10 Dogs That Look Like a Horse (Pictures)

Do you know they are dogs that look like a horse? You might be wondering if they are dogs that actually look like horses, YES! they are. If you have any doubts, this topic “10 dogs that look like a horse” will get it cleared.

Dogs being descendants of the wolfs are termed domestic animals. They have great smelling senses and other unique temperaments that are similar to that of a horse.

So, in this article, we have gathered the top 10 dogs that look like a horse together with their pictures. Just continue scrolling!


Top 10 Dogs That Look Like a Horse

Some dogs may display characteristics and behaviors typical of horses, causing onlookers to take notice. Keep exploring to learn more about the 10 dogs that look like a horse.


1. Dalmatian Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

Dalmatians is one of the dogs that look like a horse. They are born with a unique trait that causes them to be covered in black dots. Just throw him into a herd of horses and he’ll blend right in.

Greetje Arends-Hakvoort, a horse trainer, was featured in a Daily Mail piece because she owns three similar cats. The three become intertwined, bonding over their shared interests and similar garment patterns.

This trio has an Appaloosa, a Shetland Pony, and a Dalmation. Both the horse and the Pony are covered in a harlequin pattern.


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2. Bull Terrier Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

The Bull Terrier is another canine with a horselike muzzle. Their bridge is taller than their tip because their Roman nose curves outward from the center of their skull.

They have a smooth coat and a small, compact frame with well-defined muscles, much like a workhorse. However, he is a high-quality dog that, when in a playful mood, can stride with impressive force and dexterity.

Despite the fact that the Bull Terrier often gets strange reactions from onlookers, it never fails to win over a large number of people.

In appearance, it is similar to a well-groomed horse in that its coat is short and glossy. The Bull Terrier looks so much like a Belgian Draft horse that he is often misidentified as such.

To be more specific, the dog has a long, sloping head with two short, pointed ears. The bull terrier is also among the dogs that look like a horse.


3. Greyhound Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

The Greyhound is another robust and friendly canine that comes from the same family as the Irish Wolfhound. Their ancient Egyptian lineage gives them an impression of sophistication and majesty.

From afar, they look like identical twin horses because of how tall and sleek they are. Rather than working for longer hours than necessary, greyhounds would rather spend their lives as devoted family pets.

In the past, wealthy persons tended to be the exclusive owners of Greyhounds. The way he stands firmly in his four strong legs attests to his reputation as a speed demon.

As the leanest, most muscular, and most evenly built dog, the Greyhound is sometimes likened to the Thoroughbred horse.

Many individuals, including ancient monarchs, are intrigued by the “S” form of a person’s physique. The Greyhound’s speed is the primary reason for his inclusion on this list.

The Greyhound is like the horse in many ways, including being strong-willed but mellow and upright in his character. He excels at coursing, therefore entering him in competition will not be a waste of time.

Like a horse, he can gallop right over the hurdles. He’s elegant and refined in every manner. The typical speed of a horse is around 88 kilometers per hour, so the Greyhound’s speed of 64 kilometers per hour is quite remarkable and also among the dogs that look like a horse.


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4. Afghan Hounds Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

The Poodle isn’t the only species that may be styled with a variety of haircuts; Afghan Hounds may, too.

Luxurious, smooth hair, occasionally reaching the floor, is a common trait among them. The texture and sheen are quite similar to those of a horse’s mane.

Shaving an Afghan Hound reduced to a bare minimum with the exception of his head, neck, and tail, as well as at most a third of his lower legs, will give him a startling likeness to the horse.

It shouldn’t appear that the length of his hair has any bearing on his quickness. Just like the Greyhound, and nearly as fast as a horse, an ordinary dog of this species is capable of speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

He’s also characterized by a lengthier body than he is tall, and a long nose or muzzle. Unfortunately, his tiny legs hurt his credibility as a horse look-alike.

However, his current form and certain other equine characteristics earn him a position on the list of dogs that look like a horse.


5. Borzoi Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

A Bull Terrier-like skull shape characterizes the Borzoi. As was previously noted, another distinguishing characteristic of a horse is its thin, curved head.

This dog, native to Russia and Belarus, is known for his trench coat, which flows with the breeze as he runs.

