Easy Steps to Use Ant Trax Ant Bait

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Ant infestations in and around your home can grow rapidly if left untreated but you can get control of ants with products like ant Trax.

What is Ant-Trax?

Trax is 0.01 per. centimeter cobra gel is used to control and stir the exchange of food bait in an ant colony, forging and coming across the bait. It will bring the bait back to its colony while leaving pheromone trails signaling other ants about the food source.

This will lead to a systemic elimination of the colony as ants bring back the bait and will share it with the other ants including the queen.

Easy Steps To Use Ant Trax Ant Bait

How Does it Work?

When an ant consumes the poison its nervous system will be affected and it will die within 6 hours. Ant Trax ant bait is labeled to control Argentine ants, black hands, pharaoh ants, and other ant species but not carpenter ants, fire ants, or harvester ants.

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Product Review

Ant Trax ant bait come ready to use and require no additional tools. This product includes the main reservoir of pressure and an applicator tip before you buy the bait, locate the entrails, then clean and sanitize.

In all areas to be treated, clean up and remove all secondary food and water sources, like crumbs, pet food, or water bowls. Sweep and vacuum the floors, then wipe down surfaces with warm water to remove any other food, or debris for the best control.

Some people have no alternative food or water sources available avoid using cleaners or detergents as they will deter ants away from the bait.

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Easy Steps to Use Ant-Trax Ant Bait

  • To assemble the syringe, remove the reservoir cap, place the applicator tip using the plunger, push the gel, through the syringe, and apply ant Trax and small pea-sized drops.
  • You’ll apply 4 drops or 0.006 ounces per square yard of the treatment area.
  • Focus on areas where you have seen forging activity and common entry points like along baseboards, under sinks and countertops, around water pipes, kitchen backsplash, near the window, door crevices, or in voids where ants may be harboring.
  • Apply in a food or feed handling area, it should be limited to crack and crevice treatments only.
  • Once your bait is set, leave it alone for the best control, do not disturb any ants feeding on the bait.
  • Do not spray ant handrails with pesticides and do not stomp on foraging ants. This will disrupt ant pheromones and will render your bait ineffective.

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Where to Use and Apply Ant Trax and Bait

  • Ant Trax ant bait can be used in and around residential commercial and Industrial structures including warehouses, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, schools, homes, office buildings, aircraft, ships, and trains.
  • This product may also be used in food or feed handling establishments, but you may not apply this product on surfaces, where food or feed is handled or prepared.
  • Do not apply this product where insecticides have recently been sprayed and apply only in areas that are not easily accessible to children or pets, ant Trax ant bait can be used as often as needed when an activity has been spotted.


This product contains attractants that are most effective to treat active infestations, and should not be used for preventive control, check and ensure path placements are effective until they dry.

It is recommended to check your placements every 2 weeks to replenish or to be cleaned and dried. Ant Trax ant bait is safe to use in harmless to children or pets. When used according to label directions, always wear the proper personal protective equipment when handling chemicals.

It is more effective to apply several pea-sized drop applications rather than the fewer or large sizes. Drop applications numerous smaller bait placements provide more opportunities for ants to feed on the bait than fewer and larger placements.


Ant Trax ant bait is an effective bait gel that will help you get control of your an infestation quickly. Most active investigations cannot be controlled through the use of one product.

Typically, you’ll also need residual insecticides, including non-repellent insecticides that ants can pass through without any detection.

Having known the easy steps to use ant Trax ant bait by reading this article should you have questions? You can email, or call us we are happy to help you solve your pest problems.

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