How To Make A Dog Familiar With You In The Shortest Time

Do you know how to make a dog familiar with you in the shortest time? Nowadays, not having a pet in your house is unusual. So if you are interested in adopting a pet for your house, what better than a dog?

But if you have never had a pet before, getting familiar with it can be an issue that might get stuck in
your head. Therefore, to make it easy for you, we have compiled a few suggestions that can best serve your


How To Make A Dog Familiar With You In The Shortest Time

Here’s how to make a dog familiar with you in the shortest time. Scroll down to see for yourself!

How To Make A Dog Familiar With You In The Shortest Time


1. Stay Calm And Avoid Eye Contact

To begin with, you should possess calmness and avoid direct eye contact with the dog! It can be tempting to energize your greeting of a dog but resist your urge.

When you approach a dog while you are excited, the dog may also become excited and give you an unwelcome greeting by jumping up on you.

In addition, if a vigorous stranger approaches, it may also cause a dog to experience a fight-or-flight

Moreover, avoid making direct eye contact with a dog you’re meeting since dogs may perceive this as
hostile or threatening behavior.

Instead of locking eyes with the dog, occasionally cast a glance their way
using your peripheral vision to give them a sense of security.


2. Give Your Pet Some Space

You have a wise head on your shoulders, and you want to express your love to the dog. But does your dog knows it? Of course not! So why would you impose anything on this beautiful creature?

Giving your dog some space is a simple way to accomplish that. Your dog needs a quiet place to unwind and consider his new situation.

Decide on a hidden location where he may still observe household activity, such as a living room corner. Make the space cozy and dog-proof.

Before you approach, try to leave at least four feet of space between you and your pet. This is the best
way to understand the language of your dog.


3. Get Lowered To The Dog’s Level

Once the dog feels a bit comfortable, it will get to you slowly. If the dog decides to approach you, go down on your knees and squat to get closer to the pet and communicate your friendliness.

Then, stay cool and calmly wait for the dog to determine whether or not he wants to approach you again if the dog back away when you get closer.

You are now in the dog’s personal space despite not being unfriendly. Still avoiding eye contact, keep
your hand clenched.

It’s not unusual for a dog to approach you with extreme caution. However, let the dog warm up to you
eventually, if you are friendly and composed.


4. Learn What Your Dog Loves

Having a pet in your house makes it essential to understand what your pet loves to do. When you spend more time around the dog, you will start learning the things your dog likes.

Then, use such activities to have fun. For example, you may start playing with your pup. Play with your dog for 15 to 20 minutes daily to ensure that your pet has fun and trusts you.

While doing such activities, if your dog expresses much energy, you can prolong these activities.


5. Reward Your Dog On Good Behavior

When you wish your dog learns something quickly, you should give rewards. Encourage positive behavior by showing a lot of love and support. Every time your dog behaves properly or pays attention to you, reward it with a goodie.

Pet your dog frequently to show them you care, and give them a good scratch if they roll over to request
belly rubs, as it is a sign from a dog that it loves you back.

Rewarding your pet’s behavior will make them do the same things much more often, and it will become
routine for your pup.

Furthermore, if your dog has some aggression problem, such a response from your will give your pet the
much-required calmness.


6. Avoid Yelling At The Pet

There would be some situations in which your dog will do unwanted things. But in such conditions, you must ensure not to get aggressive with the dog.

How To Make A Dog Familiar With You In The Shortest Time

The dogs are emotionally intelligent, so if you become upset with them, they may become afraid or believe they can’t trust you. So you have to be kind enough to make it work and understand your dog’s feelings.

Additional Tip: You must acquire cool dog gadgets that make everything easy. Such things are imperative when you have a pet in your house.



Pets can be a great addition to your home, and they are amazing to get rid of your loneliness. So if you are deciding to keep a dog in your home, these tips will serve you greatly.


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