Discover How To Get Rid of Fleas In Car In 4 Easy Steps

An infestation of fleas in car might cause problems for the occupants. A flea-infested pet travelling in the car is the primary cause of their infestation.

No matter how fleas have gotten into your car, it is unpleasant for them to be there and can make driving a painful experience for all passengers.

We will provide you with our professional advice and product recommendations in this guide to help you successfully get rid of fleas in your car.

Read this article as we mention the 4 steps to controlling fleas in car.


Step 1: What Do Fleas In Car Look Like?

Fleas In Car
<strong>Having Fleas In Car Can Be Frustrating<strong>
  • The small parasites known as fleas are blood-feeders. Although they may live on any warm-blooded animal, their favourites are people and other pets like rodents, dogs, and cats. But occasionally, you might even see them on shoes, blankets, or even jeans.
  • Fleas in car have three pairs of legs, a flat, reddish-brown body, and no wings.
  • Even though they can’t fly, they can jump and do so with ease to latch onto a host so they can feed. They can jump more than 150 times their height or more than a foot high.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Fleas In Car

Examine your automobile for flea droppings, flea filth, and live fleas. These will resemble pepper stains on the upholstery of your vehicle. Use these indicators to determine if you have a serious infestation.

Your car’s carpeted floors and seats should be the main targets of your flea infestation. Make sure to also check your ample cargo space.


Step 3: How To Get Rid of Fleas In Car

  • Vacuum Your Car:

Cleaning your car with a vacuum is a crucial first step in controlling the flea population. Strong vacuum cleaners are great for picking up flea adults, eggs, and larvae as well as loosening eggs that have become lodged in cracks within your vehicle.

Additionally, vacuuming aids in encouraging flea pupae and adult fleas to emerge from their cocoons, increasing their susceptibility to insecticide treatments. We advise vacuuming every day until flea bites stop itching when you have a severe infestation.

  • Apply Novacide Flea & Tick Killer:

In addition to killing adult fleas, Novacide Flea & Tick Killer also contains an IGR (insect growth regulator) that interferes with flea reproduction and prevents eggs from hatching and developing.

Additionally, adult fleas are sterilized by novacide, preventing them from laying eggs.

Applying Novacide to the flooring and seats of your automobile can effectively eradicate any flea infestation and prevent future growth if you have a severe infestation.

Following that, you must allow the car to air out and wait to drive it until the substance has completely dried and the fumes have cleared.

After vacuuming and reapplying Novacide to your automobile, wait 10 to 14 days to see whether any fleas have come out of their cocoons.

If your automobile has leather seats, you should avoid using Novacide on the leather upholstery since it is advised against doing so.

Instead, concentrate on spraying the carpets and non-leather sections and thoroughly vacuum the seams and creases of the leather seats.


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Step 4: How To Prevent Fleas In Car

After getting rid of fleas in car, you can prevent them from coming back by:

  • Ensure that your pets are flea-free to prevent the pest from carrying it into your car on their bodies.
  • In addition to cleaning them, you can keep your pets flea-free by using topical or chewable flea repellents that contain insecticides, or you can spray Petcor Flea Spray all over their body, especially after they’ve been outside.
  • If you regularly vacuum your car, you should not ever experience a flea infestation again.


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However, how can these microscopic, leaping critters enter your vehicle? The most frequent cause of fleas in car is transporting your pet while they are flea-infested, allowing the fleas to attach themselves to the carpets in your vehicle.

To get rid of fleas in car, we advise using Novacide Flea & Tick Killer because it has a lengthy residual and works on adult fleas as well as larvae and eggs.

Thank you for reading!

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