Without a fact, he is nimble and speedy. Borzois are big dogs not as big as a horse, and he’s about the same height as standard ponies.

His height and weight range between 6 feet and 10 stone. The Borzoi is also among the dogs that look like a horse.


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6. Great Dane Dog

Great Dane Dog

King of Dogs has a build that’s so equine it’s hard to believe. When petting a Great Dane, you can use your open palm to scratch its long, broad muzzle the way you could scratch a pony’s.

Their massive heads give way to thick, muscular necks and sloping shoulders that look ready to support a human rider like a horse might.

If a Great Dane were to wag his tail, it would easily clear the table because of how high it is positioned. Both the horse and the Great Dane have graceful, well-proportioned bodies that scream strength, independence, and self-assurance.

Great Danes, like horses, can be described in three words: sociable, reliable, and patient. It is not a good idea to put kids in his back even if this German breed can grow to be as tall as a horse between 28 and 32 inches at the withers.

This dog isn’t used to being pushed from behind, and it may get messy if you try. A healthy weight for his height would be somewhere between 110 and 175 pounds.

Considering his usual lifespan of 7–10 years, it is not advised that he do so in order to assure a great and healthy lifestyle.


7. Irish Wolf Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

The Irish are the ancestors of this enormous specimen. Farmers and hunters relied on Irish Wolfhounds to help them catch or scare off wolves.

It’s little wonder that the Irish Wolfhound grew taller and stronger over time; chasing down an apex predator requires an even larger beast.

The Irish Wolfhound is the closest dog in size to a horse. It has the same stride length and gallop rhythm as a horse.

It stands tall and graceful without the awkwardness of some other extra-large breeds; it also has a quiet demeanor and an impressive presence.

This sighthound breed has strong muscles and a slender build, and it has excellent hunting and outdoor instincts.

The tip of their long, shaggy, and thin tail curls up ever-so-slightly. They are devoted and kind, and they adore canine companions of all kinds.


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8. Saluki Dog

10 Dogs That Look Like A Horse

The Saluki, among the world’s oldest dog breeds, is yet another active breed worth learning about. Although it’s up for question how well he can outrun the Greyhound, statistics point to him winning.

At 43 miles per hour, the Saluki comfortably outruns the Greyhound by a fair margin. His tremendous velocity puts them in the same ballpark as a horse, which is a big reason why we’ve been including him.

The Saluki, like the Greyhound, has an “S” shaped body, yet his tail and ears are more fluffy looking than the Greyhound’s short coat.

This doesn’t mean that the Saluki isn’t on the list of dogs that look like a horse. Whenever compared to a horse, it has the same proportionately long legs and muzzle.


9. Poodle Dog

Poodle Dog

A Poodle isn’t necessarily the very first dog that is thought of when asked to name a species that resembles a horse.

Poodles aren’t necessarily recognizable as such, although they can be given a wide variety of Poodle-like trims. This doesn’t exempt the Poodle from the list of dogs that look like a horse.

A Poodle can seem just as grand and fashionable as a horse that takes tours through the city by allowing his long hair from the hocks all the right down to the legs, tail, head, and neck.

A Toy Poodle is preferable to a miniature horse since the former will achieve the desired effect very effectively.


10. Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog

There are two varieties of Chinese Crested Dogs the powder puff and the hairless. The hairless is the clear winner when it comes to resemblance to the horse, yet the two don’t compare in terms of size.

In comparison to the 1.25 to 1.65 meters of a typical Arabian horse, the Chinese Crested Dog’s withers are a scant 11 to 13 inches. That makes him resemble a miniature horse or pony.

As an added bonus, he has perfect hygiene and doesn’t stink like a dog. He has a sensitive nature and can quickly learn to read his owner’s mood, which makes it easy to form meaningful bonds.

Although he is typically classified as a hairless male, he does have some hair. Some fur remains on the lower legs and the tail, and there are tufts of hair on the head and neck.

The locations of these hairs are a major factor in why the Chinese Crested Dog is sometimes mistaken for a horse. The one drawback of this 8-12 pound dog is that it can’t be ridden.

Since this dog has relatively little fur on much of his body, shedding shouldn’t be too big of an issue. The Chinese crested dog is also on the list of dogs that look like a horse.


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