Easy Steps For Killing Fire Ants With Dawn Dish Soap

Fire ants are a nuisance to many homes that are not aware of the easy steps for killing fire ants with dawn dish soap.

You can spray this solution on the ants to suffocate them and thus kill them. Another way is to use shallow dishes of soapy water to kill ants and keep some sweets in the dish to attract the ants toward them.

In this article, we will be stating how to properly mix the dawn dish soap to properly keep the fire ant infestation at a minimum.


How Do I Apply the Easy Steps For Killing Fire Ants With Dawn Dish Soap In My Home?

Easy Steps For Killing Fire Ants With Dawn Dish Soap
Picture of the Fire Ant

You’ll need to choose the right amount of water and dawn dish soap to work on the fire ants.


Here’s the proper combo

Dawn dish soap in a gallon of water: 8 tablespoons.

If you’re using less than one gallon of water, then –

Pour 2 tablespoons of dawn dish soap into one pint or one quart of water, depending on how much water you’re using to wash dishes.


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In order to get rid of the fire ants, the spray should include a sufficient level of potassium.

Make sure everything is fully combined. Spray the ants with it.

Check to see if the entire amount of your fire ant spray is hitting the ants.

Aside from your garden, you can use the spray to get rid of fire ant hills in your yard.

In comparison to the homemade spray, though, pouring hot water into the anthills works better.

Soft-bodied bugs like mealybugs and whiteflies, as well as the spider mite and aphid, can be dealt with by diluting the mixture with 20% more water.

That will help lower the toxicity of the spray in terms of phytotoxicity. The spray will thereafter be safe to use on plants.


How Do I Make a Fire Ant Killer Trap with Dawn Dish Soap?


Step 1. Take a cup or bowl. Fill it with water and add some sugar.

Step 2. Mix the sugar with water and put one tbsp of dish soap.

Step 3. Cove the cup or the bowl with a plastic foil.

Step 4. Make a few holes in the foil.

Step 5. Keep the cup in places where you’ve noticed fire ant activity.


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That’s a great DIY ant trap. The fire ants will be attracted to the sugar in the mix.

Insects like fire ants eat sweet and protein-rich foods.

You may also put a small bit of jelly or jam on the top of the plastic foil to make the bait more appealing to the fire ants.

The fire ants will be drawn to the trap by the sweets in it. Moreover, they’ll want to enter inside the trap to grab even more of that food.

Because of the dish soap in the mixture, any fire ants that attempted to get into it will be killed.

If you’ve spotted fire ant activity, keep the trap in the area. Leave the trap open overnight as well.

Take the trap with the dead fire ants in it out the next day and dispose of it.

You can retain the traps continuously for a few days till the sightings of fire ants decline to zero.

However, before you use the dawn dish soap and dawn fire ant killer, there is one thing to keep in mind.

Because the fire ant invasion is so bad.

Spreading quickly: fire ants can be all over your yard in a matter of weeks and swiftly creep into your house in search of food and shelter.

A professional pest controller will be needed to get rid of them in this situation.

It’s possible to prevent a fire ant infestation if you see red fire ants in your yard or garden but none inside your house.

In addition, ant granules are used.

Chemical fire ant baits and fire ant grains are strewn around the perimeter of your property.

The ants are drawn to these grains because they sink into the soil. Fire ants die when they eat the granules because they are deadly.

Ant granules will also eliminate any ants nesting below the soil’s surface layer that may be present.

And these granules will keep your home ant-free for at least six months.


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When battling a fire ant infestation, the simple procedures for using dawn dish soap to kill fire ants might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

There are immediate consequences if you decide to use it, though. Additionally, it is inexpensive, time-saving, and safe for children and pets.

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