make sure that their dogs live in a hygienic environment.


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Why is My Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

  • Esophageal Dysfunction:

Megaesophagus, a rare condition, affects the oesophagus. It occurs when the oesophagus fails to contract normally. This causes food and liquids to be forced into the stomach.

Water (and food) may build up in your dog’s throat due to muscle weakness. As you give him more water, he will have a reflex reaction that will eject anything in his oesophagus.

  • Excess Intake of Food:

If the dog has consumed too much food, and then drinks water it could cause him to vomit. Other illnesses, such as cardiac disease or other types of illnesses, can also cause vomiting.

  • Speedy Intake of Water:

Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water may occur after drinking water too fast. After a period of intense activity such as fetching or running, dog owners are all familiar with their dogs’ rapid laps at the water dish.

If your pet vomits water immediately after drinking, it may be suffering from acute regurgitation (a one-time event).

You can add water to the dog’s food if they tend to drink quickly and then vomit immediately after eating. The water dish should be left out for a couple of minutes to allow the food to settle.

  • Water May Be Contaminated:

Even though your dog’s water bowl looks clean, it may be contaminated if it hasn’t been washed in days (especially outdoor bowls).

Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water may occur if he drinks water from ponds or stagnant pools that contain bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Leptospira.

Water from fresh sources is usually safe for your dog, but some types can cause illness.

If you have a pet, it is important to avoid puddles at home and in the park because they can be stagnant, and contaminated with bacteria, viruses or chemicals.

Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other protozoans can be the cause of sickness. It usually manifests as diarrhoea. However, your dog could be highly sensitive to parasites, and vomit immediately after drinking.

In still lakes and ponds, viruses, bacteria and parasites can make your dog sick. The home is not the only place where your pet can find contaminated water.

Toilet bowls (or tanks) and disks can cause your dog to vomit if they contain chemicals. The presence of toxic blue-green algal blooms is another concern.

Avoid canals and small lakes, even though it may be difficult to keep an active dog away from them.

  • Water May Be Too Hot or Cold:

The water content of dogs’ bodies is higher than that of humans. The water they drink may be too hot or cold for them, causing stomach irritation. This irritation makes the dog vomit.

It is also possible that dogs may experience nausea if they drink too much water or are not used to drinking water.

  • It Could Be a Sign of a Kidney Disease:

After drinking water, dogs should not vomit. This is something that needs to be investigated. This could indicate a medical condition such as kidney or diabetes.


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  • It Could Be as a Result of Bloating:

A vet should be consulted as soon as the symptoms appear. Vomiting can be caused by food, water or gas stretching the stomach.

Bloating can be so severe in some cases that it can cause breathing difficulties by straining the diaphragm.

  • Gastrointestinal Blockage:

Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water can occur if your dog eats an object that cannot be digested.

If this is the situation, you’ll notice that your dog looks quite sick and retches to remove the object. This behaviour can be caused by a partial obstruction or polyp growth.


What Should I Do If I Discover My Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

  • Antibiotics are given to treat secondary aspiration pneumonitis. Drugs may be prescribed to increase muscle movement. It is important to know that this condition can occur, even though it is rare.
  • For simple cases of bacterial infection, a 24-hour fast (with access to clean water) is often followed by a bland meal of chicken or white meat with white rice.
  • You should consult your veterinarian because some bacterial infections can be nasty and require antibacterial medication to treat them.
  • The sooner your dog is treated by a veterinarian, the better chance it has of surviving.
  • A veterinarian is needed for parasite control, as your dog may need symptomatic medication and treatment to speed up recovery.
  • You should take your pet to the vet as soon as possible before it becomes a life-threatening situation. The blockage is removed under anaesthesia by surgical means. Supportive care will follow.


How Do I Prevent My Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

  • You can slow down your dog if you notice that he is gulping water at a rapid pace. Put ice in the bowl of water.
  • Give your dog a small amount of water each time.
  • Avoid allowing your dog to drink from stagnant water sources such as puddles, ponds and swimming pools.
  • Take a large bottle of water with you when you go out for a walk so your dog isn’t tempted to drink other liquids.
  • Change the water in your dog’s dish every day.


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Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water will occur if they drink it too fast or if the water is contaminated. Your dog’s water intake is one of the most common reasons for it to vomit.

It happens when the stomach cannot keep down anything. This is most likely the case if your dog vomits liquid or clear.

Your vet will need to know if your pet is vomiting or regurgitating water in order to determine the cause of your dog’s illness.

Be prepared to give your veterinarian as much information about your pet as you can. Thank you for reading!

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